Saturday, January 31, 2009



it's been two days and i'm finally gonna get to my "review" of wicked. I told you i like it, but i guess u could use some more details.

I'd seen some clips on youtube and yeah, it was cool and all. But i wasn't really expecting much. I may have said this already, but you know how you watch mucicals on tv or in the theatres and it's good, but you kind of get tired of the music? That's kinda what i thought it would be like. After a while it would just be annoying to hear the same and/or similar music. Well, it wasn't like that at all. I really enjoyed it. The story was really good. I only read the beginning of the book so it was nice to be surprised as the story unfolded and i found out the "truth" about the wicked witch of the west.

Of course, i still really want to see the original cast do the show, but that's probably impossible. I do hear they're making a movie, but as i said, that won't exactly be the same.

I just wish i could see kristen chenoweth. she's amazing.. lol.

but yeah, the songs are all still stuck in my head.

I don't really have much to say about this so i'm not sure why i put it off for so long. I also don't feel like detailing the trip home after the show.

Yesterday i hung out with my friend alana and my other friend yisel. it was good to see them because i hadn't seen them it what seems like a very long time. We went to wal-mart and as bad as i feel, i actually bought stuff. Stuff i don't have to have to continue living either. Ugh, i'm a disgrace.

So if you care to find me,
look to the western skies,
as someone great once told me,
everyone deserves a chance to,



part 2 of yesterdays blog will be posted tommorow.

DOUBLE oops, it's already tommorow as it is 3am.

"it's 3am i must be lonely"

Just a quick thought,

you remember that song that says "do you ever feel alone in a crowded room" (i believe the song is dark blue by jack's mannequin)? well that's exactly what i was thinking about tonight. that i have one of those personalities, where the times i feel most alone is when i'm in a large group of people. of course, it only takes one person to save me, to talk to me, and i don't feel so alone. but every silence brings back the loneliness.

i know, i'm weird.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and tommorow


The day started out with a trip to the gas station. A trip that was followed by another trip. The second trip was an hour long drive to a ferry station in Vallejo. Upon arrival at said destination we took another trip. This trip was over the bay to San Francisco. This trip also took an hour. It's bizarre to me that the drive only took as long as the boat ride over.

We arrived in San Francisco and walked untill we found Market St (which as it turns out was very close but we took a long-cut). Walking down Market was an adventure in itself. The start of Market St. is shopping. Lots of shopping. Complete with a Virgin Records Megastore, 2-story Gap, 4-story Forever 21, and a large and complex mall of which we did not enter. It wasn't on our list of things to do. Keep Walking. Further along on Market is the Warfield. I've heard of bands playing there so it was nice to see, in case i'm back in town for a show any time soon. But on this same block, there's a Gentlemen's club with a bright red neon light in the shape of a vuloptious woman. The other side of the street, a movie theatre, with movies that have names like Shaving Ryans Privates or Bride Whores. Ok, maybe those aren't the names of the movies that were playing, but i do know i saw some dirty words listed. Keep Walking. Finally, we reach our destination. But we're early, so we keep walking. We found this delicious Chinese/Japanese restaruant (two menu's, two types of food). I had sesame chicken. Bene'! We then walked back to Gap and looked at stuff, turned around, back through the bum-infested sewer-smelling porn-theatre and gentlemen's club bearing block and back to the Orpheum. The theatre showing Wicked.

As this blog is longer than i had hoped. I'll hold off on the details of the show and what we did for the rest of the day. After that, i'll get back to talking about my days as they happen. Hope You won't unsubscribe because of my LONG detailed description, and read tommorow if you want to know how the day ended..


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Green for Good

So today i skipped school and work and went to Wicked at the Orpheum in San Francisco. It was good.

more details tommorow,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i'm sitting in the library at school typing this blog. probably not the best time to be doing this. there's actually quite a long line to use the computers. so i'll make this breif. this morning i found out that i am able to enroll in my anthropology class of which i was on the waiting list. at 2:30 i found out i was not able to enroll in public speaking. classic example of the tired old cliche "you win some, you lose some". so i was hoping with both fingers crossed behind my back that i would be able to get exactly what i want and thus be able to drop some classes i'm having second thoughts about. that won't be able to happen. not exactly. i feel now like i shouldn't drop anything even though i still could drop a class and have a full-time load. i don't think i'll like my journalism class (newswriting and reporting) and want to drop it, but now feel that i should just stick with it and put in my time. i'm sure i wouldn't do anything productive with it otherwise.

alright, this wasn't so breif.

and now there's no line. SCORE!!!

maybe i'll eat this time up by rambling on a little more...

also today, i bought my anthropology book since i was able to enroll in the class. $124. This isn't a large book. It has a picture of a monkey on it. Maybe that's what causes them to raise the price drastically in comparison to books with more content. I mean come on, this is a paperback. I'm not sure how many pages becaus it's in my car but that just seems a little unreasonable to me.

alright. i should go. the line is starting to form again...

till next time,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blogger just got more interesting.

