Sunday, February 1, 2009

One Remarkable Year et all..

Ok, so this week i need to make a video for one remarkable year and i have no idea what to do in it.

would it be really insane if i did the google verb meme?

idk. there's not much to say or do and there isn't really an outline for what we are supposed to do. maybe what i do will help the next person knowing what they should do. or maybe i should make a challenge that everyone should have to do and vlog about. whatever it is, someone's not going to like it tho...

anyways... yesterday was a day of nothing. i like those days. it reminds me of a simpler time..

watched Get Smart, and as stupid as it was, i loved it. Like the plot wasn't really the primary focus in this movie. and a couple of the jokes were completely un-funny (steve carell getting stabbed repeatedly by tiny harpoons failed to make me laugh). but when it was funny, i laughed. and i love anne hathaway. watching this made me want to see rachel getting married again, as depressing as that movie was.

oh right, i forgot, i actually did accomplish something yesterday. i changed my spark plugs and the battery cable ends on my car with my dad. really, my dad did most the work. but i helped... the car was having trouble starting and that's why we went to all that work. but it didn't pay off, the car still starts with the same "cough*cough*whee-eeze" as always...

apart from doing the remarkable vlog, i need to clean my room and do my homework.

as soon as i start getting money, i want to buy a laptop. and i'm having trouble deciding between a dell or a mac. with the dell i can get bluray and it'll still be less money than a mac, but the mac has lots of cool features. any suggestions?


Ambles said...

Hmmm... what exactly are these "cool features"?

Han-Gyul said...

not mac please :P

jjzapman said...

Wow, workin on the car with Dad. That's a classic :D

Um as far as the Mac/PC thing goes, I'm a Mac man but that's only cause I'm used to it and I'm into Media work and stuff. If you want to work with stuff like music, movies, or photography, then I'd say hit up the Mac. But if you just want pure practicality then head for the PC.