Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've decided i might try to do a blog-a-day again. It doesn't really matter because my blog isn't really read, but i have nothing better to do anyway.

i have a headache and i forgot what i was going to say. maybe i'll find an old poem i wrote...

][ Deal

wondering when that chapter in my life will begin.
how it will happen, and with who, and where, and why,
and if it'll make me happy or just confused, and if i'll
like her more or feel bad that i don't like her as much
and want to make her happy but won't know how
and will we fight a lot or just push it under the rug
and what my family will think
and if she'll like my friends
and if our lives will be separate
and how long it will last
and how it will end.

she doesn't exist, not yet, not to me.
and if she does that's a major twist in the story.
but i know i love her, i just don't know why.
is she pretty, smart, ugly, dumb?
does she twist her hair?
suck her thumb?

she laughs, that must be true.
she appreciates my sarcasm, takes constructive criticism,
doesn't expect me to laugh if it's not funny and knows whats funny.
she doesn't apologize for thinking i'm uncomfortable
but doesn't go out of her way to inflict that kind of pain either.
she doesn't always wear make-up, or do her hair, or plan her outfit, or even think i care.
she is who she is, take it or leave it.
but she loves me a lot, and when she says it,
she means it.

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