Thats my wall. I just discovered phone blogging so bear with me.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009


well i was sick all day today. so that meant a lot of sleeping. drinking water. sleeping. etc..

my eyes hurt.

i wish i wasn't sick. i would have bought a binder and perhaps made a youtube video. it sucks. i really hope i'm better on monday. because i need to go to school. ugh, the first weekend of the semester and i'm sick. ugggh. thanks life.

alright, this blog sucks. but that's what happens when you're day is wasted to sickness...


Friday, January 23, 2009


well today was boring.

work was boring.

shopping with janelle was boring.

ugh. i'm sick. and i don't really feel like blogging.

and this is boring.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


You could easily work yourself into a dither as you compare your fantasies with your actual day ahead. You don't want to do the same old tasks in the same way you did them last time. Today you are attracted to experimental modes of living, loving and working -- so anything out of the ordinary looks intriguing to you now. Be careful; just because you can imagine it, doesn't mean that you should go ahead and make it happen. By Rick LevineThursday, January 22, 2009

i find todays horoscope especially meaningful because of how many classes i'm currently taking. well, not exactly taking but attending for the time being.

yesterday was another blogless day and it's looking more and more like this whole blog thing will turn into an every-other-day blog as opposed to daily. i'm cheating my new years resolution but i have no problem with it if you don't.

school is still long and i haven't found out if i got into either of my wait-listed classes. i should find out next week.

the more i learn about anthropology the more i question the belief in creation. at least as it's described in the bible. it's just not possible for the world to have been created in a matter of 7 days, and i kind of like that. i like that our world is constantly changing and adapting, even if it's not necessarily progressive or moving towards a goal. . .

youtube is at a stand-still for me right now. and as much as i love youtube, i don't regret the break.

tommorow i will go to work, spend time with janelle and ugh, brb....

ok i'm back, hang out with alana and andrea and play some mario kart WII!!

ok. this has been a blog.

i think i'll go watch Baby Mama now. I heard it was funny.

-drewnan the barbarian

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I didn't write a blog yesterday and here's why:

1)yesterday, i spent most the day doing nothing (not exactly blog worthy) and then in the evening i was spending time with my friend who was supposed to go into surgery on friday but it had to be rescheduled. apparantly she's been waiting for this surgery for 3 years and she's a little bit depressed right now.

2)when i got home i had to prepare for school. i was on the computer but for some reason the keyboard doesn't work at all when i log onto blogger on the main computer and my sister was using the laptop and my other sister wanted to use it after her and i had to go to bed so i could awaken for the first day of classes, which was today.

well, since you asked, my day was interesting. I'm on the wait-list for Anthropology and i really hope i get into that class. it seems like it'll be really interesting plus i need it to meet my general education requirements. today, i learned what anthropology means, i can't remember at this exact moment but i'm sure it'll come back to me.. lol

then i had math, which is math. my teacher seems like he'll be slow and maybe a little bit confusing but i neeeeed to get through this class because i've dropped it 3 times already.

than work. boring. routine. i've done this before...

and then speech. my teacher sounds like a politician and reminds me of B-rat aKa Rhonda Anthony Tanner aKa Brittany Taylor from youtube. i think the url is THIS but i might be wrong so don't sue me when that link doesn't work.

And then work again and now i'm home. FUN
at school from 9-7 with only one half hour break. Mondays, i'll have NO break, 2moro, i get an hour. But it's 9-7 everday. For now anyway. That'll probably change soon.

ok, i'm tired. i need to find out what books i need, and then shoot myself in the face for taking sooo many classes. BYe blog!

-drew w k

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm applying for this channel called five great corners. I don't really think i'll get in and i really wonder if i'll actually have enough time to do it. w/e, i'll make time, it'll just have to take away from my tv'ing or myspace'ing. that is IF i get in. w/e. youtube is kind of a pain. but i looove it. lately, i've been getting more subscibers. actually, i have jessums31 to thank. i posted a response to one of her vids and it got me a lot of comments and like 3 new subscribers. it was funn. i hate how the video starts off that i do it because i love to do it and it's fun and then once i upload it to youtube i start really wanting lots of people to watch it and to leave me comments. i guess i'm kind of a whore like that..

anyways. today, i walked to the grocery store with my mom and ate a sandwich. on our way home we saw this sign taped to a tree it said "keep your dog off my yard!" and then under it says "this is not cool" with an arrow pointing down. underneath the sign is this green folder with a peice of dog crap on it. anyway, it reminded me of a youtube video i saw where someone stole a similar sign because they thought it was cool for someone to be taking action. for me, it's just a little bit embarrasing that people feel obligated to make signs like that. did they think about how it makes them look like a complete jerk? it is really irritating to have dog crap on your lawn, but come on!

well anyway, me and my mom thought it was funny, so we went home, got our camera's, and then went back and took some pics. lol

Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 More Days

'till school starts.

and i'll be glad to finally have something to do.
I'm on the waiting list for Speech and Anthropology and i really hope i get into those classes. Cuz i neeeed to finally get through with City College.

