Tuesday, March 31, 2009

blog tommorow

or later. when i'm not freaking out about how my car has a crater in it.

i'll tell you later i promise. you're just gonna have to trust me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the women i love. the famous ones, that is.

zooey deschanel.
truelly amazing. she sings. she acts. she looks amazing. for a while the only thing i listened to was the she & him album and because i bought tickets to an m ward show i'm really hoping that she'll be there. it's possible seeing as she sings in two of his songs on his solo album but i really hope they'll do a she&him song. even tho m. ward is kinda better... sorrrry zoooey...

blake lively.
actress. ok. this love has died down a bit. gossip girl is getting boring and this beautiful woman might not be enough to keep me watching it. don't worry blake, i still love you.

helena bonham carter.
still amazes me every time i see her. you know, on the screen. i recently saw fight club after i found out she was in it. she's creepy, she's sexy, and she's ooh so talented. thank you helena, for all the wonderfully deep characters. even if you are married to tim burton. < / 3

allison mosshart.
half of the kills. the reason i think it's incredibly sexy when girls smoke. she is truly a rockstar if ever there was one. i hope they come back to a nearby location. honestly, through there whole set, i could not keep my eyes off her. beautiful.

kristen wiig.
makes snl funny. snl was dying to me. but then this genius came along and revived it. she's beautiful and just fucking hilarious. every character original. keeps the laughs coming. thank you kristen, the saviour of saturday night live.

dawn french.
funny lady. yes yes, i love jennifer saunders, but dawn french really keeps me watching. her expressions, her voices, even her large size. i just can't get enough. dawn, come out with something new. loved you and jen in coraline, now i want to see your face again.

so there you have it. the complete (?) list of famous women i obsess over. it's probably an ever-extending list. but at the moment. these women are enough to keep my watching, listening, laughing. i love them. it's bad. they don't know me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

video games

it's 2am.
i must be dreaming.
that's not possible.
i'm still awake.
anyway, today was my friend julian's 20th bday party. 20. that's insane. i don't really believe he's that old.

realizing that that is in fact his age makes me think of the first time i met julian. as i can't remember an actual first encounter, it really just makes me think of the context of which i first knew julian under.

it was 7th grade. 2001? the year is hazy, but i do know that 7th grade was the year that the terrorists flew into the twin towers. i'm sure there's a better way of stating that tragedy, but, at the moment, my mind draws a blank.

i do know that he was in ms harvens class. she was insane. a truly terrible teacher if there ever was one.

well anyway, now he's 20, and we're in college.

his birthday party was actually a lot of fun, which i honestly wasn't expecting. we didn't do much. played video games. i mostly was the singer for guitar hero. not really sure why that is, but it was fun. and it was amazing to realize that i could sing in front of people i hardly know. amazing really. the walls that took me sooo many years to build that keep me protected from the outside world just might have a crack in them.

apart from singing my heart out, i won this board game that i have no idea how to play even now. there was dice, cards, more cards, and a puzzle-like board. it was fun, it was interesting, i couldn't tell you how to play, but there was trading involved, and "resources" [tree, brick, rocks, shep aKa lambchop, and whet aKa foxtails, {or as the more experienced people called them} wood, brick, ore, sheep, and wheet].

i'm not sure why i decided to refer to the cards/resources as different names, but it made the game more fun for me.

right right, there was pizza too. and cupcakes. and fried rice but i didn't eat any. julian kicked my ass at soul calibur and i think andrew broke a couple of sound-barriers with his singing.

over-all, it was a day well spent.
apart from working. which i did immediately before the party.

oh yeah, i got julian little nicky. it's a funny movie. and it was cheap... what can i say. i'm broke.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

this morning was an early morning. i had to rush down to school to pick up the information for the insurance company, then run back to the parking garage to drive down the street and go to the ups store only to find out while i'm waiting for the sales clerk to be done with her business on the phone that i don't even need to fax this information anymore and drive back to the parking garage, go to the student store, buy a scantron, run to anthropology, fail my test, go to math, scarf down a peice of pizza in less than 10 minutes, and then go to work. that was officially the worlds longest sentence, and i'm sure, a run-on (or two).

anyway, i have insurance now, meaning i can officially spend my spring break recovering from a painful surgery, YAY!(?).

