Sunday, April 5, 2009

on the bus again

well, today i backed the car into the garage.

yup it's totalled, and we haven't heard the police report, but we know what they'll say, it was my fault.

basically, that just means my insurance goes up times infinite, and i don't get any money. so i bus around the world for the rest of my life. well, most likely the rest of my college life if not longer :P.

but yeah. it was weird, being in the car, seeing the passenger seat pushed up all the way to the middle section of the car. i had to stop myself from getting really sad. because i don't want to do that again...

it's wierd, it seems like every day since the accident i've hung out with my TWINN and some random people i barely know. i know who my real friend is. but it's cool to have some new friends too in the midst of all this.

yesterday, i took the bus to the library. met my friend sabrina there. she didn't have the stuff she needed to get a library card so we left. it was really dumb. idk why we went there. but then we walked around, found a candy store, i bought a caramel apple and then came back and got a FREE bottle of water. this was the womans exact words "you can pay for it the next time you come in". WTF, i've been to that store one other time in my life. what makes her think i'll come back??? i guess i should find a dollar and go pay. but that's not gonna happen. especially if i have to bus there...


Han-Gyul said...

What a nice lady! She's trusting you... what're you gonna do about it?

And flip I feel bad for you man, about the car thing :(

Drew said...

thanks maan. but yeah, i feel like i should go and pay but idk if i'll have the time and idk if she'll even be there. i think she must have known that there was a good possibility that i wouldn't pay for it but that makes me feel even more like i should. yadidi?