Tuesday, July 7, 2009

101 Dalmations.. or blog..

I'm at this weird crossroads in my life. Or maybe not cuz i kind of feel like there's only one direction i can go. And when i first noticed that things were changing i rejected it. Got mad. Got sad. Mulled things over for a little while. And now i feel like it's just life. Like idk if i like it or not. Things just feel really weird and i'm not sure how to act or feel about it. And most of the time i just don't know what i'm supposed to do. I sit in my room and just think and it's not something i'm used to. I guess i got tired of re-runs on tv. Tumblr helped for a little while but even the effects of that device are wearing off. Something really just needs to happen. Like i feel like nothing is happening. And i'm supposed to do something. Gawd, i'd really like to make a difference somehow, but i'm pretty lazy so that'd take some motivation.

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