Wednesday, March 18, 2009

faking my way through college

sometimes, it just seems like i'm never going to pick a major, transfer to a university and/or 4-yr college, and eventually graduate. mostly, this is due to the fact that i don't do my homework, and perhaps, that i blog in the library computer lab when i should perhaps be faking my zoo assignment. you see, i did go to the zoo as the assignment called for. what i didn't do was take notes and pay attention to what i was supposed to be doing. now i was searching frantically online to find out the information i should have observed during such an outing, but there's something about doing busy-work at school that i just don't like. the problem, i won't have much time to do this work once i get home. also, i have 3 hrs in between my two classes today so i really should do something worth-while instead of just taking up time doing, well, this.

aaaaaaaaaauugh, there's nothing more irritating than an over comma-fied blog... wouldn't you agree?

well blog, this is getting boring too, so i guess this means goodbye... AUUUGH, not with the commas again..,,.,.

1 comment:

Han-Gyul said...

LOL at the commas thing.

But hey, you and I are the same person. College/university is so boring...