Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Perks of BeOH HELL NO!!!

A couple of weeks ago my friend lent me a book entitled "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". Now I had heard a few things about this book and it sounded interesting. I've had the book for two weeks now, and i just finished the first part. But here is my impression thus far. THIS BOOK SUCKS! This "Charlie" character has no personality whatsoever. His emotions are limited to liking or not liking things. His absence of emotion is frustrating when he makes statements like "I guess I also forgot to tell you how often I [masturbate] now, which is a lot." The author seems to be trying to absorb the audience by showing "touchy" subjects. Masturbation. Rape. Drugs. Homosexuality. Oh no!! I think I may just be shocked into interest. Or not.. Also, the characters say that he is a wallflower, which apparently means that he sees things, doesn't say anything about them, and understands them. I beg to differ. He may see things and know what they are initially, but he does not understand the emotion behind them. He also doesn't seem aware of what's really happening. He has a black and white understanding of what is right and wrong and doesn't seem to have any idea of what's been going on in the world around him. Did I miss the part where his space-ship landed?

But I apologize. I have not finished the book and therefore do not know where the author is going with this. Perhaps this character will be confronted with all of these things over the course of the book. But it really doesn't seem like that's going to happen. My expectations: Charlie does some more drugs, meets a girl and loses his virginity, there's a pregnancy scare and someone, possibly the gay character, gets an STD. Charlie will realize that he is straying from the person he wants to be and have a change of heart and leave this cruel uncaring world in the dust.

I really hope this book doesn't live up to my expectations. I'm hoping that as the book progresses, Charlie, along with his writing ability, matures.

But mostly this is looking like a long and non-amusing episode of "Strangers With Candy". Now that's something that might interest me. "the Perks of Being a 48yr-old High School Freshman". Get on that please Amy Sedaris.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

strange things are happening to me

my heart is an apple

as i walk to the car i realize that i’m living a dream. life is going in slow motion. i can’t even tell what is going on around me, and we’re walking to the car. “i can’t drive”, i say, “i don’t think this is really happening.”

much laughter ensues and i am scared beyond belief. I know that laughter is the natural response but i can’t help but be pissed off. that while i’m sitting here, unable to function beyond the blink of an eye, they’re laughing their asses off.

things start to take strange shape. the street lights become the eyes of the houses as they grow in size and join in the laughter. i can’t help but think of the film “monster house” and wonder how i never realized it was based on a true story.

i start to think i’m going to die. i can’t handle the world around me. my back burns uncontrollably and i wonder, “is this what it’s like to be insane?” and “if this is whats going on in the minds of homeless men and women, i now have nothing but sympathy for them”.

and then i realize, if i die, the world will be ok. death starts to seem like a viable option, and perhaps the best. because what have i accomplised? really? and what will i accomplish if i continue to live? not much probably. i see myself as a statistic. i realize that i am only everyone else around me and the world does not require my existence.

food arrives. it is then that i realize i cannot move my arms. one movement seems to take years and it takes all of my concentration just to keep my arm from falling to the seat beside me. i am given an apple. i hear the words “you’re not going to want to eat but it’ll make you feel better”. i hear them, and i believe them. i take a bite of the apple and it turns to ash in my mouth. chewing. chewing. chewing. and why is the food still in my mouth? i remember, swallowing, it’s a part of eating, perhaps the most important part.

every so often i am overcome with fear. the fear that this is what the rest of my life is going to be like. i’ll be placed in a mental institution if i’m not dead or arrested first. the burning on my back will never stop and i’ll eventually find the strength to scream in agony and curse the heavens for my down-falls.

i can hear people talking around me and if they ask me a question i can give a short answer. if my mind focuses on the subject for too long, however, i forget how to breath and start to hyperventilate again. “should we call alana”, i hear, “yes”, i reply with the nod of a head.

there are times when i can acknowledge the fact that there is more than one thing in front of me. i am back in reality and i use these times to pray that i won’t lose touch with it again. it seems bizarre to me that life is made up of so many things and that we are able to be conscious of them all at once.

when i look down the street there are two options for what i will see. what i’m sure is the reality is that we are in a residential area. the street extends and there are houses untill the street curves and you can no longer see what lies beyond that. the other possibity is that i will see a dead-end. every once in a while this becomes the fact of what is in front of me, but then it fades again.

at some point i swear there are children playing in the streets. i wonder what kind of a parent lets their kids play in the street at 1 in the morning. or at least somewhere close to this time. and i wonder if the other people in the car are aware of their presence. they don’t seem to be, but i can only see everyone else out of the corner of my eye and find it hard to notice their presence for too long.

there is more to the night but mostly, everything repeats itself. it happens so much that i wouldve thought many hours had gone by. but time seems to be at a stand-still. nothing is real and i fear that nothing will ever be the same. i'll live in this world of horror and impossibility while everyone else just lives their life.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

101 Dalmations.. or blog..

I'm at this weird crossroads in my life. Or maybe not cuz i kind of feel like there's only one direction i can go. And when i first noticed that things were changing i rejected it. Got mad. Got sad. Mulled things over for a little while. And now i feel like it's just life. Like idk if i like it or not. Things just feel really weird and i'm not sure how to act or feel about it. And most of the time i just don't know what i'm supposed to do. I sit in my room and just think and it's not something i'm used to. I guess i got tired of re-runs on tv. Tumblr helped for a little while but even the effects of that device are wearing off. Something really just needs to happen. Like i feel like nothing is happening. And i'm supposed to do something. Gawd, i'd really like to make a difference somehow, but i'm pretty lazy so that'd take some motivation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so, i dropped my only summer school class because i'm a lazy fuck. that's right, a lazy fuck. i couldve just done my homework today, but without my parents home i find myself unable to focus AT ALL when i'm home. and my sister wasn't home either so that didn't help. BLAAAH. my mom said that if i drop classes in the fall that i have to pay her $400 a month. i barely make that. but i don't know if she counted summer into that. so i guess i'll find out.. :P in the summer i definitely don't make that much a month because i only work one hour a day four times a week. that's 4hrs a week at 8.25 an hour and idk how to do math but i know that i don't make $400. i'm that smart. i guess. perhaps not. well i also fail at doing a blog a day but you forgive me so it's ok.

:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P o.0

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've decided i might try to do a blog-a-day again. It doesn't really matter because my blog isn't really read, but i have nothing better to do anyway.

i have a headache and i forgot what i was going to say. maybe i'll find an old poem i wrote...

][ Deal

wondering when that chapter in my life will begin.
how it will happen, and with who, and where, and why,
and if it'll make me happy or just confused, and if i'll
like her more or feel bad that i don't like her as much
and want to make her happy but won't know how
and will we fight a lot or just push it under the rug
and what my family will think
and if she'll like my friends
and if our lives will be separate
and how long it will last
and how it will end.

she doesn't exist, not yet, not to me.
and if she does that's a major twist in the story.
but i know i love her, i just don't know why.
is she pretty, smart, ugly, dumb?
does she twist her hair?
suck her thumb?

she laughs, that must be true.
she appreciates my sarcasm, takes constructive criticism,
doesn't expect me to laugh if it's not funny and knows whats funny.
she doesn't apologize for thinking i'm uncomfortable
but doesn't go out of her way to inflict that kind of pain either.
she doesn't always wear make-up, or do her hair, or plan her outfit, or even think i care.
she is who she is, take it or leave it.
but she loves me a lot, and when she says it,
she means it.

:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P tongue-y tung gooey.

i have a desire to blog again. and blogger will always PWN livejournal. sorry sabrina.

i'm excited.
while, at the same time, a little scared. my parents are out of town. while the house is more quiet, i find myself lonely and with nothing to occupy my time. it's a weird feeling. i know that if people were home i would do the same things (watch tv, go on the computer, eat, breath) but i don't feel as comfortable doing them...

but with the parents gone, i get use of both cars. it might mean a little more time to sleep and prepare myself for school during the week, and on the weekend, a party. because how can i be home alone when it's nearly independence day. apparently fireworks aren't allowed on the 3rd, the scheduled day of my small gathering, so i suppose i'll have to see people on the 4th as well. the only day that fireworks are permitted??? not really sure that's true. but i won't want to be lonely on saturday either.

i've been finding myself a bit more outward and friendly in the recent past. very recent past. like today. or maybe it was yesterday. anyway i feel like i care a little less about what people think about me. i try to not let myself dwell on it too much. that's bad, forget i said that. i don't care about what people think about me................... I DON'T!!!

ok, deep breaths. they heard it. it's over. don't let it bring you down too much.

i've been reading a book by david sedaris and i find myself looking for parts where he mentions his sister amy. she fascinates me. she starred on the comedy central show strangers with candy aside stephen colbert and paul dinello. i'd say an interesting person as she's said she likes playing ugly people far more than attractive people. her brothers book is funny tho. i was in the habit of reading it a lot but then the weekend came. and my desire to read was lost. we'll see what happens when i'm back at school on monday...

