Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's new years EVE!!! i already forgot to post one blog, yesterday, and it's not even new years yet... Well, at least i can say it didn't count because my new years resolution didn't officially start yet. I'm not sure yet but i might also make it part of my resolution to do a vlog on saturdays. But i'm pretty sure i already talked about that in my blog... Well, let's see, what's new... I smoked yesterday. While drinking cofee. And i swear it made the coffee taste better, and the coffee made the cigarette taste better. It was fun, i want to start drinking coffee. I'm not gonna make it a habit to smoke, but i don't want to be all judgmental to smokers like everyone else. Maybe that's why i wanted to try idk.

Well, 2008 is coming to an end. I think i'll be pretty bored tonight but that could change. Hopefully 2009 will be a good year for me. I already feel like i'm getting older... Maybe just because it's been enough time since i've had my birthday for me to start feeling that way. I always feel younger than i am on my birthdays, i'm not sure why that is. Well blog,
see you in 2009!!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

I've been shopping ALOT lately. Today i went to arden mall. I didn't plan on going there at all but my sister needed a ride from her friends house and she wanted to go shopping. And i really wanted to see if i actually knew how to get to the mall in my new car so i said i'd take her. I was there tooo long. I got a purple shirt at Urban for like $14 and i got the Yes Man soundtrack. Oh yeah, i saw Yes Man yesterday. I think i may have mentioned this in yesterdays blog. Hmm, lemme check...... Oh right, i wrote my blog before the movie. Ok, so i actually really enjoyed it. It wasn't as funny as i thought it would be but i liked the story and how there wasn't any voodoo magic involved (seems to be somewhat of a trend in jim carrey movies) and UGGGGh, i want Zooey Deschanel. She's amazing. Oh yeah, there was this movie on tv, Tin Man, i wanted to watch it cuz zooey was in it, but then, it was a completely cheesy sci-fi movie. And as much as i want to like those kinds of movies, i can't do it. Even zooey couldn't keep me interested in the movie and i ended up watching family guy.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Borders is having a sale and so i'm about to head over that way. But first i must go to the bank. And perhaps get some gas. Having a car is great. I can go where i want, when i want. As long as i know how to get there... Which is actually pretty seldom. I'm learning the importance of mapquest though. My mom got a gps for xmas and i'm thinkin, i neeeed one of those. It's just so much easier. The lil' voice tells you errrytime you gotta turn and stuff. But idk if i can afford one, they're perty 'spensive. I'm hoping to also go to see Yes Man later today and later in the week, the Spirit. Yes Man because i'm in love with zooey deschanel and the Spirit because that movie loooks freakin' good. Done in like the style of Sin City which was excellent i must say. I love how the one guy has the red converse. I have shoes like that, although mine look a lil' orange sometimes. Also someone with red converse, the guy in Amelie. He was like the "ghost" guy that kept takin pictures of himself in the photo-booth. In the end you find out who he really is but i won't say just in case you haven't seen it. I also kind of want to see Doubt, the Day the Earth Stood Still, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Ugh, i have no money as it is... Maybe i'll become a whore or something for some extra cash.

It's Official

  • I've decided that my new years resolution will have ONE more part. Part (2) i'll call it!
  • the second part of my resolution [part(2)] will be a V-log to accompany my B-log
  • i will post said vlog once a week, saturday preferably and will use this vlog to basically sum up everything that happened during my week / everything i talked about in my blog
  • this isn't really a list but for some reason i decided to use bullets for each point/sentence
  • yeeeeah... i'm not sure if i was going to go into further detail or not...
  • alrighty then. i'll hopefully post my first V-log 2moro so that i can explain to my viewers my new years resolution and how it will affect them (or that it really won't affect them at all)
  • this may not be the end of my new years resolutions, i'm just now pondering whether or not i should vow to keep my room clean as well... hmm... tough decision..

Saturday, December 27, 2008


So i had my blog all written and then for some reason i decided to upload a video to it and tried to change my mind. But it was already doing that and i could not get it to stop. So than i try to copy everything i wrote so that i can refresh and paste it back but of course, that's not working. For some reason i cannot copy any of the text i put into the text box. Well, it wasn't the most interesting blog anyway so i'll survive.