The other day i bought this really cool alarm clock. It sets itself, when daylight savings starts/ends it changes itself. If the power goes out, it has a reserve battery so that it'll still wake you up at the time you need to get up (with a pesky beeper but at least it still works). You can wake to your ipod, buzzer, or the radio. Sleep timer, motion-activated snooze (which is usefull for me because my dresser is behind my bed in my closet), and able to program two seperate alarms. It even has a projector that can go onto the ceiling or the wall. I put mine so it goes onto the wall and makes the numbers really big, it helps because i the alarm clock is sort of behind me and so i can actually see the time at night. Also, you can set the alarm to go off on week-days or weekends or everyday. I set mine for week-days and was confused when i didn't wake up to it this morning, that's when i realized that it's saturday. Yeah, this alarm clock does everything. And for only $60!

Ok, end of my lame ad.

If you read that whole thing, i applaud you!!!
i'll post a blog tommorow saying what all my classes will be. I'm excited, but at the same time, i don't want to go back. I want to be done with City and on to STATE. Idk. I'll reach that point eventually, even if i'm taking a little bit longer than the intended 2-year plan.

Friday, January 16, 2009

because i don't really feel like blogging

and i love these things

1. Put your iPod/​iTune​s on shuff​le.​

2. For each quest​ion,​ press​ the next butto​n to get your answe​r.


4. Tag 3 people to complete this!

"monsters" -band of horses

- i can be overly honest

"Long, Long, Long" -the beatles

- what does that even mean? like i'm complex or something??

"O Valencia" -the decemberists

- i think it's sort of significant that that song is from the album "the crane wife" lol

"Disco" -metro station

- lmao, and to think, i've been missing my calling all this time.

"A Good man is hard to find" -sufjan stevens

- gaaah, that is soo gay. i swear, that is not my motto. maybe if you change it to "woman".

"firefly" -breaking benjamin

- uh,, no, i hated that movie.. lol

"lost in translation" -plasticines

- so true. i work with english as a second language students. so yeah, that makes soo much sense.

"the outside" -grand avenue

- huh..

"vortical phonotheque" -stereolab

- idk what that even means...

"tear jerker" -red hot chili peppers

- not really...

"blind" -train

- hahah. lmao. no.

"anarchy in the uk" -sex pistols

- lmao. i like that it's by the sex pistols.

"the police and the private" -metric

- yeah, i don't think that makes any sense.

"the city's summer" -the honorary title

- ok

"the latest toughs" -okkervil river

- that makes sense i guess..

"the small print" -muse

- oh man, i'm totally deceiving huh?

"staying cool" -natalie portman's shaved head

- so true

"take it back" -she and him

- take what back?

"thirteen" -bowling for soup

- huh, maybe cuz i was born on a friday the 13th... yeah, guess your birth does inevitably result in your death....

"last straw" -jack's mannequin

- yeah, this doesn't ring any bells.

"inaudible melodies" -jack johnson

- that's funny?

"the ghost of you lingers" spoon

- spooky

"let it be" -across the universe version

- so no?

"world wide suicide" -pearl jam

- yeah, i'm that hot. lol

"4th dimensional transition" mgmt

- hmm, is this trying to reveal the secret to time travel?

"every little thing" -delirious?

-no no no. i'm perfectly fine..

and yeah, that question mark is in their name. that band is from my christian music phase. so over that btw...

ok, so if you read this i tag you,

and these three especially

alhi, jjzapman, vivalalauren

if you don't, i won't feel bad.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

t-t-today jr!!

I went to school today. I sold back one book for $25 and the other two books i had they couldn't take. I'm glad i got to sell one though. I'm going to try to sell the other two on ebay cuz the guy looked it up and said classes are still using them. It was really nice of him. That guy, i would not be nice if i were him, he works at city, and i don't really wanna say what his dissability is because i almost feel bad for knowing it, even though you can't not know when you look at him.

After that i went to the counselors office. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that my friend yisel was there with me. We signed up to talk to a counselor and then waited for like an hour. There were a lot of people waiting and i think there were only two counselors in. Once my name was called i talked to the guy and he was really helpful. Apparantly, all the classes i'm taking aren't necessary. I need helluh classes and this next semester is a load of crap. I mean, i do need waaay more units but i need to start taking more important classes. I take tooo many "fun" classes.

I think i'm going to try to transfer to Sac. State. I really do like the campus and i do love sacramento, i just feel like i could use more of a change. San Francisco maybe? Idk. What i'd really love is to go to new york, but that doesn't really seem plausible..

