Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm fairly certain that this blog is no longer read by anyone, but I've decided that I want to start posting in it again. I actually changed my title back to what it once was, not really sure why I ever changed it, but I think I like this. And I'm not going to make any commitments this time. No "blog everyday" promises. I'll write in here when I want to and when I feel like it. I used to search for a community on the internet, where I could interact and talk to many different people from different cultures and backgrounds, but I never found it. And really, I'm not sure if I want to anymore. People are people. And they'll always make things more complicated. So for now, I'm just fine being me, alone, independent, a little confused and maybe not really making sense.

Monday, February 15, 2010

how have i been?

well thank you for asking.
you may be asking yourself, "who is this guy, and why am i following him?"
well maybe i can help you with some of that.
my names drew (you knew that).
i'm 20 yrs old.
i live in sacramento.
i don't much care for sacramento,
mostly because i live at home,
with my parents,
and two sisters,
and dog. aw, dingo.
i go to community college.
i'm an english major.
i don't much care for english.
art is really where my heart lies, i think,
but i'm so close to getting my aa,
i might as well just go for that first..
i'm not very dedicated.
i don't know what i want to do,
or what i want to be.
don't remember why i'm writing this..
my favorite color is blue.
my favorite animal, the elephant.
i'm an overly sensitive person
and sometimes i care too much about people.
other times, not at all.
i enjoy music. listening to it.
i'm a loser,
and a loner.
i want to have a voice,
but i think i'm invisible most the time.
i don't know what i'm saying anymore,