Saturday, April 18, 2009

CD purchase

bought this cd by animal collective

i have no money but becoming a prostitute to pay for the album is worth it.

i hadn't planned on buying anything. "i have no money" i told my sisters friend Suze. I really did just want to go to the record store to have an excuse to go outside. It had been a day of mindless txt messaging, tumblr posts, twitter updates (or the lack thereof), myspace, nerdfighters ning chat, and of course the ol' favorites youtube and facebook. Although admittedly i probably spend much more time on myspace. Anyway, once we got to the record store something unexpected happened. my sister and her friend started talking and flirting with all of the workers there who all of course just happened to be of the male persuasion. which left me feeling awkward and out of place.

i found solace in the indie section of the store when i came across a magazine rack (cd player thingy in the record store) that just so happened to have animal collective's newest available for listen.

to clear the record, i already had a huuuge thing for animal collective. we've been getting kind of serious and i'd been thinking it's about time to take the next step, which would be, of course, actually purchasing one of their albums. i couldn't help myself, my wallet told me "no" but my heart said "yes". it was done. i bought it. and we lived happily ever after. the end.


Han-Gyul said...

Record stores are DANGEROUS!!!
And that picture is buzzzzzy

Drew said...

i knoooww. it hurts my brain. but the actual album isn't as crazy as when you look at the pic online. it's weird.

Ambles said...



Though you should probably note for the future that when out with Suzee, there will be flirting... ALWAYS.

It doesn't even matter if they're cute, which in case you didn't notice, these one's were not.

But I'm sorry you felt out of place :(