It's been an eventful day, so this blog is going to be pretty long. I'd just like to appologize in sort of advance...

Janelle goes into surgery tommorow, so I wanted to hang out with her before that.

We went to the bread store. She's never been there but i'm already a bread store whore. I love their bread. So delicious. I got a Ham and Cheese sandwich with French Bread and Swiss Cheese. Excellent. Janelle got a turkey sandwich with nothing on it but mayo and turkey. Sounds a lil gross to me. She got sour dough bread. Yumm.

After that we went to the Beat next door. I got My Morning Jacket's "Evil Urges", the Black Key's "Attack & Realease", and The Ting Tings' "We Started Nothing". I've been buying a lot of Cd's lately. Went to R5 and bought the new Conor Oberst (of bright eyes) CD and Black Kids' "Partie Traumatic" the other day. I love music, and i love cds. I hate downloading music. Although i doo have lots of music downloaded illegally. I feel bad when i download, plus, sometimes the files are all fucked up.

too much has happened in these last couple of days. Guess my horoscope the other day was right about my creative juices coming back to me.

Yesterday, i hung out with Alana and Yisel. We hadn't hung out in a while and were planning on taking a day during the winter break. Since it is the last week of this break, i guess we were due. So we ended up going to the downtown mall and walking through stores. I wouldve said shopping but we didn't really ever stop walking.. No price tags were looked at and we didn't think about buying a single thing. Maybe it has something to do with no one having money or wanting to buy anything.

After that, we walked to old Sac right down the street. Yisel's boyfriend met us at the swings as did my sister, she had just gotten off work and needed a ride home. Well, turns out, my sister knew Yisel's boyfriend. they had both went to the same middle school and high school. Yisel thought it was HILARIOUS. well, idk if she thought it was THAT funny, but she was laughing. Then we went to joe's crab shack to see if Erika was working. Turns out she was, we stood there awkwardly, Erika tried to make us dance, and then we left and the story ends there.

Yeah, i miss those girls. I feel like my winter break has sort of had a theme. Hanging out with all the girls i love.. lol.

I'm finally done, thought it would never end eh?

eew, i don't say eh, my dad's canadian, not me...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Horoscope

You could suffer from a creative block today. It's like someone pulled the plug to your vivid imagination circuit and you cannot fix on a dream to lift yourself out of the malaise. There may not be a quick and easy way out of your serious mood. Fortunately, you'll be surprised at how quickly it vanishes once you surrender to your internal process and take a few steps down your new spiritual path. By Rick LevineWednesday, January 14, 2009

So i was looking for more gadgets to add to my page just now and one i found was the horoscope gadget. I clicked on it and that was my horoscope. I like it, it makes me not really feel bad that i really didn't want to post a blog today. It really truelly sums up my day in a way. Ok, glad i wrote something, but also, not really feeling it today. Hopefully tommorow i will have more to say. I guess i just have to "surrender to my internal process". Whatever that means...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After Dinner, the guns come out

something funny happened at dinner. my mom brought out the food and we all got our food ready and got ready to eat. it's been a while since we've all eaten together. anyway, we all got our food ready and started eating. but my dad is just sitting there, staring at my mom. it was a really funny picture. once she looks up, he says "Aren't we gonna pray!?" in his big booming, slightly irritated voice that he seems to use most often.

on the nights that we do eat together, my dad always prays. i don't like being the one to do it, it's awkward. same ol' same ol'. Dear God, please bless this food to our bodies, Amen. It just doesn't feel right.

Well, now it's time for me to do the dishes. Tommorow, i go into work for more tutor training. It'll be boring, but at least it'll increase my pay. Next week school starts, and i'll post the classes i'm taking soon. I might wait untill after the first day to do that, so at least i'll have more of an idea of what the class will be like.

thanks again blog,


Din-Din Maintenant!!

I'm sitting here listening to "All the Pretty Girls Go to the City" by Spoon. It's good. In fact, remarkable.

I feel like because i didn't blog yesterday, I should post an extra one to make up for that, and that is precisely what i'm doing at this moment.

Well maybe not, dinner's almost ready. And i think my mom just asked me to clear and set the table but i'm sort of pretending to not have heard that, better go before she explodes in a fit of rage.

See you ta'morrow!



Well, i didn't blog yesterday and i'm not really sure why.

I think it might have had something to do with the fact that i went to work, for about two hours. I know, in the land of real jobs, two hours is nothing, but where i work, two hours is like a full day.

You see, i work at a tutoring lab at my school. Yesterday, was like an orientation sort of thing, except, i already know how to do my job, my boss just wants me there to help train the newbs i guess.

Once school starts, we'll have a little bit of chaos for like the first week or so, then it calms down and it is the most boring job ever. But the nice thing is, it's on campus, they don't take out money for taxes, and it looks good on a college resume.

