Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Perks of BeOH HELL NO!!!

A couple of weeks ago my friend lent me a book entitled "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". Now I had heard a few things about this book and it sounded interesting. I've had the book for two weeks now, and i just finished the first part. But here is my impression thus far. THIS BOOK SUCKS! This "Charlie" character has no personality whatsoever. His emotions are limited to liking or not liking things. His absence of emotion is frustrating when he makes statements like "I guess I also forgot to tell you how often I [masturbate] now, which is a lot." The author seems to be trying to absorb the audience by showing "touchy" subjects. Masturbation. Rape. Drugs. Homosexuality. Oh no!! I think I may just be shocked into interest. Or not.. Also, the characters say that he is a wallflower, which apparently means that he sees things, doesn't say anything about them, and understands them. I beg to differ. He may see things and know what they are initially, but he does not understand the emotion behind them. He also doesn't seem aware of what's really happening. He has a black and white understanding of what is right and wrong and doesn't seem to have any idea of what's been going on in the world around him. Did I miss the part where his space-ship landed?

But I apologize. I have not finished the book and therefore do not know where the author is going with this. Perhaps this character will be confronted with all of these things over the course of the book. But it really doesn't seem like that's going to happen. My expectations: Charlie does some more drugs, meets a girl and loses his virginity, there's a pregnancy scare and someone, possibly the gay character, gets an STD. Charlie will realize that he is straying from the person he wants to be and have a change of heart and leave this cruel uncaring world in the dust.

I really hope this book doesn't live up to my expectations. I'm hoping that as the book progresses, Charlie, along with his writing ability, matures.

But mostly this is looking like a long and non-amusing episode of "Strangers With Candy". Now that's something that might interest me. "the Perks of Being a 48yr-old High School Freshman". Get on that please Amy Sedaris.

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