I'm looking forward to new years eve and i think it's one of the best holidays. There's no stress of gifts and you get to hang out with your friends and stay up semi-late. As if we didn't already do that every other day..

For some reason i have one new years stuck in my memory. We went to a church-family's house (a family we knew from the church we attended, i grew up going to that church and went there for 16 years). First, i guess i should Explain who i mean by "we". We= My Dad, my mom, my older sister (by two years) Karli, and my younger sister (also by two years) Jenna. Ok, that wasn't hard. Anyway, the only thing i really remember is that we went to that house a couple times for new years eve and a friend of mine, also from the church, was there. For christmas i had gotten Pokemon Yellow version and i spent most of the night playing that stupid game instead of spending time with my friend. Doing whatever it is we used to do back then. Probly run around and pretend we had super-powers. Well anyways, that's what pops into my head everytime i think of new years eve. I'm not really sure why but i guess i should use it as a reminder to try not to be a hermit and spend time with people on that day..

Now it's not so much that i'm occupied with other stuff so i don't hang out with friends, it's just that everyone else is already doing something with someone else and i get excluded. I just wish i had more friends.. Then i'd have something to do..

I wasn't really planning on writing a blog this long and that was nothing like the first draft. In fact, it was a different topic entirely..

Ok blog,
Have a good one,

Friday, December 26, 2008


So yesterday was christmas and i didn't blog. It doesn't actually count as missing a day because 1) the new year hasn't started yet and 2) it was christmas, yes, i can use that as an excuse not to blog. I mean, some people do this for a living right? So if this is a job to some people, than that means that i am a self-employed slave. But i do get holidays off. So that's nice, my boss isn't too strict about that. HAR HAR!

ok. that was stupid.

So i know i said this before but i'm doing this now so that once it actually is the new year and i actually do need to stick to my new years resolution it'll already be a habit and it'll be easier for me to stick to it.

but OMG new years eve is five days away! is that a nuff (enough) time to form a habit??

My last blog, posted christmas eve, was not the greatest thing i have ever written (but most certainly not the worst either). And i never did post my make-up blog. So, i appologize blog. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart...

Oh yeah, it really was christmas yesterday. Xmas eve, (after crap-vlog was written), i went to a local show in a small cofee place. It was really nice. Ran into my boss and her husband which was a little awkward.. I was hoping she wouldn't mention work but, of course, she did. Not a big issue but i feel like maybe when you see people in a social setting you shouldn't discuss work... Maybe that's just because i'm obsessive compulsive or anal retentive or something else that i don't REALLY know the meaning to but like to drop into a blog so that i'll sound smart...

I got vegas movie studio as one of my presents and I am at a loss to figure out how to use it. I'll probly post a vlog sometime this week on my youtube channel talking about christmas and asking if anyone knows how to use that thing... Believe it or not, a few people actually watch my youtube..

This is turning into one of my longer blogs (perhaps my longest?). Dot, dot, dot... Ok never say "this is turning into one of my longer blogs". It'll be the death of your blog. Plus, i'm sure it's completely cliche' by now..

Perhaps this blog than makes up for christmas AND the absent make-up blog for that other crap-tastic-blog i posted on Xmas Eve. You tell me blog. You tell me.

Blog blog blog blog blog blog blog
And there it is,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not Feelin' it

It's christmas eve.

I'm bored.

Ugh, it just doesn't feel like christmas and i have this wierd feeling in my stomach cuz i'm busy over-reacting to something miniscule. I do this. It's not fun.

I don't want to get into details, not right now anyway.

UGHHH. idk. this is not the best time for me to be writing. Maybe I should postpone. Right now, i'm just doing this because i want to get my blog in for the day so that it really becomes a habit.

If i'm in the writing mood later though i'll do another one to make up for this bull..

