Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Epic FAilZz

i haven't been blogging. not nearly as much. i now declare my new years resolution a FAILURE!

well, i don't know wat to say.


my sister cut my hair and i thought she was just going to trim it but she cut it all off and i nearly had a panic attack. seriously, i was freakin' out! where did my hair go!?!? i looooooved my hair. idk why, but for some reason i really liked havin' long hair. and now it's all gone. sure, it'll grow back. idk why i'm overreacting to my hair this time...

nothing happened.

ugh, so is everyone involved in oneremarkableyear a christian? call me a heathen, but i kind of hate that...


MusicChick257 said...

I'm a Christian, but I'm not as active when it comes to practicing as I could/should be. You might call me an agnostic at times.

Han-Gyul said...

I think Katie just has lots of Christian friends.

ALSO, I know your pain. I've been wishing I had my long hair this whole year. I'ma think twice before I cut it next time!