Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok, i can dig this.

Ok, here i am, reporting back on what i think of ryan adams. He's good yes. He must know i have a soft spot for harmonicas.

Seriously, i nearly cry every time i hear one. When i was a young boy sometimes my mom would take me and my sisters to visit our Grammy and Papa (great-grandmother and great-grandfather). My Papa played the harmonica and i fell in love. I would always want to play with it and it made me soo happy when he would show me what it really sounds like when a skilled musician plays it. Every time i would hear a harmonica in a song on the radio i would say "harmonica harmonica!!" it's true, you can ask my mom. well, since then my papa has passed on, but the memory of him lives on every time i hear the harmonica. it doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful sounding instrument either.

you know, i should really take some lessons. cuz i think i just may have a more profound love for the thing than most people.

i'm off to facebook, myspace, and youtube the night away.

goodnight friends,



Han-Gyul said...

Did Ryan change your life?

Drew said...

not entirely. but i do like his music.. lol

jjzapman said...

I totally agree about the harmonica. I get that way when I hear an Irish girl sing and chellos or violins playing.

Drew said...

it's spelled "c-e-l-l-o" i know cuz i played the cello in 8th grade.. lol. hmm, idk if i'd ever heard an irish girl sing. but i do like bag-pipes. lol