Saturday, February 28, 2009

the genius of genius..

music has a habit
of seeping into my bones,
taking over my muscles,
opening my eyes,
and changing my tone.

never seen but often heard,
music can change the moment,
the second,
or the year.

i feel that it's fading from me.
taking my soul and my existence with it.
it doesn't have sympathy for a shlump like me.

moving the mountain,
maintaining the sea,
stopping the present,
reviving history.

a gift that is never wrapped.

cliche after cliche.
you change the moment.
it doesn't have to be what you're used to,
what controls you,
what you fall into.

the genius of genius is,
it's you.

Epically Bad Movie

Street Fighter, the legend of chun lee.

or something like that.
it was funny, in all the wrong places.

why does an asian girl grow up to be white?? well maybe a lil' hawiian or something, but not w/e it was she was supposed to be.. Chinese?

oh yeah, that would make sense if her last name was lee that she would be chinese. right? ugh, fuck.

anyway. i laughed. a lot. but it wasn't a comedy.
i recommend you see it. be prepared for some AMAZING acting abilities.

last night i watched fight club for the first time. it was intense. i loved it. it was funny and had action and was a craaaazy psychological rollercoaster.. or something..

i know i don't blog as much. but i hate when people appologize on here. so F/u!
not like you'd WANT me to blog everyday anyway.

tommorow is my friend jenny's birthday party. she still hasn't said a time. WTF. she turned 18 so naturally she'd wanna go to chuck e. cheeze. seriously, i think that's better, takin' the day you turn into an adult and using it to do something "childish". it's more fun that way i guess.

i got her a home crane game. you know, like the crane where you get candy/stuffed animals. i bought some candy, and *COUGH*COUGH*condoms*COUGH* to put inside it. i think she'll love it. lol. and a card that says C.O.U.S.I.N. where each letter is a word. yadidi? cuz yeah, we're "cousins", we're attached at the brain. it's weird, i know.

and today was another friends birthday. that's why i went to st fighter. we went to shari's after and it made my tummy hurt. Awww, poor tummy...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Epic FAilZz

i haven't been blogging. not nearly as much. i now declare my new years resolution a FAILURE!

well, i don't know wat to say.


my sister cut my hair and i thought she was just going to trim it but she cut it all off and i nearly had a panic attack. seriously, i was freakin' out! where did my hair go!?!? i looooooved my hair. idk why, but for some reason i really liked havin' long hair. and now it's all gone. sure, it'll grow back. idk why i'm overreacting to my hair this time...

nothing happened.

ugh, so is everyone involved in oneremarkableyear a christian? call me a heathen, but i kind of hate that...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

when you look back on your life...

what do you see?

honestly, i think about my life and i can't see a big picture. i see nothing. i can't focus onto something small that i've done and i can't zoom out to say everything at once. it's blank.

i was going to vlog about my trip to san diego. so i'll do that. now.

we left on wednesday morning. before we left i made a call to my dentist. my wisdom teeth are growing in and it was hurting like a mutthafukka. got an appointment for next week. feb 27th. fuck, i have to tell my boss i'm going to miss MORE work.

well wednesday we drove. there's nothing more to it than that. i drove for about 2hrs on the grape vine and alana drove for about, i'm gonna say 8ish hours.. lol. natalia was going to drive but then she fell asleep. laaaame.

well thursday was a day of being at KTMC's house. we made lemonade, we played hide and seek, katie whistled some kevin macleod, we watched wife swap, and i'm sure i'm leaving something out but idk. then we went to the i set my friends on fire/cash cash show at 7pm. me n alana got seperated and it was kind of awkward. but i found that i really liked a couple of ismfof's songs.

well. then friday we drove home. francisco, natalia's husband, drove the entire way. the gps tweaked out. and sonic was disgusting.

-The End

Friday, February 20, 2009

A whales vagina...

Just got back home from San Diego. I will post a proper blog tommorow because i'm still road high. All i have to say right now : it was fun.