Today i had planned on going to San Francisco with a friend and my sister but my friend ended up having a doctors appointment and me and my sister decided we have no money. Also, she has wicked tickets for the end of the month so we'll go then i suppose. The only thing is, i've never driven to san francisco, it takes about an hour to get there. I've never been in SF traffic either. AND i'll have school that day. It's on a wednesday of all days. I'm really wondering if it'll happen at all. I do want to see Wicked though.. I wonder if it's the original cast or if it's a new list of actors when they change locations. I'm guessing the second but i really don't know how this kind of stuff works. But if it is the original cast, that'd be awesome, cuz that blonde girl from pushing daisy's would be there. i love her.. lol

And special note for the oneremarkableyear girl, thanks for commenting my last blog i appreciate, i didn't mean to say that the point was to get lots of views, it's just, we don't seem to communicate much and i'm a little lost as to what i was supposed to do with all this... Hope you weren't offended..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

what was remarkable about today?...


let's be honest, i didn't really realize that do to the whole oneremarkable year thing you had to say something remarkable about everyday. that wasn't exactly in the description. but honestly, i'm not sure why i'm saying this because none of the people doing the project read my blog. i'm not sure if everyone else involved is communicating with each other but as far as i know, this really isn't accomplishing anything.

ok, on to my day, remarkable or not.

wait, what did i do again???

well, like an hour ago i went and got some cheesecake. it was DEEEE-licious.
other than that, nuthin. i watched tv. saw alana's new phone, watched more tv, watched disney channel, and yeah. the rest is history.

sometimes, when i'm driving, i feel like nothing is real. like i'm in some kind of dream that's on repeat. i don't even realize what i'm doing, it's like a reflex. it's wierd, but i almost think i drive better when i fall into that... it's the worst at night.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reese's Fast Break

Today did not turn out at all like i thought it would.

I was sort-of planning on going to berkely with alana and kimberly but i guess their plans changed. alana's phone wasn't working so i guess that's why i didn't find out it wasn't happening. actually, sort of glad that didn't end up happening.

also, janelle was supposed to go to vox but her plans changed, she ended up babysitting what i thot was a baby but she said no, it's not a baby. whatever.

so i really wasn't planning on just going to vox by myself (in case you don't know vox is a second saturday art show that my mom helps put on, there's also live music), but my little sister needed a ride and so i ended up there, hanging out with my older sister karli. it was actually really good. like it took them a while to start the music, but that always happens, especially with local shows. and then the music started and the place filled up. it was a first for vox. excellent music, lots of people. they've had good music before but never so many people. and they were in a new building which was really nice. bigger area for the music and art which i think helped them get more people. i really didn't realize how awkward the old building was until now. this was much better.

at the show was a singer that i really like. her music really has to be live to be good though. the last time she came to a vox show i checked out her music on myspace and was dissapointed. it's too bad not more people can see her live. anyway, her name is rikki berger. so after her show their was adrien bourgois(sp?) who is also really good, my sister was in diapers with this guy, she doesn't remember it but theres a picture. annnnyway, while adrien and his band (the coincidence) were playing my sister went to do something idk what, but rikki came over and sat right next to me and set, "i'm sitting next to you" and i said "ok". lol. well anyways it was funny cuz i was kind of nervous. i really like her music and i have to admit, i have a little bit of a crush, even though she's a little older than me. well, it's not something that i'd ever act on but it was cool sitting next to her watching the show...

well, i'm really glad this day did not go how it was planned. i feel like, as mean as it sounds, other people just would have ruined it. i wouldve had to act a certain way and think about whether or not they were enjoying themselves and stuff like that. this was a nice break. i got out of the house, and had fun, and now i won't be tired of my friends the next time i see them. hopefully.

lol, yeah, i love my friends, but you know, every once in a while, a break is good.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Soul Searching

Music is finally creeping it's way back into my life. I think i was just growing tired of MGMT's Oracle Spectacular and She & Him's Volume 1. Don't get me wrong, i looooove those CDs. I just exhausted them at the time being. They'll catch their breath and then i'll listen to them again. Untill they need another break. Ok, i know that was a laaame comparison. But it's kind of true. On to the new. Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Jenny Lewis, and some others that i can't really think of right now. These will keep me satisfied for a while longer. The digital file my sister let me burn had like 11 andrew bird CDs, which is cool, but i usually like to have one CD that i listen to over and over and over again and then check out more of their music. LOL. This way might be better, but i don't know if it'll make me addicted to their music.. And i certainly won't end up knowing the words..

