Thursday, January 8, 2009

Voulez-vous? Uh-huh!

Today, i got up at one o:clock and was about to blog right when i woke up, but i decided to wait because i would have nothing to talk about. As my day progressed i forgot about my blog and did normal things i often find myself doing. Took a shower, watched television, played video games, and thought about making a youtube video. I was planning on reading New Moon, and somewhere in my day i found the book (i thought i had lost it and was looking everywhere yesterday). I actually didn't read at all and i still am not half-way through the book. I really liked twilight but i think i'm just a little bit over it. The excitement of figuring out what exactly it means to be a vampire in these books is gone, of course, there is the whole werewolf thing now but this intrigues me much less. It seems like perhaps Miss Meyers is going with a more traditional view of what it means to be a werewolf, which makes it much less interesting than her definition of a vampire, of course, i haven't really gotten to that part of the book yet and i guess i should continue reading just so that i can back up my opinion.

In the copy of New Moon i am reading is a post-card my boss gave me. She gave it to me because one day i was wearing a beatles shirt and she said "oh, you like the beatles, i was going to give you a postcard with their picture on it but i thought, no, drew doesn't like the beatles, he's an indie kid. I've had this postcard forever and i've been holding onto it for some reason and now i can give it to you." Of course, i'm sure that's not the exact phrasing she used but it was something along those lines. I like the postcard, but i really don't think there's some higher reason for me having it. It's actually kind of funny. All four of them are wearing these long swimsuits. Obviously before there time, so it's quite funny that they wore them for a picture. Those boys. What a bunch of clowns.

That reminds me. Last night i watched a movie called "I'm Not There". It was crap. I knew it was crap but wanted to watch it anyway. I had heard that Cate Blanchett's performance was really good, but i have to say, it still wasn't right. I thought her acting wasn't any better than anyone elses in the film. Granted, everyone did a really good job, really talented actors, but the movie was so bizarre and confusing with no apparent plot-line. I really think that a movie that's actually about bob dylan's life and more straight forward and not trying to make some bizarre statement about humanity would've been a lot better.

The reason i said that was because there was a brief segment in the film that had Bob(Cate) rolling down a hill with "the Beatles". It reminded me of the "Little Help With My Friends" video. I think it was for that song, although it might have been a different one. Anyway, it was wierd. And bob dylan wasn't a woman, or black. His name wasn't Woody, or Jack or anything like that. Who was high when they made this movie? More importantly, who wasn't?

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