I hope i'm in the writing mood later...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Days

Christmas is in two days and i'm attempting to start my "new years resolution" early. Do we really need the new year as an excuse to commit to doing something we've been meaning to do? No, it just happens that we think about that kind of stuff at this time, i guess..
So the other day I told this girl that I still liked her. And then the next day, yesterday, i realized that it was a mistake. This girl is literally crazy. She's been to a mental institution. This is a legitimate crazy and not just the overexageration of an aspiring writer/blogger. And yet, i still find myself drawn to her.
The last time this happened we decided it would be best to just be friends. Well, i decided, she was very serious about starting a relationship and it's when this kind of talk comes up that i realize just how desperate and needy she really is. The wierd thing is, she has a boyfriend, whom she loves, and yet she still really wants to see me. So much that she's been txt'ing me frequently the last two days telling me that her mom bought pizza, she just got the new narnia movie, she just gave blood and is home and wants to hang out. Those were yesterdays excuses, today it was, "i'm going shopping, do you wanna tag along?" "hang out with me!!!" and "well we could go to target if you don't wanna go downtown".. It reminds me of an episode of Weeds; the blonde woman is desperate for a friend and screams "BE MY FRIEND!!!" whilst pulling the hair of the woman of whom she wants to befriend.
Well blog, i guess i have a lot to talk about. I didn't think i had that much happening in my life. And honestly, i don't, so i'll save some of the jucier details for a later date. I'll pull them out when i'm feeling like there's nothing to say and i'm desperate for a topic.. If that day ever comes.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Talk of Geese and Such

Dear Blog,

why is it that i always blog around christmas time? is it because i'm on the computer more often, using amazon as my escape from overcrowded malls, or is it because i have a break from school (and this year work as well, i'm a tutor at my school) or is it because i have so much more to say this time of year; am i appalled by the commercialization of the holiday, or just the buzz and glow it creates? whatever it is blog, i wish it never stopped. every year i go through the same thing. i sit at the computer, and i create. creation through words. some might say it's a lost cause. but it's something i don't really do the rest of the year. i take pride in what i write. but often times i go back and read what i have written and am surprised at what i said and even confused as to what i meant... but even when nothing substantial comes from the pitter pattering of my fingers on the keyboard, i love it. it consumes me and sustains me. everytime i'm in this place i think to myself, this will continue. i'll have to maintain this. well blog, i think i've finally realized my problem. while i'm doing this, and thinking this, i don't actually commit to anything. i think "i'll do this again sometime soon" but don't actually set a schedule. That should change.

New Years Resolution #1 (effective of course january 1st): write a blog entry every day.
New Years Resolution #2: don't back out of doing new years resolutions, again.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

when you meet the love of your life, time stops

don't ask me why i'm posting so many blogs in a row. well blog, how could you ask? in order for something to be asked of this someone would have to read. and if someone read it i might not be writing. on second thought, is that not why we write? marion cottillard is one of my all-time favorite actress, mostly for her work in la vie en rose, but what is happening with her in big fish? she's still amazing, just not Edith Piaf amazing. i really should be working on my reading analysis, and i'm hogging the computer when my sister wanted to watch a movie on it. ugh. what is there really to say about "A&P" by John Updike. Other than the fact that it's relentlessly boring and not really about anything at all.. i have to write how Sammy acquiesces to the world around him and then how he revolts or aspires to change or some word i can't remember that basically describes what i've just said. sometimes, i think that if i was more creative i would just invent words when i so needed them, but then i'm sure that there actually is a word to describe that, and i don't want to have to spend the time making it make any sense to any kind of language. hmm, he's not a giant at all is he?

i miss my old hair. i just got a haircut too. maybe i'll grow it out again. thinking i need a change and so i cut it off completely and then wanting a change again and waiting for it all to grow. maybe the next time my hair is ugly and shaggy i won't cut it. cuz i kinda like having that awkward unatural thing going.

In College Now

Been in college for almost a yr now. It's great, really great. And by great i mean tottally pointless, and by really great i mean i'm not motivated at all. I don't know what i want to do and it really eats me sometimes. City college has a way of making you not want to do anything or get anything accomplished and i'm pretty sure i'm failing all of my classes and am going to be at community college for the rest of my life. Hey, at least it's cheap. I'm obsessed with my Flip vid and i make really random and pointless youtube videos mostly of me and my good friend alana. We get comments like "i bet you two have no friends". Which is mostly true with a few exceptions. I like this. I think i might try to "blog" more. It's relieving. Especially knowing none of my friends know about it and that's it's unlikely that anyone will read it. But i especially like knowing that someone can read it, someone can read it and think, "this is the most boring load of crap i've ever read in my life" or "i'm inspired to go throw a rock through a window" or something bizzare and out of context like that. Thanks for listening blog, be seeing you soon.