Thursday, April 23, 2009

Infinitely better than anything else you could be doing.

Every once in a while, i'll have an epiphany. But i can never remember what it was once i realize i had it. So i guess you'll never know.

Today was supposed to be blazingly hot. Not because the weatherman told me that. But because yesterday and the day before were blazingly hot. So i wore shorts and sandles and a t-shirt. I was cold. My feet are still cold. I think i have some food stuck in the hole in my mouth...

Everytime i get the cheese out, my dog walks into the kitchen.
this is because when i grate cheese, some always falls on the floor. and he eats it. but he still comes when i'm slicing as opposed to grating, and he ends up with no cheese.

Today was filled with nothing. Nothing, nothing, and more nothing. I went to subway with my coworker Anyuta, it was a waste of money. Subway is still gross, i should have known. But the woman that served us was nice enough.

Summer is coming closer which means one thing, summer-school. I'm taking math123 which is just a two-part algebra II class and english writing 302 online. idk how to explain what english writing 302 is, but we write essays and i need it for my english major. FUN. i'm good at english, have a natural skill there. Still, i kind of want to go for a double major in art, it'd just be twice as much work. and like another year of community college, which is lame...

then in fall i'm taking a group discussion class to satisfy my communication studies, the human sexuality class for psychology, two lit classes (american, and english lit) for my eng major, and a p.e. class for my a.a.

i'm actually excited for these classes because it means i'm that much closer to transferring to a REAL college. unlike this fake high school college i go to now... just sayin..

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