Thursday, March 19, 2009


This weekend i don't have much planned. Tomorrow, i will go to work, and then do nothing, and then usher a play at my school (julius caesar). It should be funn... I was supposed to have already ushered two weeks ago on sunday but i got the time wrong and missed the show. OOOOooops. After that, i may hang out with Yisel but she miiiight have to catch up on some homework. it seems like FORRReveRR since the last time we hung out. Saturday, i have no plans. which is exciting. Seems like that hasn't happened in a while and god know's what i'll end up doing. i hope i do do something (heehee, doodoo) but at the moment it's still up in the air. sunday i have no plans during the day (should probably do homework and study for a test or two) but that evening the bindergarten family (katie and mikey) are staying over at chez Drew (or chez Drew's parents of whose names are undisclosed). Well, i don't have much else to say. I'm sitting in the library trying to pass the time until i have to go to work. Anyone have any good gossip for me? Any celebrities need impregnating? I'd be happy to help.. :P


P.s. oh yeah i discovered some really bizarre brilliant music. one = antony and the johnsons (truelly wierd stuff) and the other = animal collective (funn funn funn, upbeat, reminds me a bit of MGMT). and i'm suuuuper excited for the death cab for cutie show at the end of april. dcfc, ra ra riot, and cold war kids. i love all three, but i'm most excited for ra ra riot!! yeah, my future is looking bright (at least in my eyes).


Han-Gyul said...

Hey man your weekend sounds better than mine! I'll be lying about at home, blowing my nose and reading about anthropology, ethics and advertising. ZzzZZZZzzZzzZZzzz haha at least you get human interaction!

Drew said...

hmmm... true truee.. that was me last week. minus the reading. lol.