Friday, November 24, 2006

Things to be thankful for...

1. my dog. of course. we had a paper in my english class where we had to write the people we were thankful for and then share one with the class. i said my dog. my teacher said "you are aware that your dog is not a person, right?"
3.drunken aunties
4.sexist uncles with feminist wives
8.nut mixtures
9.chips and dip. hmm... no salsa this year. my grampy is famous for his salsa... grampy winning bets he made with his best pal willy. is coming.
12.wrote a check
14.night-drive home
15.camara there... with lots of roadtrip pics.. ***note to self: make a photoblog*** job. though i sometimes hate it. it pays
18.thanksgiving day episodes
19.comedy central family family cream
22.pilgrims of course. and don't forget myspace.
25.crazy black friday shoppers
28.friends who actually care enough to call
29.friends who don't invite other friends to movies
30.friends who plan to crash movie watching "party"
31.friends who i only "see" through im
33.cousins who call family "friends"
34.friends, the thanksgiving episode collar comedians
37.scrubs marathons
38.the fact that my friends like scrubs. and i am soo o.k. with that
39.posibbly being able to buy strangers with candy complete series
40.the thought of owning a wii
41.or an ipod
42.for your consideration is out tickets still left over from my bday
44.three days off school
45.commercials starring the one and only santa clause. in many shapes and sizes
46.that i have soo much to be thankful for