Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and tommorow


The day started out with a trip to the gas station. A trip that was followed by another trip. The second trip was an hour long drive to a ferry station in Vallejo. Upon arrival at said destination we took another trip. This trip was over the bay to San Francisco. This trip also took an hour. It's bizarre to me that the drive only took as long as the boat ride over.

We arrived in San Francisco and walked untill we found Market St (which as it turns out was very close but we took a long-cut). Walking down Market was an adventure in itself. The start of Market St. is shopping. Lots of shopping. Complete with a Virgin Records Megastore, 2-story Gap, 4-story Forever 21, and a large and complex mall of which we did not enter. It wasn't on our list of things to do. Keep Walking. Further along on Market is the Warfield. I've heard of bands playing there so it was nice to see, in case i'm back in town for a show any time soon. But on this same block, there's a Gentlemen's club with a bright red neon light in the shape of a vuloptious woman. The other side of the street, a movie theatre, with movies that have names like Shaving Ryans Privates or Bride Whores. Ok, maybe those aren't the names of the movies that were playing, but i do know i saw some dirty words listed. Keep Walking. Finally, we reach our destination. But we're early, so we keep walking. We found this delicious Chinese/Japanese restaruant (two menu's, two types of food). I had sesame chicken. Bene'! We then walked back to Gap and looked at stuff, turned around, back through the bum-infested sewer-smelling porn-theatre and gentlemen's club bearing block and back to the Orpheum. The theatre showing Wicked.

As this blog is longer than i had hoped. I'll hold off on the details of the show and what we did for the rest of the day. After that, i'll get back to talking about my days as they happen. Hope You won't unsubscribe because of my LONG detailed description, and read tommorow if you want to know how the day ended..


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Ambles said...

Ooh! I was there too! And I bought stuff! Yay for Wicked!