Thursday, January 15, 2009

t-t-today jr!!

I went to school today. I sold back one book for $25 and the other two books i had they couldn't take. I'm glad i got to sell one though. I'm going to try to sell the other two on ebay cuz the guy looked it up and said classes are still using them. It was really nice of him. That guy, i would not be nice if i were him, he works at city, and i don't really wanna say what his dissability is because i almost feel bad for knowing it, even though you can't not know when you look at him.

After that i went to the counselors office. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that my friend yisel was there with me. We signed up to talk to a counselor and then waited for like an hour. There were a lot of people waiting and i think there were only two counselors in. Once my name was called i talked to the guy and he was really helpful. Apparantly, all the classes i'm taking aren't necessary. I need helluh classes and this next semester is a load of crap. I mean, i do need waaay more units but i need to start taking more important classes. I take tooo many "fun" classes.

I think i'm going to try to transfer to Sac. State. I really do like the campus and i do love sacramento, i just feel like i could use more of a change. San Francisco maybe? Idk. What i'd really love is to go to new york, but that doesn't really seem plausible..

It's been an eventful day, so this blog is going to be pretty long. I'd just like to appologize in sort of advance...

Janelle goes into surgery tommorow, so I wanted to hang out with her before that.

We went to the bread store. She's never been there but i'm already a bread store whore. I love their bread. So delicious. I got a Ham and Cheese sandwich with French Bread and Swiss Cheese. Excellent. Janelle got a turkey sandwich with nothing on it but mayo and turkey. Sounds a lil gross to me. She got sour dough bread. Yumm.

After that we went to the Beat next door. I got My Morning Jacket's "Evil Urges", the Black Key's "Attack & Realease", and The Ting Tings' "We Started Nothing". I've been buying a lot of Cd's lately. Went to R5 and bought the new Conor Oberst (of bright eyes) CD and Black Kids' "Partie Traumatic" the other day. I love music, and i love cds. I hate downloading music. Although i doo have lots of music downloaded illegally. I feel bad when i download, plus, sometimes the files are all fucked up.

too much has happened in these last couple of days. Guess my horoscope the other day was right about my creative juices coming back to me.

Yesterday, i hung out with Alana and Yisel. We hadn't hung out in a while and were planning on taking a day during the winter break. Since it is the last week of this break, i guess we were due. So we ended up going to the downtown mall and walking through stores. I wouldve said shopping but we didn't really ever stop walking.. No price tags were looked at and we didn't think about buying a single thing. Maybe it has something to do with no one having money or wanting to buy anything.

After that, we walked to old Sac right down the street. Yisel's boyfriend met us at the swings as did my sister, she had just gotten off work and needed a ride home. Well, turns out, my sister knew Yisel's boyfriend. they had both went to the same middle school and high school. Yisel thought it was HILARIOUS. well, idk if she thought it was THAT funny, but she was laughing. Then we went to joe's crab shack to see if Erika was working. Turns out she was, we stood there awkwardly, Erika tried to make us dance, and then we left and the story ends there.

Yeah, i miss those girls. I feel like my winter break has sort of had a theme. Hanging out with all the girls i love.. lol.

I'm finally done, thought it would never end eh?

eew, i don't say eh, my dad's canadian, not me...



jjzapman said...

Wow! you sure had a lot on you plate today. I'm really surprised I sat through that whole thing but I did and it sounds like you have a much more eventful life than I do.

Drew said...

thanks for reading it all jj!! yeah, it was a long one.