speaking of school, i have research to do, and an outline to construct. but i have a car. and tomorrow is sunday. and if i hang out with alana i can get my flip back. :P

so today was long. or yesterday depending on how you look at it. started out very strange. i woke up home-alone and didn't know what to do with myself. walked around the house very confused and figured someone was home. i guess if you count the dog then there was someONE. i guess i was looking for people, so the dog doesn't count. anyway, i really did nothing. took me forever to take a shower and get dressed and even talk to people. then i told my bff alana i was bored and we scheduled a time to hang. kimberly just happened to be with her and shortly after hector joined us. we talked alot of the famous youtubers we had just encountered on the previous day (moi and alana that is) and hector and alana played some guitar hero on my couch. then went to a laaaame bon-fire with jenny and alana and alana and alana, then left and picked up hector again and i don't think this is making sense. i might be leaving out details. jack in the box was had and jokes were made and michael jackson has been stalking me all weekend. he seems to be lingering around every corner and just waiting for the perfect moment for a surprise attack on my sanity. blah, i need to pee. and empty my brain of all this static...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The times

they are a-changin.

don't you ever feel like everyone around you is changing while you stay exactly the same? i'm getting a strange deja-vu from writing this but i think i'll continue anyway. people get these weird habits. or keep them. for example, smoking, drinking, going to church. i might argue, all bad habits.

but seriously, drinking? i don't understand the appeal. you put some poison in your body that makes you unable to make good decisions, makes you act like an idiot, and tastes bad. no thank you. idk, a buzz might be ok, but all-out-drunk, just don't think it's for me. but perhaps i'm one of those people that complains about something soo much and then tries it and can't get enough. i hope not. i have no aspiration of becoming an alcoholic.

and church. there's only so much i can take. only so many lies i can handle. and the hypocrisy, it's overwhelming.

smoking. it's hot, you have to admit. but it's stupid. only people that are experts at lying to themselves smoke. cigarettes.

anyway, i feel like i'm the only sane person. the voice of reason in an otherwise misinformed world. and yet i must admit, i have no idea. i'm just as lost and confused as anyone. i can't say i'm any smarter or have even a close understanding of how the world (and the people in it) works. and perhaps i have tried all of these things. and don't know what is wrong (or right) about any of them. we grow up and were told certain things about certain things and then we get older and we question all these truths or untruths and i'm not making much sense but the point is, THERE IS NO POINT! or maybe the point is figuring out what the point is. and it's different for everyone. so there's no quick "just-add-water" way of figuring it out. gawd, life has to happen doesn't it?

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Blogs Have Stopped

and it's not just my blog. most the blogs i read have stopped, and if they haven't, i've merely stopped reading them :P/.

so monday summer school starts, and as much as it'll give me something to do with my life, it'll take away from things too. but i don't have that many friends so it won't be taking TOO much away.

this is difficult. i'm forgetting why i picked an english major and thinking, writing is not the thing i want to do. i really think i should focus on art and give up this whole english thing. but it's too late to change my classes so we'll see. maybe once i delve deeper i'll realize my intense appreciation, understanding, and of course LIKE of the subject.


blogs aren't fun anymore. is it just me?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finals and Finales

Tv really does serve to mimic our lives and in so doing show us how they're really "supposed" to be. It's finals week and therefore, we have to watch the season Finales of every show known to man.

"It's been a great year!" "What are you talking about, it's May." -30 Rock

MADtv came to an end and no one cared. Fred Willard used to be funny, but MAD lost even his talent.. But it was nice seeing Mo and Alex again. Sort of. I think i wouldve been happier if all the new cast members took a bow early, they brought all the oldies back, and we watched some classic skits re-done instead. I'm kind of glad it's over GOODBYE madTV.

SNL. One great season finale. Will Ferrel hosted in promotion of his new movie. I 4get the title but it's some kind of remake about a man that goes back in time or something along those lines. I'm drawing a blank. I'm pretty sure it's a classic movie with a new comedic twist tho.. W/e.. It was nice, all the celebs came out in celebration of SNL being funny again. Or at least that's what i assumed when i saw them. And for once, i'm glad the shows coming back again next season. I don't know what i'll do without my weekly dose of Kristen Wiig tho...

Anthropology final. Oh shit, i forgot to study.

Desperate Housewives, while a bit too long, had an amazing second half. Seems like they may be catching some steam again while still slowly dying. :P But who was that marrying Mike at the end? Guess we'll have to watch next season o.0!!!

Lost. Seriously? WTF. Idk, i didn't watch it. But from what i saw it looked perty fucked up.

The Office, O.M.G. Looks like another season's coming. But how much can they really juice out of this drying cast? New characters might be a must. But EGADS, pam's pregnant!!! Hope the babies played by comedic genius launching the show back into hilarity. But was it ever funny? Perhaps twilight zone episode to bring in some of the british nonsense that started this whole thing. Never watched british office, heard it was funny tho.. :P

Gossip Girl. Hello boys and girls, it's your friendly neighborhood gossip girl here. Giving you the inside scoop on new yorks no-one-gives-a-damn-ites. In honor of the finale i'm going to remind you why you ever watched this show in the first place. To find out who i really am. Come on, it could happen. Not. What a tease. But look, Serena sure is hot in this gorgeous blue dress. Puppy dog face, puppy dog face!! Come on blake, give us a lil somp-in somp-in!

Oh shit, i'm running out of time to complete my online theatre final. Didn't do the homework either. But wait, Gossip Girl is IN THIS ROOM! No she's not. Damn, outwitted again. I'll get you next time Gadget!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Infinitely better than anything else you could be doing.

Every once in a while, i'll have an epiphany. But i can never remember what it was once i realize i had it. So i guess you'll never know.

Today was supposed to be blazingly hot. Not because the weatherman told me that. But because yesterday and the day before were blazingly hot. So i wore shorts and sandles and a t-shirt. I was cold. My feet are still cold. I think i have some food stuck in the hole in my mouth...

Everytime i get the cheese out, my dog walks into the kitchen.
this is because when i grate cheese, some always falls on the floor. and he eats it. but he still comes when i'm slicing as opposed to grating, and he ends up with no cheese.

Today was filled with nothing. Nothing, nothing, and more nothing. I went to subway with my coworker Anyuta, it was a waste of money. Subway is still gross, i should have known. But the woman that served us was nice enough.

Summer is coming closer which means one thing, summer-school. I'm taking math123 which is just a two-part algebra II class and english writing 302 online. idk how to explain what english writing 302 is, but we write essays and i need it for my english major. FUN. i'm good at english, have a natural skill there. Still, i kind of want to go for a double major in art, it'd just be twice as much work. and like another year of community college, which is lame...

then in fall i'm taking a group discussion class to satisfy my communication studies, the human sexuality class for psychology, two lit classes (american, and english lit) for my eng major, and a p.e. class for my a.a.

i'm actually excited for these classes because it means i'm that much closer to transferring to a REAL college. unlike this fake high school college i go to now... just sayin..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Randomly Creative Day

Today started out seemingly normal.

I woke up, go out of bed, dragged a towel across my head. but enough of the beatles. and idk if i quoted them right anyway.

ANYway, riding to school i saw my bus crush. she had her yoga mat again, as all hot girls seem to.

There was also a girl that got on my bus that had a spaghetti strap shirt with a gray t-shirt underneath. i thought it strange..

gaw, where'd twiggy go? antm doesn't work w/out her. at least not as well.


so then i went to my theatre class and forgot to turn in my laaate ass homework.
i really can't fail that class. that's be soo stupid.

after that went to espresso metro with my sister and the new internet friend who is dreadfully quiet and made the outing sooo incredibly awkward.

then waited for my class to start. went to ceramics and finnished my self portrait.

and then i made this sign at work.

It makes me sad that i chose to be an english major and so i won't be taking art classes anymore. i know it's something i'll have to go back to because i really do like art. and i think i have a small amount of talent that could really get good if i worked at it..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CD purchase

bought this cd by animal collective

i have no money but becoming a prostitute to pay for the album is worth it.

i hadn't planned on buying anything. "i have no money" i told my sisters friend Suze. I really did just want to go to the record store to have an excuse to go outside. It had been a day of mindless txt messaging, tumblr posts, twitter updates (or the lack thereof), myspace, nerdfighters ning chat, and of course the ol' favorites youtube and facebook. Although admittedly i probably spend much more time on myspace. Anyway, once we got to the record store something unexpected happened. my sister and her friend started talking and flirting with all of the workers there who all of course just happened to be of the male persuasion. which left me feeling awkward and out of place.

i found solace in the indie section of the store when i came across a magazine rack (cd player thingy in the record store) that just so happened to have animal collective's newest available for listen.

to clear the record, i already had a huuuge thing for animal collective. we've been getting kind of serious and i'd been thinking it's about time to take the next step, which would be, of course, actually purchasing one of their albums. i couldn't help myself, my wallet told me "no" but my heart said "yes". it was done. i bought it. and we lived happily ever after. the end.


this was on facebook and i realized it had the word "remarkable". but i think i'll maybe go with one delicious year. it sounds more interesting. plus it actually means something positive, whereas remarkable can be good OR bad..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To my blog

I've been neglecting this. Mostly, because i found the amazing-ness that is you should get one. and you should follow my blog on there, (you should be able to follow it on your blogger account) the url is <--put that in ur follow thingy. lol. or don't. i won't be mad. but anyway. i don't know what to say. tonight after i get off work i'm going to my friend janelles house. also at her house will be a new friend kate. i've never actually met kate. just talked to her on aim. we talk a lot on there tho so i feel like i know her in a way. of course, how much can you really know someone if you've never met them???

yesterday was a day of walking around the park wich led to me getting job applications at the zoo, fairy tale town, and funderland. also some normal businesses but i don't know if i'll even turn in those applications because i don't really want to work at those places. i was going to call my old job, baskin robbins, and see about getting a summer job, but i really don't wanna work there again. i'm reminded of all the reasons i left and i don't feel like starting that over again. there were some fun times tho and maybe i should just suck it up and call.

anyway, after getting apps i headed back to school and was a half an hour late to my ceramics class. i got close to finnishing my self portrait but ran out of clay and had to stop. ended up leaving a little bit early as there wasn't enough time for me to buy clay and then come back. i hate that i have to buy more clay cuz i really don't have any money right now. i have to stop myself from buying food at school now and i'm actually getting the hang of this. brought a sandwich and soda and yogurt and jello today. so yay, i'm actually carrying out a plan which isn't something i often do. the plan being "take food to school".

