Sunday, February 22, 2009

when you look back on your life...

what do you see?

honestly, i think about my life and i can't see a big picture. i see nothing. i can't focus onto something small that i've done and i can't zoom out to say everything at once. it's blank.

i was going to vlog about my trip to san diego. so i'll do that. now.

we left on wednesday morning. before we left i made a call to my dentist. my wisdom teeth are growing in and it was hurting like a mutthafukka. got an appointment for next week. feb 27th. fuck, i have to tell my boss i'm going to miss MORE work.

well wednesday we drove. there's nothing more to it than that. i drove for about 2hrs on the grape vine and alana drove for about, i'm gonna say 8ish hours.. lol. natalia was going to drive but then she fell asleep. laaaame.

well thursday was a day of being at KTMC's house. we made lemonade, we played hide and seek, katie whistled some kevin macleod, we watched wife swap, and i'm sure i'm leaving something out but idk. then we went to the i set my friends on fire/cash cash show at 7pm. me n alana got seperated and it was kind of awkward. but i found that i really liked a couple of ismfof's songs.

well. then friday we drove home. francisco, natalia's husband, drove the entire way. the gps tweaked out. and sonic was disgusting.

-The End

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