Bon Iver is truelly wonderful, and i must use this opportunity to ask a question. How would you pronounce it. Bon Eve-Air, or Bon Eve-Ey. I myself use the second one, my sister and friend say the first one, which would lead me to believe that the first pronunciation is the one the band would use, but idk, it looks french to me, so i pronounce it french. Skinny Love. Grrreat. That's my remarkable thing of the day. <---go there and listen to skinny love. you'll love it. And it'll make you skinny. Ok, maybe not. But it's worth a try right? Right?
I forgot.

I thought of something remarkable and i forgot.

It was something i thought of, while i was driving.

Something simple, and blatant, and true, and amazing, and i forgot.

Something that made a statement about humianity.


Not trying too hard.

Not making up for something.

Not accusing, not demeaning.

Not happy not sad not open not closed.

It didn't need an opinion and it wasn't pure.

Not unchanged by thoughts and emotions.

What was i talking about?

What was it?

It doesn't matter and i'm not making sense.

Let it go.

It was none of those things.

It just was, and now is not.

And so it might have changed the world,

but i forgot.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Voulez-vous? Uh-huh!

Today, i got up at one o:clock and was about to blog right when i woke up, but i decided to wait because i would have nothing to talk about. As my day progressed i forgot about my blog and did normal things i often find myself doing. Took a shower, watched television, played video games, and thought about making a youtube video. I was planning on reading New Moon, and somewhere in my day i found the book (i thought i had lost it and was looking everywhere yesterday). I actually didn't read at all and i still am not half-way through the book. I really liked twilight but i think i'm just a little bit over it. The excitement of figuring out what exactly it means to be a vampire in these books is gone, of course, there is the whole werewolf thing now but this intrigues me much less. It seems like perhaps Miss Meyers is going with a more traditional view of what it means to be a werewolf, which makes it much less interesting than her definition of a vampire, of course, i haven't really gotten to that part of the book yet and i guess i should continue reading just so that i can back up my opinion.

In the copy of New Moon i am reading is a post-card my boss gave me. She gave it to me because one day i was wearing a beatles shirt and she said "oh, you like the beatles, i was going to give you a postcard with their picture on it but i thought, no, drew doesn't like the beatles, he's an indie kid. I've had this postcard forever and i've been holding onto it for some reason and now i can give it to you." Of course, i'm sure that's not the exact phrasing she used but it was something along those lines. I like the postcard, but i really don't think there's some higher reason for me having it. It's actually kind of funny. All four of them are wearing these long swimsuits. Obviously before there time, so it's quite funny that they wore them for a picture. Those boys. What a bunch of clowns.

That reminds me. Last night i watched a movie called "I'm Not There". It was crap. I knew it was crap but wanted to watch it anyway. I had heard that Cate Blanchett's performance was really good, but i have to say, it still wasn't right. I thought her acting wasn't any better than anyone elses in the film. Granted, everyone did a really good job, really talented actors, but the movie was so bizarre and confusing with no apparent plot-line. I really think that a movie that's actually about bob dylan's life and more straight forward and not trying to make some bizarre statement about humanity would've been a lot better.

The reason i said that was because there was a brief segment in the film that had Bob(Cate) rolling down a hill with "the Beatles". It reminded me of the "Little Help With My Friends" video. I think it was for that song, although it might have been a different one. Anyway, it was wierd. And bob dylan wasn't a woman, or black. His name wasn't Woody, or Jack or anything like that. Who was high when they made this movie? More importantly, who wasn't?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i have been uploading this video all day. I had to cancel it a couple of times because i thought it wasn't working. So i switched over to the newer uploader, this uploader show's you the progress of your video, how much has been uploaded and how much more to go you have. Well, i know i started uploading it at 2 at least and now it's nearly 5 and it's not even halfway done. I haaate youtube. HATE... I'm such a pessimist. I guess this is my "one remarkable year" blog. I'm really not sure what that means but it makes me feel like i'm supposed to be a lot more optimistic.. :P

So, what was remarkable about my day?

hmm... Well, it's wasn't exciting but i guess what was nice was that i did absolutely nothing, and for once, didn't have a problem with that. Lately i've been really desperately trying to get out of the house but today it was just nice to have no obligations. Actually, i think i was bein a hermit today because i kept telling my sister i couldn't pick her up places and i guess i was in kind of a bad mood.

My year may get more remarkable once i get back into school, but my blogs may also get shorter. Because i want to actually try to do my homework this semester.

Oh yeah, there was something good about my day. I found a book on ebay for 99cents that costs 90something dollars normally. Hopefully i'll get it. I have to place the bid on friday at 12:25 and i really want to get it. I can't afford all the books i need this semester so that one will be a weight off my shoulders.

Janelle said if i ever get married, she'll give me 1 million dollars. What the fuck? First of all, she's a bitch, second of all, who wants to marry me? I could use a million dollars.

We watched the hours. I have no fuckn' clue what that movie is about. Virginia Wolf was crazy>? Idk, all i know is that they all were lesbians. And it was hot. Virginia. Virginia.

