Sunday, February 15, 2009

i'm not depress-ed

sometimes i just get this weird lonelyness and sudden urge to write/talk about it.. lol

well yesterday i had that wierd funk after i got home but now that it's gone, i can reflect on how great my day truelly was. during the day i watched some more of my christmas present, flight of the conchords. i'm always slow to finnish watching television shows. i'll watch a bunch of episodes and then stop watching for a couple weeks, or in this case months. but yeah. i finally got into the episodes i hadn't seen before. i'd seen a few because my friend had them on some comcast digital cable thingy. i do wish i had H-BO so i could watch the new ones, but perhaps i'll get the box set when it comes out too...

that reminds me. i still haven't finnished another season of television i got. pushing daisy's. i got that one for my birthday, in october. i may have stopped because i had already seen the last couple episodes. i don't really remember why. but i shall pick that up again and see if the episodes are all firmiliar.

well anyway, vox was really good. i loved the music. i just wish it had been longer.
one band's set only lasted 3mins. or was it 3songs.. w/e it was, it wasn't long enough.

after writing my whiny/sad vlog i watched snl. eew, the jonas brothers were on it. they made apearances in two of the skits. i hate that. the musicians aren't supposed to be in the show. i guess i didn't complain when beyonce showed up in one of the skits before. but that was actually funny.

cameron diaz guest-appeared again. she has a habit of doing that lately.. lol

well, off to enjoy my day. i should take a shower. and eat. and get dressed. after that, let the funn begin....................... maybe jenny will want to hang out today. if she's not hung over..


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