Yeah, it just occurred to me that this will ruin my spring break. but it could ruin the rest of my life instead, i think i'll go with one failed "vacation".

i thot i had more to say, i guess not. i might post the new poem i wrote on my poetry blog. but i might night. so keep an eye out for that, or don't.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Running Out of Sanity

and money.

it sucks only getting paid once a month.
and sucks even more realizing that you've spent ALL of your life savings.
I'm coming to terms with the fact that i cannot go to anymore shows (of course after death cab for cutie and m ward, seeing as how i already purchased those tickets) and that i won't have the money to get my wisdom teeth pulled.

the good news. i have nothing to pay off on my credit card. and if worse comes to worst i have a $1000 limit. i hope it doesn't come to that though.

tommorow will be an early morning of crossing my fingers hoping the admissions and records office is finished with the information i need for insurance, running over to the UPS store again, and then promptly heading back to school to fail yet another anthropology test.

it's actually really amazing. my dad is really invested in getting me on the insurance so that i can get my wisdom teeth pulled. it's like, i don't like doing the work to make sure that happens, and so i might come off as less appreciative than i could, but it just shows that he cares. it's nice.

i really should go study now. but it seems that won't happen. and seeing as the test is tomorrow morning, i really don't stand a chance.

-anDrew W K

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hooray for Health Care, America!

Today has been filled with chaos and confusion and plain insults disguised as flirtatious gestures (or something of the sort).

-the thing eating away at me currently is that the insurance company that could be the Saviour of my infected wisdom teeth and therefore jaw/mouth pain is being extremely difficult. and on top of it, i can't log onto the school website to get the information i need because my password was (unknowingly to me) reset. it's a pain in the ass. this could all have been avoided if the people at the insurance company had ever actually told us what they are now saying they told us (that this info needed to be sent in a few weeks ago) and really had done anything at all. what i'm picturing is a bunch of over-worked under-paid people sitting in offices trying to get out of any work they might have to do and therefore giving people false information and trying to be as unhelpful as possible. unhelpful. is that a word?

ok. that was a lot of steam that needed to be released. tommorow morning will be when i really have to deal with all of this, talking to office people and going to the ups store to fax documents and crossing my fingers hoping everything works out so that i can spend $524 on a painful surgery. aaaw, america, the land of privatized health care.

anyway, the rest of my day was fairly normal. with a few exceptions.

i went with a co-worker to starbucks which was unprecedented.
also exchanged phone numbers, which was awkward. i hate to say it but, she has bad teeth. it's gross. but i like that she likes me. it's a good feeling. yadidi?

anyway, the typical day working with her is that i throw insults at her and she pretends to be offended. it's odd. it's awkward. it's work. somehow, it seems natural under this setting.

well, i still need to study for my anthropology test on thursday and i have completed very little of the study guide. things are looking somewhat bright tho because the first thing i did when i got home tonight was put on my ipod and started working on my study guide. that never happens. i never do homework at home. but the day is coming to an end and i'm not sure i'll have much time to work on it tommorow. meaning another d paper (if not an f).

thanks blog, you're a good listener,

Monday, March 23, 2009


i'm sitting at school and i realize that i really should go make up time for ceramics. i'm soo far behind in that class but it's hard enough for me to go when i do have class let alone before class or on saturdays. i've really been meaning to go on a saturday afternoon so it would be no-pressure and i could just get stuff done. i have about 3 or 4 projects i still need to do in that class and i'm getting nowhere. i should probably draw my concept for my (ugh, why can't i remember what it's called... it's the thing where you only view it from the front and it's basically like a 3d drawing).

well anyway. i didn't do much of anything this weekend. i went to the schools production of julius caesar for my ushering assignment. i didn't really like it. the actors were perty good but the set was really wierd and i haaated the costumes. jeans and leather-jackets just aren't flattering on most people. especially when their shirts are tucked in causing their tummy's to show. grosss. i wanted something more hollywood i guess. lol. but the set really bothered me too. it was just a lot of blue wood and metal. apparently it was "timeless" but it was ugly and shouldn't be in ANY time. plus Shakespearean english is soo hard to understand. the actress that played the main girl (i'm drawing a blank as to the character's name, calpurnia??) was really good though. She basically stole the show and she really should've had more scenes. people had said that brutus was really good which i suppose raised my expectations and caused me to be hyper-critical of the guy. i.e. i didn't like his performance. :P

i'm probably too much of a critic. it's alright since i didn't have to pay. but i found the entire night boring. and found myself yawning at the end of the show.

