Sunday, March 29, 2009

the women i love. the famous ones, that is.

zooey deschanel.
truelly amazing. she sings. she acts. she looks amazing. for a while the only thing i listened to was the she & him album and because i bought tickets to an m ward show i'm really hoping that she'll be there. it's possible seeing as she sings in two of his songs on his solo album but i really hope they'll do a she&him song. even tho m. ward is kinda better... sorrrry zoooey...

blake lively.
actress. ok. this love has died down a bit. gossip girl is getting boring and this beautiful woman might not be enough to keep me watching it. don't worry blake, i still love you.

helena bonham carter.
still amazes me every time i see her. you know, on the screen. i recently saw fight club after i found out she was in it. she's creepy, she's sexy, and she's ooh so talented. thank you helena, for all the wonderfully deep characters. even if you are married to tim burton. < / 3

allison mosshart.
half of the kills. the reason i think it's incredibly sexy when girls smoke. she is truly a rockstar if ever there was one. i hope they come back to a nearby location. honestly, through there whole set, i could not keep my eyes off her. beautiful.

kristen wiig.
makes snl funny. snl was dying to me. but then this genius came along and revived it. she's beautiful and just fucking hilarious. every character original. keeps the laughs coming. thank you kristen, the saviour of saturday night live.

dawn french.
funny lady. yes yes, i love jennifer saunders, but dawn french really keeps me watching. her expressions, her voices, even her large size. i just can't get enough. dawn, come out with something new. loved you and jen in coraline, now i want to see your face again.

so there you have it. the complete (?) list of famous women i obsess over. it's probably an ever-extending list. but at the moment. these women are enough to keep my watching, listening, laughing. i love them. it's bad. they don't know me.


Ambles said...

Yes! Love them all!
And you're right, Dawn is hot!

Han-Gyul said...

who doesn't like zooey?
blake, flip i read about her today in Seventeen magazine (I was bored, k?)