Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i have been uploading this video all day. I had to cancel it a couple of times because i thought it wasn't working. So i switched over to the newer uploader, this uploader show's you the progress of your video, how much has been uploaded and how much more to go you have. Well, i know i started uploading it at 2 at least and now it's nearly 5 and it's not even halfway done. I haaate youtube. HATE... I'm such a pessimist. I guess this is my "one remarkable year" blog. I'm really not sure what that means but it makes me feel like i'm supposed to be a lot more optimistic.. :P

So, what was remarkable about my day?

hmm... Well, it's wasn't exciting but i guess what was nice was that i did absolutely nothing, and for once, didn't have a problem with that. Lately i've been really desperately trying to get out of the house but today it was just nice to have no obligations. Actually, i think i was bein a hermit today because i kept telling my sister i couldn't pick her up places and i guess i was in kind of a bad mood.

My year may get more remarkable once i get back into school, but my blogs may also get shorter. Because i want to actually try to do my homework this semester.

Oh yeah, there was something good about my day. I found a book on ebay for 99cents that costs 90something dollars normally. Hopefully i'll get it. I have to place the bid on friday at 12:25 and i really want to get it. I can't afford all the books i need this semester so that one will be a weight off my shoulders.


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