Saturday, March 28, 2009

video games

it's 2am.
i must be dreaming.
that's not possible.
i'm still awake.
anyway, today was my friend julian's 20th bday party. 20. that's insane. i don't really believe he's that old.

realizing that that is in fact his age makes me think of the first time i met julian. as i can't remember an actual first encounter, it really just makes me think of the context of which i first knew julian under.

it was 7th grade. 2001? the year is hazy, but i do know that 7th grade was the year that the terrorists flew into the twin towers. i'm sure there's a better way of stating that tragedy, but, at the moment, my mind draws a blank.

i do know that he was in ms harvens class. she was insane. a truly terrible teacher if there ever was one.

well anyway, now he's 20, and we're in college.

his birthday party was actually a lot of fun, which i honestly wasn't expecting. we didn't do much. played video games. i mostly was the singer for guitar hero. not really sure why that is, but it was fun. and it was amazing to realize that i could sing in front of people i hardly know. amazing really. the walls that took me sooo many years to build that keep me protected from the outside world just might have a crack in them.

apart from singing my heart out, i won this board game that i have no idea how to play even now. there was dice, cards, more cards, and a puzzle-like board. it was fun, it was interesting, i couldn't tell you how to play, but there was trading involved, and "resources" [tree, brick, rocks, shep aKa lambchop, and whet aKa foxtails, {or as the more experienced people called them} wood, brick, ore, sheep, and wheet].

i'm not sure why i decided to refer to the cards/resources as different names, but it made the game more fun for me.

right right, there was pizza too. and cupcakes. and fried rice but i didn't eat any. julian kicked my ass at soul calibur and i think andrew broke a couple of sound-barriers with his singing.

over-all, it was a day well spent.
apart from working. which i did immediately before the party.

oh yeah, i got julian little nicky. it's a funny movie. and it was cheap... what can i say. i'm broke.


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Han-Gyul said...

Sweet! Sounds fun, I haven't played Guitar Hero/Rockband in far too long!