Hmm, i can do this. For a second, i thought i'd have nothing to say again. Guess there's still some things happening in my life. That's good. And yes, this is an accomplishment, because i believe the last blog i wrote was one of my sad reflective life sucks blogs...

Friday, April 10, 2009

it is Friday, but i'm not thanking god.

My mouth still hurts. Wait, i think i can take some more vicoden.......

oh no. i have to wait another half an hour. i really hope i don't have dry socket. cuz it's still hurting. and that might be a sign.

well, i still have three homework assignments to do for theatre, and the proposal for my anthropology paper. i haven't even thought about what i wanna write that paper on. that HAS to happen tommorow. or i die. and it's not a big deal. i can do this. i HAVE to do this.

i wish i was more organized, and didn't procrastinate. because when i procrastinate, i end up letting myself fail. like what i've done in math. now i have to take that class again. for the 6th time...

i really don't think the week should be over. it doesn't seem right.

i found a love for tumblr. and the nerdfighters ning. soo many new friends on nerdfighters. it's fun, but i know, it's not real. time for real life. time to get off the computer, and onto real life. even if real life is homework right now. :P

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is this Forever?

if you didn't catch my reference to david after dentist, go watch it now. Laugh, cuz the rest of the blog might serve to depress.

But anyway, my topic today is something more serious, and just as equally depressing as any of the previous blogs i've been posting. It seems that life just keeps taking and taking. Just minutes ago i found out that a girl i went to high school with died in a car accident.

For one thing, i was just in a car accident.

For another, this girl lived right down the street from my house. It was only a few days ago that i had last seen her. I don't know exactly what happened. And i'm worried about those around her. I don't know if she was driving or if someone is feeling some sort of blame for all of this. But i hope that they can all be at peace with this.

It doesn't seem real. I don't believe that any of this is happening. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. Someone of a higher power. God even. But i don't know. I don't know if i'm ready to believe in God again. Especially now.

Right after my car accident my mom said, "God is looking out for you, he protected you". It didn't make me feel better. But i just loved how simple it was. And i wish i could have faith like that. That in the midst of such terrible things, God is there, watching, protecting.

But how could he? How could he protect me and let others die? How is my life any more important than hers was?

But you want it to be true. You want her to be happy, alive, in heaven. How can life just end? It's the most real thing we can experience. The only thing we can experience. And when it's gone, then what?

I hope that no matter where she is, that she's in peace, and that her life will serve as more than just her life, that it can inspire and help those around her. I know that she will never be forgotten, but i hope that her life had some purpose, and that it won't be lost on us.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

on the bus again

well, today i backed the car into the garage.

yup it's totalled, and we haven't heard the police report, but we know what they'll say, it was my fault.

basically, that just means my insurance goes up times infinite, and i don't get any money. so i bus around the world for the rest of my life. well, most likely the rest of my college life if not longer :P.

but yeah. it was weird, being in the car, seeing the passenger seat pushed up all the way to the middle section of the car. i had to stop myself from getting really sad. because i don't want to do that again...

it's wierd, it seems like every day since the accident i've hung out with my TWINN and some random people i barely know. i know who my real friend is. but it's cool to have some new friends too in the midst of all this.

yesterday, i took the bus to the library. met my friend sabrina there. she didn't have the stuff she needed to get a library card so we left. it was really dumb. idk why we went there. but then we walked around, found a candy store, i bought a caramel apple and then came back and got a FREE bottle of water. this was the womans exact words "you can pay for it the next time you come in". WTF, i've been to that store one other time in my life. what makes her think i'll come back??? i guess i should find a dollar and go pay. but that's not gonna happen. especially if i have to bus there...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away,

Now it looks as though they're here to stay, oh i believe in yesterday.

Well, this is the story. I was driving home from school, the usual, when i turned, at a green light, suddenly, i heard the sound of tires squealing, and looked to see a woman with an expression of anger and turmoil on her face, driving into the side of my car. It's hard to write this and school isn't the best place to be doing this, but seeing as how i don't have another class until 1:30, i'm going to push through and write it, my eyes fighting off the stinging wetness.

It's hard to know what really happened. I suppose it was my fault. I suppose when turning at a green light, it has to be a green arrow, but I honeslty didn't know this truth, and that upsets me.

My car was supposed to last me "oh about five years" and all i got out of it was 3 months. didn't even make it to the summer.

it really pains me to see that the one thing i spent all my money on, my life-savings, destroyed. i didn't know how important my car was to me. i often told myself it wouldn't matter if it was ever to be stolen, this is different, but it still shouldn't matter. i feel like i'm selfish, all i could think about was how i was right. what if something had happened, what if that woman, and her little girl, had gotten hurt, and it was my fault. what? what then?

i realize this blog may just work to depress you. i hope it doesn't. i hope it cautions you, to pay attention. realize that your life is only temporary, and that when you drive, you're not only responsible for yourself but everyone else around you.

this morning was a bus ride. i looked to find a calming reassurance in the firmiliarities of riding the bus, but i couldn't. i couldn't really notice anyone around me. the sound of animal collective in my ears added to the surreal quality of this experience. a breif moment of antony and the johnsons embraced my sadness and showed me the cruelties of the world, but it was over quickly.

it was strange, before theatre, i kept looking at everyones faces. looking everyone in the eye as i waited for the classroom doors to open. no one gave me eye contact. i guess i was looking for something. someone to sympathize. someone to tell me they loved me, anything.

but life goes on. and i am lucky. embrace the day. forget your mistakes, even if the world may not. and especially, be grateful for what you have, don't let go of it. and keep reaching for higher places.

(cheese, i'm sorry, my humor will come back when this feeling wears off).

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

blog tommorow

or later. when i'm not freaking out about how my car has a crater in it.

i'll tell you later i promise. you're just gonna have to trust me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the women i love. the famous ones, that is.

zooey deschanel.
truelly amazing. she sings. she acts. she looks amazing. for a while the only thing i listened to was the she & him album and because i bought tickets to an m ward show i'm really hoping that she'll be there. it's possible seeing as she sings in two of his songs on his solo album but i really hope they'll do a she&him song. even tho m. ward is kinda better... sorrrry zoooey...

blake lively.
actress. ok. this love has died down a bit. gossip girl is getting boring and this beautiful woman might not be enough to keep me watching it. don't worry blake, i still love you.

helena bonham carter.
still amazes me every time i see her. you know, on the screen. i recently saw fight club after i found out she was in it. she's creepy, she's sexy, and she's ooh so talented. thank you helena, for all the wonderfully deep characters. even if you are married to tim burton. < / 3

allison mosshart.
half of the kills. the reason i think it's incredibly sexy when girls smoke. she is truly a rockstar if ever there was one. i hope they come back to a nearby location. honestly, through there whole set, i could not keep my eyes off her. beautiful.

kristen wiig.
makes snl funny. snl was dying to me. but then this genius came along and revived it. she's beautiful and just fucking hilarious. every character original. keeps the laughs coming. thank you kristen, the saviour of saturday night live.

dawn french.
funny lady. yes yes, i love jennifer saunders, but dawn french really keeps me watching. her expressions, her voices, even her large size. i just can't get enough. dawn, come out with something new. loved you and jen in coraline, now i want to see your face again.

so there you have it. the complete (?) list of famous women i obsess over. it's probably an ever-extending list. but at the moment. these women are enough to keep my watching, listening, laughing. i love them. it's bad. they don't know me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

video games

it's 2am.
i must be dreaming.
that's not possible.
i'm still awake.
anyway, today was my friend julian's 20th bday party. 20. that's insane. i don't really believe he's that old.

realizing that that is in fact his age makes me think of the first time i met julian. as i can't remember an actual first encounter, it really just makes me think of the context of which i first knew julian under.

it was 7th grade. 2001? the year is hazy, but i do know that 7th grade was the year that the terrorists flew into the twin towers. i'm sure there's a better way of stating that tragedy, but, at the moment, my mind draws a blank.

i do know that he was in ms harvens class. she was insane. a truly terrible teacher if there ever was one.

well anyway, now he's 20, and we're in college.

his birthday party was actually a lot of fun, which i honestly wasn't expecting. we didn't do much. played video games. i mostly was the singer for guitar hero. not really sure why that is, but it was fun. and it was amazing to realize that i could sing in front of people i hardly know. amazing really. the walls that took me sooo many years to build that keep me protected from the outside world just might have a crack in them.

apart from singing my heart out, i won this board game that i have no idea how to play even now. there was dice, cards, more cards, and a puzzle-like board. it was fun, it was interesting, i couldn't tell you how to play, but there was trading involved, and "resources" [tree, brick, rocks, shep aKa lambchop, and whet aKa foxtails, {or as the more experienced people called them} wood, brick, ore, sheep, and wheet].

i'm not sure why i decided to refer to the cards/resources as different names, but it made the game more fun for me.

right right, there was pizza too. and cupcakes. and fried rice but i didn't eat any. julian kicked my ass at soul calibur and i think andrew broke a couple of sound-barriers with his singing.

over-all, it was a day well spent.
apart from working. which i did immediately before the party.

oh yeah, i got julian little nicky. it's a funny movie. and it was cheap... what can i say. i'm broke.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

this morning was an early morning. i had to rush down to school to pick up the information for the insurance company, then run back to the parking garage to drive down the street and go to the ups store only to find out while i'm waiting for the sales clerk to be done with her business on the phone that i don't even need to fax this information anymore and drive back to the parking garage, go to the student store, buy a scantron, run to anthropology, fail my test, go to math, scarf down a peice of pizza in less than 10 minutes, and then go to work. that was officially the worlds longest sentence, and i'm sure, a run-on (or two).

anyway, i have insurance now, meaning i can officially spend my spring break recovering from a painful surgery, YAY!(?).

