Friday, February 13, 2009

Everythings better, but it's all a trick.

So i saw Coraline in 3d today! It was awesome. I loooove that french and saunders were in it. they make my life.

it was darker than i expected it to be. and more adult themed. especially with a pg rating.

i also watched gremlins for the first time today. hysterical.

what else what else. i made a random video. . it should be my "featured" video. at least for a day or so.

tommorow is valentines day. which means nothing to me.

tommorow is also second saturday. which means possibly going on an art walk. idk if i will or not though.

i want to see monsters vs aliens. and that 9 movie. and watchmen. and everything out ever. i really want to watch fight club because i've never seen it and i recently found out that helena bonham carter was in it and she is just soo fuckn hot. like she's creepy too which makes her even more hot.

i should watch sweeney todd again.

ok, that is all. i guess...


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