The End

Monday, February 16, 2009


i was really wanting to be in a collab channel a couple of weeks ago, but now, i've been asked to join a channel and i don't really want to do it. i'm remembering that there was actually a reason i left thedailyvloggers, i can't remember what the reason was, but it doesn't make me want to jump into a channel now...

this doesn't count as a blog because it's in between two days. so if i post a blog tommorow, don't bitch and moan that i posted two that day.. not that any of you would, but just so i won't feel the obligation to mention it later... :/ <--i'm weird.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i'm not depress-ed

sometimes i just get this weird lonelyness and sudden urge to write/talk about it.. lol

well yesterday i had that wierd funk after i got home but now that it's gone, i can reflect on how great my day truelly was. during the day i watched some more of my christmas present, flight of the conchords. i'm always slow to finnish watching television shows. i'll watch a bunch of episodes and then stop watching for a couple weeks, or in this case months. but yeah. i finally got into the episodes i hadn't seen before. i'd seen a few because my friend had them on some comcast digital cable thingy. i do wish i had H-BO so i could watch the new ones, but perhaps i'll get the box set when it comes out too...

that reminds me. i still haven't finnished another season of television i got. pushing daisy's. i got that one for my birthday, in october. i may have stopped because i had already seen the last couple episodes. i don't really remember why. but i shall pick that up again and see if the episodes are all firmiliar.

well anyway, vox was really good. i loved the music. i just wish it had been longer.
one band's set only lasted 3mins. or was it 3songs.. w/e it was, it wasn't long enough.

after writing my whiny/sad vlog i watched snl. eew, the jonas brothers were on it. they made apearances in two of the skits. i hate that. the musicians aren't supposed to be in the show. i guess i didn't complain when beyonce showed up in one of the skits before. but that was actually funny.

cameron diaz guest-appeared again. she has a habit of doing that lately.. lol

well, off to enjoy my day. i should take a shower. and eat. and get dressed. after that, let the funn begin....................... maybe jenny will want to hang out today. if she's not hung over..


Saturday, February 14, 2009


normally, i would write about how i went to vox tonight. how all the singers were amazing, the art was impressive, and the turn out was good. i would write about how this one singer reminded me of joanna newsom, but i swear, she was soo much better. i would write about how wonderful it was and how happy i was to be there and be alive, but not tonight. tonight, changes everything. tonight, valentines night.

i'm sitting in my house, in the dark, alone. vox ended early and so, i drove home. karli wasn't ready to go home yet, my mom has to help clean/close, and my dad stopped by for the end of the show. i'm not sure where jenna is, but it's not here. unless, she's in her bed, not making a sound. during the drive home i had this strange urge to do something. i was craving attention, craving to have something to do, but when i walked into the house, time seemed to stop. nothing. very few lights on in the entire house. i found myself walking very quietly through the house, just to see if i really was alone. my dog of course greeted me at the door. but he didn't bark today, he was silent. perhaps my whistling "in the back seat" by arcade fire when i walked inside let him know that i am who i am. the shadows created a strange effect. i saw my reflection in the mirror, half illuminated, half completely dark. perhaps it was a deeper reflection than what i often see. the side of me that is bright, happy, wanting to please, and my shadow. the darkest part of me. something that drives me much more than it should. i can keep people on the outside. in the light, then they'll never have to see all of me. they'll never have to reject me. and i can continue to be alone. in the dark. with nothing but my dog to guide me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Everythings better, but it's all a trick.

So i saw Coraline in 3d today! It was awesome. I loooove that french and saunders were in it. they make my life.

it was darker than i expected it to be. and more adult themed. especially with a pg rating.

i also watched gremlins for the first time today. hysterical.

what else what else. i made a random video. . it should be my "featured" video. at least for a day or so.

tommorow is valentines day. which means nothing to me.

tommorow is also second saturday. which means possibly going on an art walk. idk if i will or not though.

i want to see monsters vs aliens. and that 9 movie. and watchmen. and everything out ever. i really want to watch fight club because i've never seen it and i recently found out that helena bonham carter was in it and she is just soo fuckn hot. like she's creepy too which makes her even more hot.

i should watch sweeney todd again.

ok, that is all. i guess...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Epic Failzzz

I had a test in math today. And i did really bad. It would help if i had done any of the homework or studied. I need to start doing that.