Yeah, it just occurred to me that this will ruin my spring break. but it could ruin the rest of my life instead, i think i'll go with one failed "vacation".

i thot i had more to say, i guess not. i might post the new poem i wrote on my poetry blog. but i might night. so keep an eye out for that, or don't.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Running Out of Sanity

and money.

it sucks only getting paid once a month.
and sucks even more realizing that you've spent ALL of your life savings.
I'm coming to terms with the fact that i cannot go to anymore shows (of course after death cab for cutie and m ward, seeing as how i already purchased those tickets) and that i won't have the money to get my wisdom teeth pulled.

the good news. i have nothing to pay off on my credit card. and if worse comes to worst i have a $1000 limit. i hope it doesn't come to that though.

tommorow will be an early morning of crossing my fingers hoping the admissions and records office is finished with the information i need for insurance, running over to the UPS store again, and then promptly heading back to school to fail yet another anthropology test.

it's actually really amazing. my dad is really invested in getting me on the insurance so that i can get my wisdom teeth pulled. it's like, i don't like doing the work to make sure that happens, and so i might come off as less appreciative than i could, but it just shows that he cares. it's nice.

i really should go study now. but it seems that won't happen. and seeing as the test is tomorrow morning, i really don't stand a chance.

-anDrew W K

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hooray for Health Care, America!

Today has been filled with chaos and confusion and plain insults disguised as flirtatious gestures (or something of the sort).

-the thing eating away at me currently is that the insurance company that could be the Saviour of my infected wisdom teeth and therefore jaw/mouth pain is being extremely difficult. and on top of it, i can't log onto the school website to get the information i need because my password was (unknowingly to me) reset. it's a pain in the ass. this could all have been avoided if the people at the insurance company had ever actually told us what they are now saying they told us (that this info needed to be sent in a few weeks ago) and really had done anything at all. what i'm picturing is a bunch of over-worked under-paid people sitting in offices trying to get out of any work they might have to do and therefore giving people false information and trying to be as unhelpful as possible. unhelpful. is that a word?

ok. that was a lot of steam that needed to be released. tommorow morning will be when i really have to deal with all of this, talking to office people and going to the ups store to fax documents and crossing my fingers hoping everything works out so that i can spend $524 on a painful surgery. aaaw, america, the land of privatized health care.

anyway, the rest of my day was fairly normal. with a few exceptions.

i went with a co-worker to starbucks which was unprecedented.
also exchanged phone numbers, which was awkward. i hate to say it but, she has bad teeth. it's gross. but i like that she likes me. it's a good feeling. yadidi?

anyway, the typical day working with her is that i throw insults at her and she pretends to be offended. it's odd. it's awkward. it's work. somehow, it seems natural under this setting.

well, i still need to study for my anthropology test on thursday and i have completed very little of the study guide. things are looking somewhat bright tho because the first thing i did when i got home tonight was put on my ipod and started working on my study guide. that never happens. i never do homework at home. but the day is coming to an end and i'm not sure i'll have much time to work on it tommorow. meaning another d paper (if not an f).

thanks blog, you're a good listener,

Monday, March 23, 2009


i'm sitting at school and i realize that i really should go make up time for ceramics. i'm soo far behind in that class but it's hard enough for me to go when i do have class let alone before class or on saturdays. i've really been meaning to go on a saturday afternoon so it would be no-pressure and i could just get stuff done. i have about 3 or 4 projects i still need to do in that class and i'm getting nowhere. i should probably draw my concept for my (ugh, why can't i remember what it's called... it's the thing where you only view it from the front and it's basically like a 3d drawing).

well anyway. i didn't do much of anything this weekend. i went to the schools production of julius caesar for my ushering assignment. i didn't really like it. the actors were perty good but the set was really wierd and i haaated the costumes. jeans and leather-jackets just aren't flattering on most people. especially when their shirts are tucked in causing their tummy's to show. grosss. i wanted something more hollywood i guess. lol. but the set really bothered me too. it was just a lot of blue wood and metal. apparently it was "timeless" but it was ugly and shouldn't be in ANY time. plus Shakespearean english is soo hard to understand. the actress that played the main girl (i'm drawing a blank as to the character's name, calpurnia??) was really good though. She basically stole the show and she really should've had more scenes. people had said that brutus was really good which i suppose raised my expectations and caused me to be hyper-critical of the guy. i.e. i didn't like his performance. :P

i'm probably too much of a critic. it's alright since i didn't have to pay. but i found the entire night boring. and found myself yawning at the end of the show.

sunday the bindergartens were supposed to come over but i guess they decided they needed to get further along on their trip. it's fine, it's just a bit annoying that they didn't feel the need to tell me this. i didn't find out till i txt'd katie at like 3pm.

anyway. i hate school. and i'll be counting down the seconds untill i get to go home... :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This weekend i don't have much planned. Tomorrow, i will go to work, and then do nothing, and then usher a play at my school (julius caesar). It should be funn... I was supposed to have already ushered two weeks ago on sunday but i got the time wrong and missed the show. OOOOooops. After that, i may hang out with Yisel but she miiiight have to catch up on some homework. it seems like FORRReveRR since the last time we hung out. Saturday, i have no plans. which is exciting. Seems like that hasn't happened in a while and god know's what i'll end up doing. i hope i do do something (heehee, doodoo) but at the moment it's still up in the air. sunday i have no plans during the day (should probably do homework and study for a test or two) but that evening the bindergarten family (katie and mikey) are staying over at chez Drew (or chez Drew's parents of whose names are undisclosed). Well, i don't have much else to say. I'm sitting in the library trying to pass the time until i have to go to work. Anyone have any good gossip for me? Any celebrities need impregnating? I'd be happy to help.. :P


P.s. oh yeah i discovered some really bizarre brilliant music. one = antony and the johnsons (truelly wierd stuff) and the other = animal collective (funn funn funn, upbeat, reminds me a bit of MGMT). and i'm suuuuper excited for the death cab for cutie show at the end of april. dcfc, ra ra riot, and cold war kids. i love all three, but i'm most excited for ra ra riot!! yeah, my future is looking bright (at least in my eyes).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

faking my way through college

sometimes, it just seems like i'm never going to pick a major, transfer to a university and/or 4-yr college, and eventually graduate. mostly, this is due to the fact that i don't do my homework, and perhaps, that i blog in the library computer lab when i should perhaps be faking my zoo assignment. you see, i did go to the zoo as the assignment called for. what i didn't do was take notes and pay attention to what i was supposed to be doing. now i was searching frantically online to find out the information i should have observed during such an outing, but there's something about doing busy-work at school that i just don't like. the problem, i won't have much time to do this work once i get home. also, i have 3 hrs in between my two classes today so i really should do something worth-while instead of just taking up time doing, well, this.

aaaaaaaaaauugh, there's nothing more irritating than an over comma-fied blog... wouldn't you agree?

well blog, this is getting boring too, so i guess this means goodbye... AUUUGH, not with the commas again..,,.,.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


and no, i don't mean "cool".

i've been sick since wednesday. it just hit me that morning and has had me knocked out for 4 days. BLEH.
dayquil, doesn't seem to do much. but i suppose my head hurts less now. i still feel the soaring pain of my wisdom tooth growing in but i suppose that's unavoidable.

KatieMcBindergarten and her boyfriend MikeyJBindergarten are making a surprise visit to alana's house tonite. she knows about it. i just say surprise because they just told us yesterday. ugh. this isn't worth it. i'll update y'all when i don't feel like shit... BYEEE


Monday, March 9, 2009


is smoking disgusting?
i guess the answer would be yes.
i've grown up hating cigarettes. i used to be one of those annoying children. you know the ones. every time someones smoking and they smell it, they start coughing really loudly, it's not affecting them really but they sort of do it to make a point. when my uncles would smoke, i would tell them it was killing them. i could not understand why anyone would want to engage in something soo disgusting. i know cigarettes haven't changed. they still cause cancer, they'll make your teeth yellow, bad breath, bad B.O., bad lung capacity, and the like, but there's something so, attractive, about cigarettes. now i'm not going to become a smoker and get addicted to tobacco, but i feel somehow enlightened. that i can look at people who smoke and understand exactly why they do it. they know it's bad. they know they shouldn't do it. but it's just so appealing. the smoker. repulsive, yet cool. sophisticated and skum all at once. a walking contradiction. it's no wonder people do it, because to every rule, there is an exception. but at $5 a pack, i'll find some other way to make a point...


Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm thinking...

that i should go to my car and get that yogurt that i took with me this morning. wondering if it'll be warm or weird from being in there all day. i'm a little worried that i should be doing my homework and concerned that i'm not going to pass my classes. i'm thinking this weekend is going to be long because i have a lot i need to do and that it'll go by too fast and i'll forget something. in this moment, i am not in the library, there is not a man sitting next to me, occasionally singing, there is not a girl next to me, clicking away, there are not librarians behind me, possibly noticing that i'm not doing homework on a computer that is designated for such, all i hear is the music in my ear, i feel the keyboard under my fingers, and i'm at home, without a concern. i'm realizing that i only have an hour before i need to be in the next building over. to work. to type numbers, and sign papers, and be bored, for 3 hours. something broke my concentration. a class being given an orientation of the library. the voice broke through the song in my ear. bringing me into the room where i sit. remembering now that i want to eat. not because i'm hungry, but because i don't want to be hungry while i'm working. so that i won't have to take a break. even taking a break is something dreaded. a break means a walk to the cafeteria and a walk back. laziness. sloth, one of the seven deadly sins. is this society less concerned with sloth? do we not need to be reminded that this is a sin? eating away our quality of life. taking the HUMANITY out of everyday. it's ingrained in us to be physical, active, alive. the computer has taken over. television. screens. habit. boredom. i challenge you, make something of the day. ask yourself, "how many times have i logged onto the computer this month, this week, this day?" take a deap breath. listen to your body. and do something. ugh, i'm not going to listen to myself. i'll be back, just after i check my facebook.

Monday, March 2, 2009


i lost a subscriber on youtube/!!!

"I tried to get away from it, but he picked me up with his mind powers and shook me like a dog"

well it's probably because my last video SUCKEDDD... i guess i was actin' depress-ed or something.. someone said "this is depressing" someone else said "you seemed sad in your video, CHEER UP?!" so yeah, i guess it's nice to know people care, but that wasn't my intention. w/e. maybe i'll delete the video. i feel like i want something more current on there though...

nothing is happening. tommorow = school, so that'll be.. boring...

i wish it was the weekend again. i wish school wasn't inevitable. i mean, it isn't, but i neeed to go, i need to figure out what i WANT to do with my life. it's not always fun, but it'll get better if i can just stick to it. ugh, i need to really try though. because failing math, and everything else, isn't going to get me any closer to realizing my potential or whatever it is i'm supposed to be realizing...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chuck E. Cheeze FTW

which apparantly is spelled "Chuck E. Cheese's" but i will not admit that my spelling is wrong and i will continue to spell it that way.

ANYwayyy, yesterday jenny had her bday party. We went to chuck e. cheeze, it was funn.

well let's back-track for a second.
when we first got to chuckecheeze it was really crowded. children were goin dumb, foaming at the mouth, and doing some serious fight club shit. it was insane. i thot i was going to die. one kid flew across the room knocking me in the leg, as i fell to the ground i saw my life flash before my eyes. ok, i might be exaggerating a little... but it was crowded and we decided to leave and come back later. so we went to the mall across the street. it was boring. while we were there we found out that more of jenny's friends were at chuck e. cheeze so we headed back on over.

the second time was much better. there was still a lot of kids but a lot less than earlier. we got tokens and played a lot of skee-ball. of which i am terrible at. anything that requires good hand-eye coordination i ultimately fail at (the basketball game is another example). but i CONCHORED (sp?) at the rubber ducky game and HUNGRYhungryHIPPOS. i miss that game.. lol.

after that, i was tired. i went home, and slept. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

well now i'm bored out of my mind, looking for something to do, but my mom and i are going to go see DOUBT at the crest theatre. i hope it's good. it was either that or benjamin button, and i didn't really care, and i like the crest theatre, so yeah. that's where i'll be.



Saturday, February 28, 2009

the genius of genius..

music has a habit
of seeping into my bones,
taking over my muscles,
opening my eyes,
and changing my tone.

never seen but often heard,
music can change the moment,
the second,
or the year.

i feel that it's fading from me.
taking my soul and my existence with it.
it doesn't have sympathy for a shlump like me.

moving the mountain,
maintaining the sea,
stopping the present,
reviving history.

a gift that is never wrapped.

cliche after cliche.
you change the moment.
it doesn't have to be what you're used to,
what controls you,
what you fall into.

the genius of genius is,
it's you.

Epically Bad Movie

Street Fighter, the legend of chun lee.

or something like that.
it was funny, in all the wrong places.

why does an asian girl grow up to be white?? well maybe a lil' hawiian or something, but not w/e it was she was supposed to be.. Chinese?

oh yeah, that would make sense if her last name was lee that she would be chinese. right? ugh, fuck.

anyway. i laughed. a lot. but it wasn't a comedy.
i recommend you see it. be prepared for some AMAZING acting abilities.

last night i watched fight club for the first time. it was intense. i loved it. it was funny and had action and was a craaaazy psychological rollercoaster.. or something..

i know i don't blog as much. but i hate when people appologize on here. so F/u!
not like you'd WANT me to blog everyday anyway.

tommorow is my friend jenny's birthday party. she still hasn't said a time. WTF. she turned 18 so naturally she'd wanna go to chuck e. cheeze. seriously, i think that's better, takin' the day you turn into an adult and using it to do something "childish". it's more fun that way i guess.

i got her a home crane game. you know, like the crane where you get candy/stuffed animals. i bought some candy, and *COUGH*COUGH*condoms*COUGH* to put inside it. i think she'll love it. lol. and a card that says C.O.U.S.I.N. where each letter is a word. yadidi? cuz yeah, we're "cousins", we're attached at the brain. it's weird, i know.

and today was another friends birthday. that's why i went to st fighter. we went to shari's after and it made my tummy hurt. Awww, poor tummy...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Epic FAilZz

i haven't been blogging. not nearly as much. i now declare my new years resolution a FAILURE!

well, i don't know wat to say.


my sister cut my hair and i thought she was just going to trim it but she cut it all off and i nearly had a panic attack. seriously, i was freakin' out! where did my hair go!?!? i looooooved my hair. idk why, but for some reason i really liked havin' long hair. and now it's all gone. sure, it'll grow back. idk why i'm overreacting to my hair this time...

nothing happened.

ugh, so is everyone involved in oneremarkableyear a christian? call me a heathen, but i kind of hate that...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

when you look back on your life...

what do you see?

honestly, i think about my life and i can't see a big picture. i see nothing. i can't focus onto something small that i've done and i can't zoom out to say everything at once. it's blank.

i was going to vlog about my trip to san diego. so i'll do that. now.

we left on wednesday morning. before we left i made a call to my dentist. my wisdom teeth are growing in and it was hurting like a mutthafukka. got an appointment for next week. feb 27th. fuck, i have to tell my boss i'm going to miss MORE work.

well wednesday we drove. there's nothing more to it than that. i drove for about 2hrs on the grape vine and alana drove for about, i'm gonna say 8ish hours.. lol. natalia was going to drive but then she fell asleep. laaaame.

well thursday was a day of being at KTMC's house. we made lemonade, we played hide and seek, katie whistled some kevin macleod, we watched wife swap, and i'm sure i'm leaving something out but idk. then we went to the i set my friends on fire/cash cash show at 7pm. me n alana got seperated and it was kind of awkward. but i found that i really liked a couple of ismfof's songs.

well. then friday we drove home. francisco, natalia's husband, drove the entire way. the gps tweaked out. and sonic was disgusting.

-The End

Friday, February 20, 2009

A whales vagina...

Just got back home from San Diego. I will post a proper blog tommorow because i'm still road high. All i have to say right now : it was fun.

The End

Monday, February 16, 2009


i was really wanting to be in a collab channel a couple of weeks ago, but now, i've been asked to join a channel and i don't really want to do it. i'm remembering that there was actually a reason i left thedailyvloggers, i can't remember what the reason was, but it doesn't make me want to jump into a channel now...

this doesn't count as a blog because it's in between two days. so if i post a blog tommorow, don't bitch and moan that i posted two that day.. not that any of you would, but just so i won't feel the obligation to mention it later... :/ <--i'm weird.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i'm not depress-ed

sometimes i just get this weird lonelyness and sudden urge to write/talk about it.. lol

well yesterday i had that wierd funk after i got home but now that it's gone, i can reflect on how great my day truelly was. during the day i watched some more of my christmas present, flight of the conchords. i'm always slow to finnish watching television shows. i'll watch a bunch of episodes and then stop watching for a couple weeks, or in this case months. but yeah. i finally got into the episodes i hadn't seen before. i'd seen a few because my friend had them on some comcast digital cable thingy. i do wish i had H-BO so i could watch the new ones, but perhaps i'll get the box set when it comes out too...

that reminds me. i still haven't finnished another season of television i got. pushing daisy's. i got that one for my birthday, in october. i may have stopped because i had already seen the last couple episodes. i don't really remember why. but i shall pick that up again and see if the episodes are all firmiliar.

well anyway, vox was really good. i loved the music. i just wish it had been longer.
one band's set only lasted 3mins. or was it 3songs.. w/e it was, it wasn't long enough.

after writing my whiny/sad vlog i watched snl. eew, the jonas brothers were on it. they made apearances in two of the skits. i hate that. the musicians aren't supposed to be in the show. i guess i didn't complain when beyonce showed up in one of the skits before. but that was actually funny.

cameron diaz guest-appeared again. she has a habit of doing that lately.. lol

well, off to enjoy my day. i should take a shower. and eat. and get dressed. after that, let the funn begin....................... maybe jenny will want to hang out today. if she's not hung over..


