Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hooray for Health Care, America!

Today has been filled with chaos and confusion and plain insults disguised as flirtatious gestures (or something of the sort).

-the thing eating away at me currently is that the insurance company that could be the Saviour of my infected wisdom teeth and therefore jaw/mouth pain is being extremely difficult. and on top of it, i can't log onto the school website to get the information i need because my password was (unknowingly to me) reset. it's a pain in the ass. this could all have been avoided if the people at the insurance company had ever actually told us what they are now saying they told us (that this info needed to be sent in a few weeks ago) and really had done anything at all. what i'm picturing is a bunch of over-worked under-paid people sitting in offices trying to get out of any work they might have to do and therefore giving people false information and trying to be as unhelpful as possible. unhelpful. is that a word?

ok. that was a lot of steam that needed to be released. tommorow morning will be when i really have to deal with all of this, talking to office people and going to the ups store to fax documents and crossing my fingers hoping everything works out so that i can spend $524 on a painful surgery. aaaw, america, the land of privatized health care.

anyway, the rest of my day was fairly normal. with a few exceptions.

i went with a co-worker to starbucks which was unprecedented.
also exchanged phone numbers, which was awkward. i hate to say it but, she has bad teeth. it's gross. but i like that she likes me. it's a good feeling. yadidi?

anyway, the typical day working with her is that i throw insults at her and she pretends to be offended. it's odd. it's awkward. it's work. somehow, it seems natural under this setting.

well, i still need to study for my anthropology test on thursday and i have completed very little of the study guide. things are looking somewhat bright tho because the first thing i did when i got home tonight was put on my ipod and started working on my study guide. that never happens. i never do homework at home. but the day is coming to an end and i'm not sure i'll have much time to work on it tommorow. meaning another d paper (if not an f).

thanks blog, you're a good listener,

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Han-Gyul said...

Privatized health care, I don't like it!!