My mom made dinner tonite and i forgot how wonderful a home-cooked meal is. it's been a while since i've had one.

I'm not sure what else to say.

I have homework to do. I need to improve my study habits.

I think i'm in a funk because i'm always tired and i never do any of my homework and don't think about school at all when i'm home. i need to get over that.

well, it'll be a short one today, i don't have many of those.

thanks blog,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Put me in the green ware pile and fire me up, i'm ready.

So yeah, i had to make up time for ceramics today and then i had class so it came to a total of 5 hours trying to make my sculpture stay together. ugh, sooo tiring. i tried to stay calm and relaxed but at the end of the day, i fell apart, along with my sculpture...

i still have the smell of clay in my nose and i feel like when i wake up in the morning and take a shower i'll get soft, you know, like clay. so i should probably sleep in a furnace tonite and then take a bath in glaze.

i was making a woman and the clay kept seeping down. it made the boobs like REALLY huge and odd. this girl saw what i was making and said 'what are you making?' in this snotty stupid tone. gaawd, she was annoying. the entire class she was talking and she is soooooo irritating. one of those people that think they are really cool and like talking about when they get drunk and other trivial things and really think they're life is sooo cool and everyone wants to hear about it. SHUT IT!

anyway. i was late to work because my sculpture litterally started collapsing and now i have to go in early on wednesday to finnish. i swear, my life will just be trying to stop my woman from falling over. that sounds weird..

2moro i have a test in math. thank god i found my calculator. but it won't do me any good because i havent done any of the homework or studied at all. those word problems are going to kill me i'm sure. and anything else that might require memorization of something i haven't looked at...

i hope i didn't have any homework in anthropology. i actually like that class. i like how it disproves everything i know. well not really but yeah.

monkeys are cool.

my mom said that there's evidence that shows that the world didn't neccisarrily take billions of years to develop, but i don't believe her. it just seems soo right to me. that like everything in this world, the world came about slowly and surely.

i'm not looking forward to the outside work that my theatre arts class requires. but i don't think it'll be hard, i'm just not looking forward to it.

i 4got what else i was goin to say


Sunday, February 8, 2009


i'm watching scrubs. they talk about death alot in this show, it's sort of the seriousness that makes the show good. there was one season where it seemed like they were forgetting that seriousness and it just doesn't work.

i haven't blogged in a few days, and i'm not really sure why that is. i think it's that during the day i'm not doing anything and so have nothing to say, and then at night i'm doing something and don't want to interrupt it with blogging. then i go to bed and that's that.

i went to ikea for the first time yesterday. wasn't lookin' for furniture but i wanted to go. we went to the cafeteria there and ate. it was gross. i guess people usually eat at the snack-bar-thingy downstairs but i wasn't aware of their bein' two different food places in ikea... i love how they have everything set up like little rooms and sometimes like little lofts. i know i've seen some comedian on youtube/myspace that was living in ikea for like a week. i think i could do that. it'd be fun.

without a paddle is on now, gawd i hate this movie. oh yay, snl taped last night. i love me my kristen wiig. she's the greatest.

probably gonna go see coraline w/ my mom and sister later today. and go shopping, there's someone i still gotta buy a b-day present for..

i saw "there's something about mary" for the first time this week and it was hilarious. and i was like, okay okay, this movie is why everyone says cameron diaz is hot. i get it now.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok, i can dig this.

Ok, here i am, reporting back on what i think of ryan adams. He's good yes. He must know i have a soft spot for harmonicas.

Seriously, i nearly cry every time i hear one. When i was a young boy sometimes my mom would take me and my sisters to visit our Grammy and Papa (great-grandmother and great-grandfather). My Papa played the harmonica and i fell in love. I would always want to play with it and it made me soo happy when he would show me what it really sounds like when a skilled musician plays it. Every time i would hear a harmonica in a song on the radio i would say "harmonica harmonica!!" it's true, you can ask my mom. well, since then my papa has passed on, but the memory of him lives on every time i hear the harmonica. it doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful sounding instrument either.

you know, i should really take some lessons. cuz i think i just may have a more profound love for the thing than most people.