Saturday, February 14, 2009


normally, i would write about how i went to vox tonight. how all the singers were amazing, the art was impressive, and the turn out was good. i would write about how this one singer reminded me of joanna newsom, but i swear, she was soo much better. i would write about how wonderful it was and how happy i was to be there and be alive, but not tonight. tonight, changes everything. tonight, valentines night.

i'm sitting in my house, in the dark, alone. vox ended early and so, i drove home. karli wasn't ready to go home yet, my mom has to help clean/close, and my dad stopped by for the end of the show. i'm not sure where jenna is, but it's not here. unless, she's in her bed, not making a sound. during the drive home i had this strange urge to do something. i was craving attention, craving to have something to do, but when i walked into the house, time seemed to stop. nothing. very few lights on in the entire house. i found myself walking very quietly through the house, just to see if i really was alone. my dog of course greeted me at the door. but he didn't bark today, he was silent. perhaps my whistling "in the back seat" by arcade fire when i walked inside let him know that i am who i am. the shadows created a strange effect. i saw my reflection in the mirror, half illuminated, half completely dark. perhaps it was a deeper reflection than what i often see. the side of me that is bright, happy, wanting to please, and my shadow. the darkest part of me. something that drives me much more than it should. i can keep people on the outside. in the light, then they'll never have to see all of me. they'll never have to reject me. and i can continue to be alone. in the dark. with nothing but my dog to guide me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Everythings better, but it's all a trick.

So i saw Coraline in 3d today! It was awesome. I loooove that french and saunders were in it. they make my life.

it was darker than i expected it to be. and more adult themed. especially with a pg rating.

i also watched gremlins for the first time today. hysterical.

what else what else. i made a random video. . it should be my "featured" video. at least for a day or so.

tommorow is valentines day. which means nothing to me.

tommorow is also second saturday. which means possibly going on an art walk. idk if i will or not though.

i want to see monsters vs aliens. and that 9 movie. and watchmen. and everything out ever. i really want to watch fight club because i've never seen it and i recently found out that helena bonham carter was in it and she is just soo fuckn hot. like she's creepy too which makes her even more hot.

i should watch sweeney todd again.

ok, that is all. i guess...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Epic Failzzz

I had a test in math today. And i did really bad. It would help if i had done any of the homework or studied. I need to start doing that.

My mom made dinner tonite and i forgot how wonderful a home-cooked meal is. it's been a while since i've had one.

I'm not sure what else to say.

I have homework to do. I need to improve my study habits.

I think i'm in a funk because i'm always tired and i never do any of my homework and don't think about school at all when i'm home. i need to get over that.

well, it'll be a short one today, i don't have many of those.

thanks blog,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Put me in the green ware pile and fire me up, i'm ready.

So yeah, i had to make up time for ceramics today and then i had class so it came to a total of 5 hours trying to make my sculpture stay together. ugh, sooo tiring. i tried to stay calm and relaxed but at the end of the day, i fell apart, along with my sculpture...

i still have the smell of clay in my nose and i feel like when i wake up in the morning and take a shower i'll get soft, you know, like clay. so i should probably sleep in a furnace tonite and then take a bath in glaze.

i was making a woman and the clay kept seeping down. it made the boobs like REALLY huge and odd. this girl saw what i was making and said 'what are you making?' in this snotty stupid tone. gaawd, she was annoying. the entire class she was talking and she is soooooo irritating. one of those people that think they are really cool and like talking about when they get drunk and other trivial things and really think they're life is sooo cool and everyone wants to hear about it. SHUT IT!

anyway. i was late to work because my sculpture litterally started collapsing and now i have to go in early on wednesday to finnish. i swear, my life will just be trying to stop my woman from falling over. that sounds weird..

2moro i have a test in math. thank god i found my calculator. but it won't do me any good because i havent done any of the homework or studied at all. those word problems are going to kill me i'm sure. and anything else that might require memorization of something i haven't looked at...

i hope i didn't have any homework in anthropology. i actually like that class. i like how it disproves everything i know. well not really but yeah.

monkeys are cool.

my mom said that there's evidence that shows that the world didn't neccisarrily take billions of years to develop, but i don't believe her. it just seems soo right to me. that like everything in this world, the world came about slowly and surely.

i'm not looking forward to the outside work that my theatre arts class requires. but i don't think it'll be hard, i'm just not looking forward to it.

i 4got what else i was goin to say


Sunday, February 8, 2009


i'm watching scrubs. they talk about death alot in this show, it's sort of the seriousness that makes the show good. there was one season where it seemed like they were forgetting that seriousness and it just doesn't work.

i haven't blogged in a few days, and i'm not really sure why that is. i think it's that during the day i'm not doing anything and so have nothing to say, and then at night i'm doing something and don't want to interrupt it with blogging. then i go to bed and that's that.

i went to ikea for the first time yesterday. wasn't lookin' for furniture but i wanted to go. we went to the cafeteria there and ate. it was gross. i guess people usually eat at the snack-bar-thingy downstairs but i wasn't aware of their bein' two different food places in ikea... i love how they have everything set up like little rooms and sometimes like little lofts. i know i've seen some comedian on youtube/myspace that was living in ikea for like a week. i think i could do that. it'd be fun.

without a paddle is on now, gawd i hate this movie. oh yay, snl taped last night. i love me my kristen wiig. she's the greatest.

probably gonna go see coraline w/ my mom and sister later today. and go shopping, there's someone i still gotta buy a b-day present for..

i saw "there's something about mary" for the first time this week and it was hilarious. and i was like, okay okay, this movie is why everyone says cameron diaz is hot. i get it now.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok, i can dig this.

Ok, here i am, reporting back on what i think of ryan adams. He's good yes. He must know i have a soft spot for harmonicas.

Seriously, i nearly cry every time i hear one. When i was a young boy sometimes my mom would take me and my sisters to visit our Grammy and Papa (great-grandmother and great-grandfather). My Papa played the harmonica and i fell in love. I would always want to play with it and it made me soo happy when he would show me what it really sounds like when a skilled musician plays it. Every time i would hear a harmonica in a song on the radio i would say "harmonica harmonica!!" it's true, you can ask my mom. well, since then my papa has passed on, but the memory of him lives on every time i hear the harmonica. it doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful sounding instrument either.

you know, i should really take some lessons. cuz i think i just may have a more profound love for the thing than most people.

i'm off to facebook, myspace, and youtube the night away.

goodnight friends,


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

do i LOOK russian to you!??!

lately, something wierd has been happening. a lot of students in my tutoring lab have been asking me if i speak russian. do i even look russian? idk, maybe it's because i'm white and working in an english as a second language lab that they ask me that.

ok, but tonight, it was really annoying. i closed the lab and my co-worker ducked out a little early because she was late for a class. fine. i was making sure everything was looking okay and so then i start walking out of the lab, i see a woman walking towards the classrooms behind my lab and she's sort of looking at me so i think she needs help with something when she says "can i help you? you do know the lab is closed right?" wtf, bitch. she thot i was a student trying to work in the lab. ugh. idk why, but that realy just irritated me. do i look like some kind of foreigner??? i mean, don't get me wrong, i looove when people are from other countries and i'm sensitive to the fact that it's incredibly difficult to become fluent in a new language, but, as cliche and stupid as it sounds, i'm proud to be an american (see, told you it would sound cliche).

i guess my remarkable thing is that people keep assuming wierd things about me.

whoever said that for something to be "remarkable" it had to be positive? really, if you think about it, it just means something that sets your day apart from every other. so if i sound a little pessimistic to you and you think i'm not getting the point of this project, maybe you should get a dictionary, and then i can shove it up my ass along with my foot. ouch

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh my god, is this really what you want? would you tell yourself it's not, and could you rewrite the plot and come and get us?

Driving home from school, eating an orange, and listening to wild sweet orange. Only the orange isn't sweet, or wild.

And the day seems very much behind me now. Watching Nothing On in my theatre class, being locked out of my journalism class and deciding to go to the mall, locking my keys in the car, waiting at the mall for two hours for my mom to drop off my spare key, eating lunch in old sacramento, being asked if i liked reading, given a small wallet-sized pamphlet preceded by the question "are you a christian", being touched on the hand while hearing the words "bless you", ariving to school, buying my ten-million-pound clay, ariving to class and realizing i'm an hour late, trying to catch up from missing a day of class, running to my car to put away my stuff, running back through the parking garage and back to school to arrive at work ten minutes late, working for 50 minutes, closing, walking back across the campus, and back up the stairs of the parking garage, realizing i walked too high and walking back down a flight of stairs, and then, of course, my opening line: Driving home from school, eating an orange, and listening to wild sweet orange. Only the orange isn't sweet, or wild.

When i got home there was a battery waiting, waiting to be devoured by my car.

I love how your car has a battery. It's just a battery. Granted, it's heavy, and huge, but it's the same thing we use to power electrical razers, flashlights, and video cameras. Remarkable.