sunday the bindergartens were supposed to come over but i guess they decided they needed to get further along on their trip. it's fine, it's just a bit annoying that they didn't feel the need to tell me this. i didn't find out till i txt'd katie at like 3pm.

anyway. i hate school. and i'll be counting down the seconds untill i get to go home... :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This weekend i don't have much planned. Tomorrow, i will go to work, and then do nothing, and then usher a play at my school (julius caesar). It should be funn... I was supposed to have already ushered two weeks ago on sunday but i got the time wrong and missed the show. OOOOooops. After that, i may hang out with Yisel but she miiiight have to catch up on some homework. it seems like FORRReveRR since the last time we hung out. Saturday, i have no plans. which is exciting. Seems like that hasn't happened in a while and god know's what i'll end up doing. i hope i do do something (heehee, doodoo) but at the moment it's still up in the air. sunday i have no plans during the day (should probably do homework and study for a test or two) but that evening the bindergarten family (katie and mikey) are staying over at chez Drew (or chez Drew's parents of whose names are undisclosed). Well, i don't have much else to say. I'm sitting in the library trying to pass the time until i have to go to work. Anyone have any good gossip for me? Any celebrities need impregnating? I'd be happy to help.. :P


P.s. oh yeah i discovered some really bizarre brilliant music. one = antony and the johnsons (truelly wierd stuff) and the other = animal collective (funn funn funn, upbeat, reminds me a bit of MGMT). and i'm suuuuper excited for the death cab for cutie show at the end of april. dcfc, ra ra riot, and cold war kids. i love all three, but i'm most excited for ra ra riot!! yeah, my future is looking bright (at least in my eyes).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

faking my way through college

sometimes, it just seems like i'm never going to pick a major, transfer to a university and/or 4-yr college, and eventually graduate. mostly, this is due to the fact that i don't do my homework, and perhaps, that i blog in the library computer lab when i should perhaps be faking my zoo assignment. you see, i did go to the zoo as the assignment called for. what i didn't do was take notes and pay attention to what i was supposed to be doing. now i was searching frantically online to find out the information i should have observed during such an outing, but there's something about doing busy-work at school that i just don't like. the problem, i won't have much time to do this work once i get home. also, i have 3 hrs in between my two classes today so i really should do something worth-while instead of just taking up time doing, well, this.

aaaaaaaaaauugh, there's nothing more irritating than an over comma-fied blog... wouldn't you agree?

well blog, this is getting boring too, so i guess this means goodbye... AUUUGH, not with the commas again..,,.,.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


and no, i don't mean "cool".

i've been sick since wednesday. it just hit me that morning and has had me knocked out for 4 days. BLEH.
dayquil, doesn't seem to do much. but i suppose my head hurts less now. i still feel the soaring pain of my wisdom tooth growing in but i suppose that's unavoidable.

KatieMcBindergarten and her boyfriend MikeyJBindergarten are making a surprise visit to alana's house tonite. she knows about it. i just say surprise because they just told us yesterday. ugh. this isn't worth it. i'll update y'all when i don't feel like shit... BYEEE


Monday, March 9, 2009


is smoking disgusting?
i guess the answer would be yes.
i've grown up hating cigarettes. i used to be one of those annoying children. you know the ones. every time someones smoking and they smell it, they start coughing really loudly, it's not affecting them really but they sort of do it to make a point. when my uncles would smoke, i would tell them it was killing them. i could not understand why anyone would want to engage in something soo disgusting. i know cigarettes haven't changed. they still cause cancer, they'll make your teeth yellow, bad breath, bad B.O., bad lung capacity, and the like, but there's something so, attractive, about cigarettes. now i'm not going to become a smoker and get addicted to tobacco, but i feel somehow enlightened. that i can look at people who smoke and understand exactly why they do it. they know it's bad. they know they shouldn't do it. but it's just so appealing. the smoker. repulsive, yet cool. sophisticated and skum all at once. a walking contradiction. it's no wonder people do it, because to every rule, there is an exception. but at $5 a pack, i'll find some other way to make a point...


Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm thinking...

that i should go to my car and get that yogurt that i took with me this morning. wondering if it'll be warm or weird from being in there all day. i'm a little worried that i should be doing my homework and concerned that i'm not going to pass my classes. i'm thinking this weekend is going to be long because i have a lot i need to do and that it'll go by too fast and i'll forget something. in this moment, i am not in the library, there is not a man sitting next to me, occasionally singing, there is not a girl next to me, clicking away, there are not librarians behind me, possibly noticing that i'm not doing homework on a computer that is designated for such, all i hear is the music in my ear, i feel the keyboard under my fingers, and i'm at home, without a concern. i'm realizing that i only have an hour before i need to be in the next building over. to work. to type numbers, and sign papers, and be bored, for 3 hours. something broke my concentration. a class being given an orientation of the library. the voice broke through the song in my ear. bringing me into the room where i sit. remembering now that i want to eat. not because i'm hungry, but because i don't want to be hungry while i'm working. so that i won't have to take a break. even taking a break is something dreaded. a break means a walk to the cafeteria and a walk back. laziness. sloth, one of the seven deadly sins. is this society less concerned with sloth? do we not need to be reminded that this is a sin? eating away our quality of life. taking the HUMANITY out of everyday. it's ingrained in us to be physical, active, alive. the computer has taken over. television. screens. habit. boredom. i challenge you, make something of the day. ask yourself, "how many times have i logged onto the computer this month, this week, this day?" take a deap breath. listen to your body. and do something. ugh, i'm not going to listen to myself. i'll be back, just after i check my facebook.

Monday, March 2, 2009


i lost a subscriber on youtube/!!!

"I tried to get away from it, but he picked me up with his mind powers and shook me like a dog"

well it's probably because my last video SUCKEDDD... i guess i was actin' depress-ed or something.. someone said "this is depressing" someone else said "you seemed sad in your video, CHEER UP?!" so yeah, i guess it's nice to know people care, but that wasn't my intention. w/e. maybe i'll delete the video. i feel like i want something more current on there though...

nothing is happening. tommorow = school, so that'll be.. boring...

i wish it was the weekend again. i wish school wasn't inevitable. i mean, it isn't, but i neeed to go, i need to figure out what i WANT to do with my life. it's not always fun, but it'll get better if i can just stick to it. ugh, i need to really try though. because failing math, and everything else, isn't going to get me any closer to realizing my potential or whatever it is i'm supposed to be realizing...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chuck E. Cheeze FTW

which apparantly is spelled "Chuck E. Cheese's" but i will not admit that my spelling is wrong and i will continue to spell it that way.

ANYwayyy, yesterday jenny had her bday party. We went to chuck e. cheeze, it was funn.

well let's back-track for a second.
when we first got to chuckecheeze it was really crowded. children were goin dumb, foaming at the mouth, and doing some serious fight club shit. it was insane. i thot i was going to die. one kid flew across the room knocking me in the leg, as i fell to the ground i saw my life flash before my eyes. ok, i might be exaggerating a little... but it was crowded and we decided to leave and come back later. so we went to the mall across the street. it was boring. while we were there we found out that more of jenny's friends were at chuck e. cheeze so we headed back on over.

the second time was much better. there was still a lot of kids but a lot less than earlier. we got tokens and played a lot of skee-ball. of which i am terrible at. anything that requires good hand-eye coordination i ultimately fail at (the basketball game is another example). but i CONCHORED (sp?) at the rubber ducky game and HUNGRYhungryHIPPOS. i miss that game.. lol.

after that, i was tired. i went home, and slept. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

well now i'm bored out of my mind, looking for something to do, but my mom and i are going to go see DOUBT at the crest theatre. i hope it's good. it was either that or benjamin button, and i didn't really care, and i like the crest theatre, so yeah. that's where i'll be.