Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finals and Finales

Tv really does serve to mimic our lives and in so doing show us how they're really "supposed" to be. It's finals week and therefore, we have to watch the season Finales of every show known to man.

"It's been a great year!" "What are you talking about, it's May." -30 Rock

MADtv came to an end and no one cared. Fred Willard used to be funny, but MAD lost even his talent.. But it was nice seeing Mo and Alex again. Sort of. I think i wouldve been happier if all the new cast members took a bow early, they brought all the oldies back, and we watched some classic skits re-done instead. I'm kind of glad it's over GOODBYE madTV.

SNL. One great season finale. Will Ferrel hosted in promotion of his new movie. I 4get the title but it's some kind of remake about a man that goes back in time or something along those lines. I'm drawing a blank. I'm pretty sure it's a classic movie with a new comedic twist tho.. W/e.. It was nice, all the celebs came out in celebration of SNL being funny again. Or at least that's what i assumed when i saw them. And for once, i'm glad the shows coming back again next season. I don't know what i'll do without my weekly dose of Kristen Wiig tho...

Anthropology final. Oh shit, i forgot to study.

Desperate Housewives, while a bit too long, had an amazing second half. Seems like they may be catching some steam again while still slowly dying. :P But who was that marrying Mike at the end? Guess we'll have to watch next season o.0!!!

Lost. Seriously? WTF. Idk, i didn't watch it. But from what i saw it looked perty fucked up.

The Office, O.M.G. Looks like another season's coming. But how much can they really juice out of this drying cast? New characters might be a must. But EGADS, pam's pregnant!!! Hope the babies played by comedic genius launching the show back into hilarity. But was it ever funny? Perhaps twilight zone episode to bring in some of the british nonsense that started this whole thing. Never watched british office, heard it was funny tho.. :P

Gossip Girl. Hello boys and girls, it's your friendly neighborhood gossip girl here. Giving you the inside scoop on new yorks no-one-gives-a-damn-ites. In honor of the finale i'm going to remind you why you ever watched this show in the first place. To find out who i really am. Come on, it could happen. Not. What a tease. But look, Serena sure is hot in this gorgeous blue dress. Puppy dog face, puppy dog face!! Come on blake, give us a lil somp-in somp-in!

Oh shit, i'm running out of time to complete my online theatre final. Didn't do the homework either. But wait, Gossip Girl is IN THIS ROOM! No she's not. Damn, outwitted again. I'll get you next time Gadget!!!