So the day will end. And i will sleep. And tommorow is just another day. Another day of confusion, chaos, and oranges.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

One Remarkable Year et all..

Ok, so this week i need to make a video for one remarkable year and i have no idea what to do in it.

would it be really insane if i did the google verb meme?

idk. there's not much to say or do and there isn't really an outline for what we are supposed to do. maybe what i do will help the next person knowing what they should do. or maybe i should make a challenge that everyone should have to do and vlog about. whatever it is, someone's not going to like it tho...

anyways... yesterday was a day of nothing. i like those days. it reminds me of a simpler time..

watched Get Smart, and as stupid as it was, i loved it. Like the plot wasn't really the primary focus in this movie. and a couple of the jokes were completely un-funny (steve carell getting stabbed repeatedly by tiny harpoons failed to make me laugh). but when it was funny, i laughed. and i love anne hathaway. watching this made me want to see rachel getting married again, as depressing as that movie was.

oh right, i forgot, i actually did accomplish something yesterday. i changed my spark plugs and the battery cable ends on my car with my dad. really, my dad did most the work. but i helped... the car was having trouble starting and that's why we went to all that work. but it didn't pay off, the car still starts with the same "cough*cough*whee-eeze" as always...

apart from doing the remarkable vlog, i need to clean my room and do my homework.

as soon as i start getting money, i want to buy a laptop. and i'm having trouble deciding between a dell or a mac. with the dell i can get bluray and it'll still be less money than a mac, but the mac has lots of cool features. any suggestions?

Saturday, January 31, 2009



it's been two days and i'm finally gonna get to my "review" of wicked. I told you i like it, but i guess u could use some more details.

I'd seen some clips on youtube and yeah, it was cool and all. But i wasn't really expecting much. I may have said this already, but you know how you watch mucicals on tv or in the theatres and it's good, but you kind of get tired of the music? That's kinda what i thought it would be like. After a while it would just be annoying to hear the same and/or similar music. Well, it wasn't like that at all. I really enjoyed it. The story was really good. I only read the beginning of the book so it was nice to be surprised as the story unfolded and i found out the "truth" about the wicked witch of the west.

Of course, i still really want to see the original cast do the show, but that's probably impossible. I do hear they're making a movie, but as i said, that won't exactly be the same.

I just wish i could see kristen chenoweth. she's amazing.. lol.

but yeah, the songs are all still stuck in my head.

I don't really have much to say about this so i'm not sure why i put it off for so long. I also don't feel like detailing the trip home after the show.

Yesterday i hung out with my friend alana and my other friend yisel. it was good to see them because i hadn't seen them it what seems like a very long time. We went to wal-mart and as bad as i feel, i actually bought stuff. Stuff i don't have to have to continue living either. Ugh, i'm a disgrace.

So if you care to find me,
look to the western skies,
as someone great once told me,
everyone deserves a chance to,



part 2 of yesterdays blog will be posted tommorow.

DOUBLE oops, it's already tommorow as it is 3am.

"it's 3am i must be lonely"

Just a quick thought,

you remember that song that says "do you ever feel alone in a crowded room" (i believe the song is dark blue by jack's mannequin)? well that's exactly what i was thinking about tonight. that i have one of those personalities, where the times i feel most alone is when i'm in a large group of people. of course, it only takes one person to save me, to talk to me, and i don't feel so alone. but every silence brings back the loneliness.

i know, i'm weird.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and tommorow


The day started out with a trip to the gas station. A trip that was followed by another trip. The second trip was an hour long drive to a ferry station in Vallejo. Upon arrival at said destination we took another trip. This trip was over the bay to San Francisco. This trip also took an hour. It's bizarre to me that the drive only took as long as the boat ride over.

We arrived in San Francisco and walked untill we found Market St (which as it turns out was very close but we took a long-cut). Walking down Market was an adventure in itself. The start of Market St. is shopping. Lots of shopping. Complete with a Virgin Records Megastore, 2-story Gap, 4-story Forever 21, and a large and complex mall of which we did not enter. It wasn't on our list of things to do. Keep Walking. Further along on Market is the Warfield. I've heard of bands playing there so it was nice to see, in case i'm back in town for a show any time soon. But on this same block, there's a Gentlemen's club with a bright red neon light in the shape of a vuloptious woman. The other side of the street, a movie theatre, with movies that have names like Shaving Ryans Privates or Bride Whores. Ok, maybe those aren't the names of the movies that were playing, but i do know i saw some dirty words listed. Keep Walking. Finally, we reach our destination. But we're early, so we keep walking. We found this delicious Chinese/Japanese restaruant (two menu's, two types of food). I had sesame chicken. Bene'! We then walked back to Gap and looked at stuff, turned around, back through the bum-infested sewer-smelling porn-theatre and gentlemen's club bearing block and back to the Orpheum. The theatre showing Wicked.

As this blog is longer than i had hoped. I'll hold off on the details of the show and what we did for the rest of the day. After that, i'll get back to talking about my days as they happen. Hope You won't unsubscribe because of my LONG detailed description, and read tommorow if you want to know how the day ended..


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Green for Good

So today i skipped school and work and went to Wicked at the Orpheum in San Francisco. It was good.

more details tommorow,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i'm sitting in the library at school typing this blog. probably not the best time to be doing this. there's actually quite a long line to use the computers. so i'll make this breif. this morning i found out that i am able to enroll in my anthropology class of which i was on the waiting list. at 2:30 i found out i was not able to enroll in public speaking. classic example of the tired old cliche "you win some, you lose some". so i was hoping with both fingers crossed behind my back that i would be able to get exactly what i want and thus be able to drop some classes i'm having second thoughts about. that won't be able to happen. not exactly. i feel now like i shouldn't drop anything even though i still could drop a class and have a full-time load. i don't think i'll like my journalism class (newswriting and reporting) and want to drop it, but now feel that i should just stick with it and put in my time. i'm sure i wouldn't do anything productive with it otherwise.

alright, this wasn't so breif.

and now there's no line. SCORE!!!

maybe i'll eat this time up by rambling on a little more...

also today, i bought my anthropology book since i was able to enroll in the class. $124. This isn't a large book. It has a picture of a monkey on it. Maybe that's what causes them to raise the price drastically in comparison to books with more content. I mean come on, this is a paperback. I'm not sure how many pages becaus it's in my car but that just seems a little unreasonable to me.

alright. i should go. the line is starting to form again...

till next time,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blogger just got more interesting.

Thats my wall. I just discovered phone blogging so bear with me.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009


well i was sick all day today. so that meant a lot of sleeping. drinking water. sleeping. etc..

my eyes hurt.

i wish i wasn't sick. i would have bought a binder and perhaps made a youtube video. it sucks. i really hope i'm better on monday. because i need to go to school. ugh, the first weekend of the semester and i'm sick. ugggh. thanks life.

alright, this blog sucks. but that's what happens when you're day is wasted to sickness...


Friday, January 23, 2009


well today was boring.

work was boring.

shopping with janelle was boring.

ugh. i'm sick. and i don't really feel like blogging.

and this is boring.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


You could easily work yourself into a dither as you compare your fantasies with your actual day ahead. You don't want to do the same old tasks in the same way you did them last time. Today you are attracted to experimental modes of living, loving and working -- so anything out of the ordinary looks intriguing to you now. Be careful; just because you can imagine it, doesn't mean that you should go ahead and make it happen. By Rick LevineThursday, January 22, 2009

i find todays horoscope especially meaningful because of how many classes i'm currently taking. well, not exactly taking but attending for the time being.

yesterday was another blogless day and it's looking more and more like this whole blog thing will turn into an every-other-day blog as opposed to daily. i'm cheating my new years resolution but i have no problem with it if you don't.

school is still long and i haven't found out if i got into either of my wait-listed classes. i should find out next week.

the more i learn about anthropology the more i question the belief in creation. at least as it's described in the bible. it's just not possible for the world to have been created in a matter of 7 days, and i kind of like that. i like that our world is constantly changing and adapting, even if it's not necessarily progressive or moving towards a goal. . .

youtube is at a stand-still for me right now. and as much as i love youtube, i don't regret the break.

tommorow i will go to work, spend time with janelle and ugh, brb....

ok i'm back, hang out with alana and andrea and play some mario kart WII!!

ok. this has been a blog.

i think i'll go watch Baby Mama now. I heard it was funny.

-drewnan the barbarian

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I didn't write a blog yesterday and here's why:

1)yesterday, i spent most the day doing nothing (not exactly blog worthy) and then in the evening i was spending time with my friend who was supposed to go into surgery on friday but it had to be rescheduled. apparantly she's been waiting for this surgery for 3 years and she's a little bit depressed right now.

2)when i got home i had to prepare for school. i was on the computer but for some reason the keyboard doesn't work at all when i log onto blogger on the main computer and my sister was using the laptop and my other sister wanted to use it after her and i had to go to bed so i could awaken for the first day of classes, which was today.

well, since you asked, my day was interesting. I'm on the wait-list for Anthropology and i really hope i get into that class. it seems like it'll be really interesting plus i need it to meet my general education requirements. today, i learned what anthropology means, i can't remember at this exact moment but i'm sure it'll come back to me.. lol

then i had math, which is math. my teacher seems like he'll be slow and maybe a little bit confusing but i neeeeed to get through this class because i've dropped it 3 times already.

than work. boring. routine. i've done this before...

and then speech. my teacher sounds like a politician and reminds me of B-rat aKa Rhonda Anthony Tanner aKa Brittany Taylor from youtube. i think the url is THIS but i might be wrong so don't sue me when that link doesn't work.

