Sunday, February 8, 2009


i'm watching scrubs. they talk about death alot in this show, it's sort of the seriousness that makes the show good. there was one season where it seemed like they were forgetting that seriousness and it just doesn't work.

i haven't blogged in a few days, and i'm not really sure why that is. i think it's that during the day i'm not doing anything and so have nothing to say, and then at night i'm doing something and don't want to interrupt it with blogging. then i go to bed and that's that.

i went to ikea for the first time yesterday. wasn't lookin' for furniture but i wanted to go. we went to the cafeteria there and ate. it was gross. i guess people usually eat at the snack-bar-thingy downstairs but i wasn't aware of their bein' two different food places in ikea... i love how they have everything set up like little rooms and sometimes like little lofts. i know i've seen some comedian on youtube/myspace that was living in ikea for like a week. i think i could do that. it'd be fun.

without a paddle is on now, gawd i hate this movie. oh yay, snl taped last night. i love me my kristen wiig. she's the greatest.

probably gonna go see coraline w/ my mom and sister later today. and go shopping, there's someone i still gotta buy a b-day present for..

i saw "there's something about mary" for the first time this week and it was hilarious. and i was like, okay okay, this movie is why everyone says cameron diaz is hot. i get it now.



Han-Gyul said...

SNL... lucky, we don't even get it in New Zealand

alana_marisa_ALHI said...

lol. lol. lol. i laughed at "about three things" in this blog
and the quotes are for...well you should know.