Sunday, June 14, 2009

The times

they are a-changin.

don't you ever feel like everyone around you is changing while you stay exactly the same? i'm getting a strange deja-vu from writing this but i think i'll continue anyway. people get these weird habits. or keep them. for example, smoking, drinking, going to church. i might argue, all bad habits.

but seriously, drinking? i don't understand the appeal. you put some poison in your body that makes you unable to make good decisions, makes you act like an idiot, and tastes bad. no thank you. idk, a buzz might be ok, but all-out-drunk, just don't think it's for me. but perhaps i'm one of those people that complains about something soo much and then tries it and can't get enough. i hope not. i have no aspiration of becoming an alcoholic.

and church. there's only so much i can take. only so many lies i can handle. and the hypocrisy, it's overwhelming.

smoking. it's hot, you have to admit. but it's stupid. only people that are experts at lying to themselves smoke. cigarettes.

anyway, i feel like i'm the only sane person. the voice of reason in an otherwise misinformed world. and yet i must admit, i have no idea. i'm just as lost and confused as anyone. i can't say i'm any smarter or have even a close understanding of how the world (and the people in it) works. and perhaps i have tried all of these things. and don't know what is wrong (or right) about any of them. we grow up and were told certain things about certain things and then we get older and we question all these truths or untruths and i'm not making much sense but the point is, THERE IS NO POINT! or maybe the point is figuring out what the point is. and it's different for everyone. so there's no quick "just-add-water" way of figuring it out. gawd, life has to happen doesn't it?

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