Monday, March 9, 2009


is smoking disgusting?
i guess the answer would be yes.
i've grown up hating cigarettes. i used to be one of those annoying children. you know the ones. every time someones smoking and they smell it, they start coughing really loudly, it's not affecting them really but they sort of do it to make a point. when my uncles would smoke, i would tell them it was killing them. i could not understand why anyone would want to engage in something soo disgusting. i know cigarettes haven't changed. they still cause cancer, they'll make your teeth yellow, bad breath, bad B.O., bad lung capacity, and the like, but there's something so, attractive, about cigarettes. now i'm not going to become a smoker and get addicted to tobacco, but i feel somehow enlightened. that i can look at people who smoke and understand exactly why they do it. they know it's bad. they know they shouldn't do it. but it's just so appealing. the smoker. repulsive, yet cool. sophisticated and skum all at once. a walking contradiction. it's no wonder people do it, because to every rule, there is an exception. but at $5 a pack, i'll find some other way to make a point...


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Ambles said...

They seem to smell better now too... you know, now that I'm not overwhelmed with disgust.