Monday, March 23, 2009


i'm sitting at school and i realize that i really should go make up time for ceramics. i'm soo far behind in that class but it's hard enough for me to go when i do have class let alone before class or on saturdays. i've really been meaning to go on a saturday afternoon so it would be no-pressure and i could just get stuff done. i have about 3 or 4 projects i still need to do in that class and i'm getting nowhere. i should probably draw my concept for my (ugh, why can't i remember what it's called... it's the thing where you only view it from the front and it's basically like a 3d drawing).

well anyway. i didn't do much of anything this weekend. i went to the schools production of julius caesar for my ushering assignment. i didn't really like it. the actors were perty good but the set was really wierd and i haaated the costumes. jeans and leather-jackets just aren't flattering on most people. especially when their shirts are tucked in causing their tummy's to show. grosss. i wanted something more hollywood i guess. lol. but the set really bothered me too. it was just a lot of blue wood and metal. apparently it was "timeless" but it was ugly and shouldn't be in ANY time. plus Shakespearean english is soo hard to understand. the actress that played the main girl (i'm drawing a blank as to the character's name, calpurnia??) was really good though. She basically stole the show and she really should've had more scenes. people had said that brutus was really good which i suppose raised my expectations and caused me to be hyper-critical of the guy. i.e. i didn't like his performance. :P

i'm probably too much of a critic. it's alright since i didn't have to pay. but i found the entire night boring. and found myself yawning at the end of the show.

sunday the bindergartens were supposed to come over but i guess they decided they needed to get further along on their trip. it's fine, it's just a bit annoying that they didn't feel the need to tell me this. i didn't find out till i txt'd katie at like 3pm.

anyway. i hate school. and i'll be counting down the seconds untill i get to go home... :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Han-Gyul said...

sigh, doing homework and assignments.