Friday, April 10, 2009

it is Friday, but i'm not thanking god.

My mouth still hurts. Wait, i think i can take some more vicoden.......

oh no. i have to wait another half an hour. i really hope i don't have dry socket. cuz it's still hurting. and that might be a sign.

well, i still have three homework assignments to do for theatre, and the proposal for my anthropology paper. i haven't even thought about what i wanna write that paper on. that HAS to happen tommorow. or i die. and it's not a big deal. i can do this. i HAVE to do this.

i wish i was more organized, and didn't procrastinate. because when i procrastinate, i end up letting myself fail. like what i've done in math. now i have to take that class again. for the 6th time...

i really don't think the week should be over. it doesn't seem right.

i found a love for tumblr. and the nerdfighters ning. soo many new friends on nerdfighters. it's fun, but i know, it's not real. time for real life. time to get off the computer, and onto real life. even if real life is homework right now. :P

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