Seriously, i'm sure i'll find a woman who i love someday, but to hear her say that she doesn't think i'll ever get married, it hurt just a little.

Reno911 is on. I've seen this episode.

I'm waiting for my video to be done saving. The main computer is on it's last breath. My mom JUST got it fixed though and it sucks, cuz like, my xmas present was a computer program and it's takin FOREVER to use it.. Yeah, my xmas present was a video editing software thingamajing. DK if i said that in one of these blogs. But yeah, it happened, i'll say it as much as i want, i guess...

This is shit. Why am i writing this? I already wrote a blog today.
Oh yeah, i went to wal-mart with jenny and erika today. I miss them. They were my high school friends and i feel like the person i was is so much different. Like i really hadn't seen erika for a long time and for some reason i found myself wondering if she noticed i'd changed. Hoping she noticed i changed. Idk why, maybe so she knows i'm not the same loser i was back then. Do i really think so lowly of who i used to be?


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mornin, err, Afternoon

It's 12:30 and i just woke up half an hour ago. My head hurts. Over-sleeping is never good. So right now i'm in my pajamas watching the marvelous misadventures of flap-jack. it's a really weird cartoonnetwork cartoon. I haven't watched cartoons in a while. The other day i tried to watch Looney Toons for the first time in a while but i just couldn't get into it. I used to love looney toons. Perhaps it was because they don't really dumb it down. Yes, it's a cartoon but it has all of the things adults are interested in. Violence, witty dialogue, sometimes even romance and just a littttle bit of sex. Not like blunt sex but you know.. This cartoon bothers me. They sit on the whales tongue and when she talks, it doesn't move. But when they show the outside view you can blatantly see her tongue moving. Show some consistency. Cartoons these days, i swear.. lol. I also hate how they lay down on her tongue and don't get wet. This whole cartoon is just WRONG. He just asked the whale where babies come from.

Ok, end of me criticizing this cartoon. That's what i do EVERYtime i watch television. It can be more fun that way, but it does get tiring when i can never REALLY just watch tv and enjoy it. GAAAWD, this cartoon is disturbing. I know i said i was done but it just kept getting more disturbing... Desperate housewives wasn't as good as the long wait and the over-the-top previews would have suggested. I like when they have the insane happenings episodes. Like when there was a earth-quake or tornado or something. It's like Grey's in that they have their special disaster episodes where you wish every episode was more like that.. Sometimes, you can go from hating the characters, to loving them, to hating them again. Like Gabby was just starting to get good, and then her husband regained his sight, and now she's selfish and terrible again. Bree used to be the psychotic one that basically killed her husband and used black-mail and criticism to raise her children but now she's much more balanced and i suppose like-able.

I'm glad tv's starting again. But that only means that i'll soon go back to having no time to watch it. Last semester, when i had little time for what i wanted to do, i realized i stopped watching television. It became something i did on the weekends IF i felt like it. One thing that never stopped, my excess time spent on the computer, myspace, youtube, and now perhaps blogger, twitter, skype... The internet keeps expanding and growing, so when does it stop? When have we finally had enough? And when does it become so big that we can no longer contain it?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mama mia, papa pia.

Karli bought Abba singstar today, yesterday, alana brought over mama mia, yesterday, karli bought mama mia on blu-ray, and right now, we're watchin it, again. My voice hurts. "so i say thank you for the music, and giving it to me". Blog, everyday? This is getting more and more difficult. Ron's mom is scary. But like, in a cool way. Yadidi? I hate how some of the people in this movie are randomly british.. lol. Not that it REALLY matters, i guess. Guess this'll be a short one..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just so, Blah

I know i'll look back on this and think, "what the hell was i smoking", but right now, i really want school to start. We get an entire month off for christmas and it's just too much. I sit at home all day doing nothing. Today, i played guitar hero... Can't say i did much else.

I am SICK and tired of FAST food. KFC, Burger King, McDonalds, and Round Table. Although i'm not sure if Round Table would be considered fast food, but it's definately in a similar category.

Frasier is on right now, it's a funny show and i do like the characters, but sometimes they just irritate me.

Youtube, while i love it, it gets on my nerves. Like i love the people that i've made friends with and it can be a lot of fun, but sometimes... This girl posted a comment on one of my videos saying "YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!!" and she posted the EXACT same comment on my channel as well. It's not that bad it's just that the video says something about the jonas brothers and for some reason that makes it get a lot of random attention. I hate that, how can there be so many little girls looking for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Jonas brothers related. And she's telling me to get a life. Huh...

