Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chuck E. Cheeze FTW

which apparantly is spelled "Chuck E. Cheese's" but i will not admit that my spelling is wrong and i will continue to spell it that way.

ANYwayyy, yesterday jenny had her bday party. We went to chuck e. cheeze, it was funn.

well let's back-track for a second.
when we first got to chuckecheeze it was really crowded. children were goin dumb, foaming at the mouth, and doing some serious fight club shit. it was insane. i thot i was going to die. one kid flew across the room knocking me in the leg, as i fell to the ground i saw my life flash before my eyes. ok, i might be exaggerating a little... but it was crowded and we decided to leave and come back later. so we went to the mall across the street. it was boring. while we were there we found out that more of jenny's friends were at chuck e. cheeze so we headed back on over.

the second time was much better. there was still a lot of kids but a lot less than earlier. we got tokens and played a lot of skee-ball. of which i am terrible at. anything that requires good hand-eye coordination i ultimately fail at (the basketball game is another example). but i CONCHORED (sp?) at the rubber ducky game and HUNGRYhungryHIPPOS. i miss that game.. lol.

after that, i was tired. i went home, and slept. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

well now i'm bored out of my mind, looking for something to do, but my mom and i are going to go see DOUBT at the crest theatre. i hope it's good. it was either that or benjamin button, and i didn't really care, and i like the crest theatre, so yeah. that's where i'll be.



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