Saturday, February 28, 2009

Epically Bad Movie

Street Fighter, the legend of chun lee.

or something like that.
it was funny, in all the wrong places.

why does an asian girl grow up to be white?? well maybe a lil' hawiian or something, but not w/e it was she was supposed to be.. Chinese?

oh yeah, that would make sense if her last name was lee that she would be chinese. right? ugh, fuck.

anyway. i laughed. a lot. but it wasn't a comedy.
i recommend you see it. be prepared for some AMAZING acting abilities.

last night i watched fight club for the first time. it was intense. i loved it. it was funny and had action and was a craaaazy psychological rollercoaster.. or something..

i know i don't blog as much. but i hate when people appologize on here. so F/u!
not like you'd WANT me to blog everyday anyway.

tommorow is my friend jenny's birthday party. she still hasn't said a time. WTF. she turned 18 so naturally she'd wanna go to chuck e. cheeze. seriously, i think that's better, takin' the day you turn into an adult and using it to do something "childish". it's more fun that way i guess.

i got her a home crane game. you know, like the crane where you get candy/stuffed animals. i bought some candy, and *COUGH*COUGH*condoms*COUGH* to put inside it. i think she'll love it. lol. and a card that says C.O.U.S.I.N. where each letter is a word. yadidi? cuz yeah, we're "cousins", we're attached at the brain. it's weird, i know.

and today was another friends birthday. that's why i went to st fighter. we went to shari's after and it made my tummy hurt. Awww, poor tummy...


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Han-Gyul said...

Lee would be Korean, Li would be Chinese... Yay Fight Club DURDEN!!!