Sunday, January 11, 2009

what was remarkable about today?...


let's be honest, i didn't really realize that do to the whole oneremarkable year thing you had to say something remarkable about everyday. that wasn't exactly in the description. but honestly, i'm not sure why i'm saying this because none of the people doing the project read my blog. i'm not sure if everyone else involved is communicating with each other but as far as i know, this really isn't accomplishing anything.

ok, on to my day, remarkable or not.

wait, what did i do again???

well, like an hour ago i went and got some cheesecake. it was DEEEE-licious.
other than that, nuthin. i watched tv. saw alana's new phone, watched more tv, watched disney channel, and yeah. the rest is history.

sometimes, when i'm driving, i feel like nothing is real. like i'm in some kind of dream that's on repeat. i don't even realize what i'm doing, it's like a reflex. it's wierd, but i almost think i drive better when i fall into that... it's the worst at night.


katiedid536 said...

I love it when driving seems surreal like that. You can sort of float off into your own world. Although sometimes I do get jolted out of it by a car doing something it shouldn't.

I do try to read everyone's blogs. I really do. The aim of the game isn't to get the most blog views or comments though. It's more that you appreciate each day of the year.

Chur man, It's great to have you involved.

jjzapman said...

Dude I totally know what you mean about the whole surreal driving thing. That's how it feels to me when I put on the cruse control. I fell like I'm on some sort of roller coaster ride which I'm in control of.