Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, i didn't blog yesterday and i'm not really sure why.

I think it might have had something to do with the fact that i went to work, for about two hours. I know, in the land of real jobs, two hours is nothing, but where i work, two hours is like a full day.

You see, i work at a tutoring lab at my school. Yesterday, was like an orientation sort of thing, except, i already know how to do my job, my boss just wants me there to help train the newbs i guess.

Once school starts, we'll have a little bit of chaos for like the first week or so, then it calms down and it is the most boring job ever. But the nice thing is, it's on campus, they don't take out money for taxes, and it looks good on a college resume.

Today i had planned on going to San Francisco with a friend and my sister but my friend ended up having a doctors appointment and me and my sister decided we have no money. Also, she has wicked tickets for the end of the month so we'll go then i suppose. The only thing is, i've never driven to san francisco, it takes about an hour to get there. I've never been in SF traffic either. AND i'll have school that day. It's on a wednesday of all days. I'm really wondering if it'll happen at all. I do want to see Wicked though.. I wonder if it's the original cast or if it's a new list of actors when they change locations. I'm guessing the second but i really don't know how this kind of stuff works. But if it is the original cast, that'd be awesome, cuz that blonde girl from pushing daisy's would be there. i love her.. lol

And special note for the oneremarkableyear girl, thanks for commenting my last blog i appreciate, i didn't mean to say that the point was to get lots of views, it's just, we don't seem to communicate much and i'm a little lost as to what i was supposed to do with all this... Hope you weren't offended..

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