Zooey Deschanel is my life. I want to listen to the YesMan soundtrack again "let's go for a ride there's so many lanes that we could drive, so many rules no need to abide, put your helmet on, cuz you're mine all mine."


my computer is out to get me, i swear. Today, my computer is opening and shutting the disc drive without cause and without warning. Well actually, it happens repeatedly always after the same amount of time. I've never actually counted how long it takes, but after a while, you can tell it's been the same amount of time since the last time. Right now it's just sitting open because that was the only way i could get it to stop :P/. Also, when i logged onto blogger, it said "blogger cannot open because you have cookies disabled" which roughly translates to "your computer hates you and doesn't want to open blogger for you right now" in computer language. I think i need a computer whisperer. Someone to come along that just GETS computers... LOL. Actually, someone JUST fixed this computer too. Cryin' shame it is.

Last night i went to bed at 4am. That's because that's the time my friend left. And my dad woke me up at 10am to drink jamba juice. Once i figured out that i had 6hrs of sleep already, i was ready to get up. I've been sleeping WAAAY too much and i figured it was god's way of telling me to put an end to that. Thanks GOD! Couldn't you have called on any day but a sunday? Come on!

It's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shinning, the leaves on the tree in my neighbors backyard flowing o so slightly and gracefully through the calm wind. Ah, it would be nice of me to walk my dog today. REALLY nice. My dog is the worst walker on the face of the earth. I mean, normally, he's the best dog in the world, but when put on a leash, it's like some serious Marley and Me shit. Haven't read the book or seen the movie and don't plan to, but what i can tell from the previews, that is one fucked up dog. And two blonde people thinking they can change that is an obvious mistake.

My computer just made the sound of a door closing, so maybe i should end this now. But when one door closes, two more open, right?


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gooood Moooorning!!!

Well, technically it's not morning at 12:34pm but i just woke up at like 11:50 so it's still morning for me. Today i will make my first vlog for my new years resolution which can be found at I'm not sure if i'll do that sooner/later/never. lol. I'll probably also post a video on my main channel just telling people about it.. Ahh, i'm bored. Nuthin to say, yet again.

I go to work next monday at 10am. It'll be tough getting up early enough but it'll be good practice for when the school year starts.

I thought about applying for another job yesterday and actually did fill out some online applications. I really don't wanna have to actually go to places and see who's hiring and then figure out if i can actually even work when school starts. It would be nice to have a weekend job during school, but it's also nice to have the weekend off.

kthanks blog,


Friday, January 2, 2009


Second day of the year, and nothing to say. I really should've held myself back from starting my new years resolution until, hmm, i don't know, the NEW YEAR!!! Yeah, this is lame, how did i already run out of things to say? I might be going to the movies this weekend because i really want to see the Spirit. Looks awesome but i already talked about that in a blog. It may not actually happen because my friends are flakes. Corn flakes. I've poured the milk and they're gettin' soggy. Today I'm using Safari to write my blog and it's a little strange because it tells me when i made a spelling error. I'm letting some of them stay but those jagged red lines REALLY bother me.. I want to play guitar hero.. That'll surely happen because i have no plans for today. Guitar Hero, maybe some Grand Theft Auto, and then Little Big Planet. I might just sneak in some Flight of the Conchords and maybe one of those movies i bought...

UGH, fudge muffins!!!

mmm... That sounds delicious right about now. Fudge muffins...

Train of thought, train of thought...

Chooooo choooooo!!! Puffa puffa puffa puffa! Chooooo chooooooooooooo!!

Ok, i've exhausted this blog.



Thursday, January 1, 2009


GAAH, i hate when my sister says "can you take me to work?" "when?" "now". It's like, no, first of all, i don't wanna take you to work, second of all, if you want me to take you to work tell me the day before or something so that i'll know and i won't be in my pajamas. And also, what would she do if i wasn't home? That drives me crazy, because i've been in the exact same place as her, i worked that exact same job as a matter of fact, and i never had a brother that i could ask to take me to work the minute i had to go. Also, i would either make sure my parents could take me or think of another way to get there if they couldn't take me.

Ok, that was a shameless rant of sourts. Sorts. Ok, that's the correctement spelling i believe.

Yesterday was extremely boring. I went to my friends house, and sat, all night. FUN!

Well first we went to chinese food, which was quite delicious, but it made my stomach mad.

Today, nothing. I'm almost out of gas and i realize that i have NO money. I was gonna buy more toys but now i can't. I'll have to make use of what i got. Actually, i'm glad this happened, i have sooo many video games that i haven't played really and i just wanted to buy another one. What i waste. I also just bought Across the universe and The dark knight on blu-ray so i should watch those. Both movies i enjoy a lot. Across the universe i have mixed feelings about but i still love it. And the dark knight i saw 3 times in the theatre. My insane friend saw it 5 or 6 times in the theatre i believe, so i don't feel TOO bad about that.

It's strange, it seems the less i have going on the more i have to write about. Or perhaps it's merely because i'm getting used to writing and so more of my thoughts actually come out when i sit down to do this.

Happy 2_ _9,