i'm off to facebook, myspace, and youtube the night away.

goodnight friends,


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

do i LOOK russian to you!??!

lately, something wierd has been happening. a lot of students in my tutoring lab have been asking me if i speak russian. do i even look russian? idk, maybe it's because i'm white and working in an english as a second language lab that they ask me that.

ok, but tonight, it was really annoying. i closed the lab and my co-worker ducked out a little early because she was late for a class. fine. i was making sure everything was looking okay and so then i start walking out of the lab, i see a woman walking towards the classrooms behind my lab and she's sort of looking at me so i think she needs help with something when she says "can i help you? you do know the lab is closed right?" wtf, bitch. she thot i was a student trying to work in the lab. ugh. idk why, but that realy just irritated me. do i look like some kind of foreigner??? i mean, don't get me wrong, i looove when people are from other countries and i'm sensitive to the fact that it's incredibly difficult to become fluent in a new language, but, as cliche and stupid as it sounds, i'm proud to be an american (see, told you it would sound cliche).

i guess my remarkable thing is that people keep assuming wierd things about me.

whoever said that for something to be "remarkable" it had to be positive? really, if you think about it, it just means something that sets your day apart from every other. so if i sound a little pessimistic to you and you think i'm not getting the point of this project, maybe you should get a dictionary, and then i can shove it up my ass along with my foot. ouch

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh my god, is this really what you want? would you tell yourself it's not, and could you rewrite the plot and come and get us?

Driving home from school, eating an orange, and listening to wild sweet orange. Only the orange isn't sweet, or wild.

And the day seems very much behind me now. Watching Nothing On in my theatre class, being locked out of my journalism class and deciding to go to the mall, locking my keys in the car, waiting at the mall for two hours for my mom to drop off my spare key, eating lunch in old sacramento, being asked if i liked reading, given a small wallet-sized pamphlet preceded by the question "are you a christian", being touched on the hand while hearing the words "bless you", ariving to school, buying my ten-million-pound clay, ariving to class and realizing i'm an hour late, trying to catch up from missing a day of class, running to my car to put away my stuff, running back through the parking garage and back to school to arrive at work ten minutes late, working for 50 minutes, closing, walking back across the campus, and back up the stairs of the parking garage, realizing i walked too high and walking back down a flight of stairs, and then, of course, my opening line: Driving home from school, eating an orange, and listening to wild sweet orange. Only the orange isn't sweet, or wild.

When i got home there was a battery waiting, waiting to be devoured by my car.

I love how your car has a battery. It's just a battery. Granted, it's heavy, and huge, but it's the same thing we use to power electrical razers, flashlights, and video cameras. Remarkable.

So the day will end. And i will sleep. And tommorow is just another day. Another day of confusion, chaos, and oranges.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

One Remarkable Year et all..

Ok, so this week i need to make a video for one remarkable year and i have no idea what to do in it.

would it be really insane if i did the google verb meme?

idk. there's not much to say or do and there isn't really an outline for what we are supposed to do. maybe what i do will help the next person knowing what they should do. or maybe i should make a challenge that everyone should have to do and vlog about. whatever it is, someone's not going to like it tho...

anyways... yesterday was a day of nothing. i like those days. it reminds me of a simpler time..

watched Get Smart, and as stupid as it was, i loved it. Like the plot wasn't really the primary focus in this movie. and a couple of the jokes were completely un-funny (steve carell getting stabbed repeatedly by tiny harpoons failed to make me laugh). but when it was funny, i laughed. and i love anne hathaway. watching this made me want to see rachel getting married again, as depressing as that movie was.

oh right, i forgot, i actually did accomplish something yesterday. i changed my spark plugs and the battery cable ends on my car with my dad. really, my dad did most the work. but i helped... the car was having trouble starting and that's why we went to all that work. but it didn't pay off, the car still starts with the same "cough*cough*whee-eeze" as always...

apart from doing the remarkable vlog, i need to clean my room and do my homework.

as soon as i start getting money, i want to buy a laptop. and i'm having trouble deciding between a dell or a mac. with the dell i can get bluray and it'll still be less money than a mac, but the mac has lots of cool features. any suggestions?