Sunday, March 15, 2009


and no, i don't mean "cool".

i've been sick since wednesday. it just hit me that morning and has had me knocked out for 4 days. BLEH.
dayquil, doesn't seem to do much. but i suppose my head hurts less now. i still feel the soaring pain of my wisdom tooth growing in but i suppose that's unavoidable.

KatieMcBindergarten and her boyfriend MikeyJBindergarten are making a surprise visit to alana's house tonite. she knows about it. i just say surprise because they just told us yesterday. ugh. this isn't worth it. i'll update y'all when i don't feel like shit... BYEEE


1 comment:

Han-Gyul said...

FAR OUT I'm starting to get sick too.
Dang seasonal changes !!!!