And then work again and now i'm home. FUN
at school from 9-7 with only one half hour break. Mondays, i'll have NO break, 2moro, i get an hour. But it's 9-7 everday. For now anyway. That'll probably change soon.

ok, i'm tired. i need to find out what books i need, and then shoot myself in the face for taking sooo many classes. BYe blog!

-drew w k

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm applying for this channel called five great corners. I don't really think i'll get in and i really wonder if i'll actually have enough time to do it. w/e, i'll make time, it'll just have to take away from my tv'ing or myspace'ing. that is IF i get in. w/e. youtube is kind of a pain. but i looove it. lately, i've been getting more subscibers. actually, i have jessums31 to thank. i posted a response to one of her vids and it got me a lot of comments and like 3 new subscribers. it was funn. i hate how the video starts off that i do it because i love to do it and it's fun and then once i upload it to youtube i start really wanting lots of people to watch it and to leave me comments. i guess i'm kind of a whore like that..

anyways. today, i walked to the grocery store with my mom and ate a sandwich. on our way home we saw this sign taped to a tree it said "keep your dog off my yard!" and then under it says "this is not cool" with an arrow pointing down. underneath the sign is this green folder with a peice of dog crap on it. anyway, it reminded me of a youtube video i saw where someone stole a similar sign because they thought it was cool for someone to be taking action. for me, it's just a little bit embarrasing that people feel obligated to make signs like that. did they think about how it makes them look like a complete jerk? it is really irritating to have dog crap on your lawn, but come on!

well anyway, me and my mom thought it was funny, so we went home, got our camera's, and then went back and took some pics. lol

Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 More Days

'till school starts.

and i'll be glad to finally have something to do.
I'm on the waiting list for Speech and Anthropology and i really hope i get into those classes. Cuz i neeeed to finally get through with City College.

The other day i bought this really cool alarm clock. It sets itself, when daylight savings starts/ends it changes itself. If the power goes out, it has a reserve battery so that it'll still wake you up at the time you need to get up (with a pesky beeper but at least it still works). You can wake to your ipod, buzzer, or the radio. Sleep timer, motion-activated snooze (which is usefull for me because my dresser is behind my bed in my closet), and able to program two seperate alarms. It even has a projector that can go onto the ceiling or the wall. I put mine so it goes onto the wall and makes the numbers really big, it helps because i the alarm clock is sort of behind me and so i can actually see the time at night. Also, you can set the alarm to go off on week-days or weekends or everyday. I set mine for week-days and was confused when i didn't wake up to it this morning, that's when i realized that it's saturday. Yeah, this alarm clock does everything. And for only $60!

Ok, end of my lame ad.

If you read that whole thing, i applaud you!!!
i'll post a blog tommorow saying what all my classes will be. I'm excited, but at the same time, i don't want to go back. I want to be done with City and on to STATE. Idk. I'll reach that point eventually, even if i'm taking a little bit longer than the intended 2-year plan.

Friday, January 16, 2009

because i don't really feel like blogging

and i love these things

1. Put your iPod/​iTune​s on shuff​le.​

2. For each quest​ion,​ press​ the next butto​n to get your answe​r.


4. Tag 3 people to complete this!

"monsters" -band of horses

- i can be overly honest

"Long, Long, Long" -the beatles

- what does that even mean? like i'm complex or something??

"O Valencia" -the decemberists

- i think it's sort of significant that that song is from the album "the crane wife" lol

"Disco" -metro station

- lmao, and to think, i've been missing my calling all this time.

"A Good man is hard to find" -sufjan stevens

- gaaah, that is soo gay. i swear, that is not my motto. maybe if you change it to "woman".

"firefly" -breaking benjamin

- uh,, no, i hated that movie.. lol

"lost in translation" -plasticines

- so true. i work with english as a second language students. so yeah, that makes soo much sense.

"the outside" -grand avenue

- huh..

"vortical phonotheque" -stereolab

- idk what that even means...

"tear jerker" -red hot chili peppers

- not really...

"blind" -train

- hahah. lmao. no.

"anarchy in the uk" -sex pistols

- lmao. i like that it's by the sex pistols.

"the police and the private" -metric

- yeah, i don't think that makes any sense.

"the city's summer" -the honorary title

- ok

"the latest toughs" -okkervil river

- that makes sense i guess..

"the small print" -muse

- oh man, i'm totally deceiving huh?

"staying cool" -natalie portman's shaved head

- so true

"take it back" -she and him

- take what back?

"thirteen" -bowling for soup

- huh, maybe cuz i was born on a friday the 13th... yeah, guess your birth does inevitably result in your death....

"last straw" -jack's mannequin

- yeah, this doesn't ring any bells.

"inaudible melodies" -jack johnson

- that's funny?

"the ghost of you lingers" spoon

- spooky

"let it be" -across the universe version

- so no?

"world wide suicide" -pearl jam

- yeah, i'm that hot. lol

"4th dimensional transition" mgmt

- hmm, is this trying to reveal the secret to time travel?

"every little thing" -delirious?

-no no no. i'm perfectly fine..

and yeah, that question mark is in their name. that band is from my christian music phase. so over that btw...

ok, so if you read this i tag you,

and these three especially

alhi, jjzapman, vivalalauren

if you don't, i won't feel bad.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

t-t-today jr!!

I went to school today. I sold back one book for $25 and the other two books i had they couldn't take. I'm glad i got to sell one though. I'm going to try to sell the other two on ebay cuz the guy looked it up and said classes are still using them. It was really nice of him. That guy, i would not be nice if i were him, he works at city, and i don't really wanna say what his dissability is because i almost feel bad for knowing it, even though you can't not know when you look at him.

After that i went to the counselors office. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that my friend yisel was there with me. We signed up to talk to a counselor and then waited for like an hour. There were a lot of people waiting and i think there were only two counselors in. Once my name was called i talked to the guy and he was really helpful. Apparantly, all the classes i'm taking aren't necessary. I need helluh classes and this next semester is a load of crap. I mean, i do need waaay more units but i need to start taking more important classes. I take tooo many "fun" classes.

I think i'm going to try to transfer to Sac. State. I really do like the campus and i do love sacramento, i just feel like i could use more of a change. San Francisco maybe? Idk. What i'd really love is to go to new york, but that doesn't really seem plausible..

It's been an eventful day, so this blog is going to be pretty long. I'd just like to appologize in sort of advance...

Janelle goes into surgery tommorow, so I wanted to hang out with her before that.

We went to the bread store. She's never been there but i'm already a bread store whore. I love their bread. So delicious. I got a Ham and Cheese sandwich with French Bread and Swiss Cheese. Excellent. Janelle got a turkey sandwich with nothing on it but mayo and turkey. Sounds a lil gross to me. She got sour dough bread. Yumm.

After that we went to the Beat next door. I got My Morning Jacket's "Evil Urges", the Black Key's "Attack & Realease", and The Ting Tings' "We Started Nothing". I've been buying a lot of Cd's lately. Went to R5 and bought the new Conor Oberst (of bright eyes) CD and Black Kids' "Partie Traumatic" the other day. I love music, and i love cds. I hate downloading music. Although i doo have lots of music downloaded illegally. I feel bad when i download, plus, sometimes the files are all fucked up.

too much has happened in these last couple of days. Guess my horoscope the other day was right about my creative juices coming back to me.

Yesterday, i hung out with Alana and Yisel. We hadn't hung out in a while and were planning on taking a day during the winter break. Since it is the last week of this break, i guess we were due. So we ended up going to the downtown mall and walking through stores. I wouldve said shopping but we didn't really ever stop walking.. No price tags were looked at and we didn't think about buying a single thing. Maybe it has something to do with no one having money or wanting to buy anything.

After that, we walked to old Sac right down the street. Yisel's boyfriend met us at the swings as did my sister, she had just gotten off work and needed a ride home. Well, turns out, my sister knew Yisel's boyfriend. they had both went to the same middle school and high school. Yisel thought it was HILARIOUS. well, idk if she thought it was THAT funny, but she was laughing. Then we went to joe's crab shack to see if Erika was working. Turns out she was, we stood there awkwardly, Erika tried to make us dance, and then we left and the story ends there.

Yeah, i miss those girls. I feel like my winter break has sort of had a theme. Hanging out with all the girls i love.. lol.

I'm finally done, thought it would never end eh?

eew, i don't say eh, my dad's canadian, not me...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Horoscope

You could suffer from a creative block today. It's like someone pulled the plug to your vivid imagination circuit and you cannot fix on a dream to lift yourself out of the malaise. There may not be a quick and easy way out of your serious mood. Fortunately, you'll be surprised at how quickly it vanishes once you surrender to your internal process and take a few steps down your new spiritual path. By Rick LevineWednesday, January 14, 2009

So i was looking for more gadgets to add to my page just now and one i found was the horoscope gadget. I clicked on it and that was my horoscope. I like it, it makes me not really feel bad that i really didn't want to post a blog today. It really truelly sums up my day in a way. Ok, glad i wrote something, but also, not really feeling it today. Hopefully tommorow i will have more to say. I guess i just have to "surrender to my internal process". Whatever that means...