Tuesday, February 3, 2009

do i LOOK russian to you!??!

lately, something wierd has been happening. a lot of students in my tutoring lab have been asking me if i speak russian. do i even look russian? idk, maybe it's because i'm white and working in an english as a second language lab that they ask me that.

ok, but tonight, it was really annoying. i closed the lab and my co-worker ducked out a little early because she was late for a class. fine. i was making sure everything was looking okay and so then i start walking out of the lab, i see a woman walking towards the classrooms behind my lab and she's sort of looking at me so i think she needs help with something when she says "can i help you? you do know the lab is closed right?" wtf, bitch. she thot i was a student trying to work in the lab. ugh. idk why, but that realy just irritated me. do i look like some kind of foreigner??? i mean, don't get me wrong, i looove when people are from other countries and i'm sensitive to the fact that it's incredibly difficult to become fluent in a new language, but, as cliche and stupid as it sounds, i'm proud to be an american (see, told you it would sound cliche).

i guess my remarkable thing is that people keep assuming wierd things about me.

whoever said that for something to be "remarkable" it had to be positive? really, if you think about it, it just means something that sets your day apart from every other. so if i sound a little pessimistic to you and you think i'm not getting the point of this project, maybe you should get a dictionary, and then i can shove it up my ass along with my foot. ouch

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