Monday, February 9, 2009

Put me in the green ware pile and fire me up, i'm ready.

So yeah, i had to make up time for ceramics today and then i had class so it came to a total of 5 hours trying to make my sculpture stay together. ugh, sooo tiring. i tried to stay calm and relaxed but at the end of the day, i fell apart, along with my sculpture...

i still have the smell of clay in my nose and i feel like when i wake up in the morning and take a shower i'll get soft, you know, like clay. so i should probably sleep in a furnace tonite and then take a bath in glaze.

i was making a woman and the clay kept seeping down. it made the boobs like REALLY huge and odd. this girl saw what i was making and said 'what are you making?' in this snotty stupid tone. gaawd, she was annoying. the entire class she was talking and she is soooooo irritating. one of those people that think they are really cool and like talking about when they get drunk and other trivial things and really think they're life is sooo cool and everyone wants to hear about it. SHUT IT!

anyway. i was late to work because my sculpture litterally started collapsing and now i have to go in early on wednesday to finnish. i swear, my life will just be trying to stop my woman from falling over. that sounds weird..

2moro i have a test in math. thank god i found my calculator. but it won't do me any good because i havent done any of the homework or studied at all. those word problems are going to kill me i'm sure. and anything else that might require memorization of something i haven't looked at...

i hope i didn't have any homework in anthropology. i actually like that class. i like how it disproves everything i know. well not really but yeah.

monkeys are cool.

my mom said that there's evidence that shows that the world didn't neccisarrily take billions of years to develop, but i don't believe her. it just seems soo right to me. that like everything in this world, the world came about slowly and surely.

i'm not looking forward to the outside work that my theatre arts class requires. but i don't think it'll be hard, i'm just not looking forward to it.

i 4got what else i was goin to say



alana_marisa_ALHI said...

what outside work is that?

Drew said...

like ushering one of the plays and going to the other one.. lol