Friday, January 9, 2009

Soul Searching

Music is finally creeping it's way back into my life. I think i was just growing tired of MGMT's Oracle Spectacular and She & Him's Volume 1. Don't get me wrong, i looooove those CDs. I just exhausted them at the time being. They'll catch their breath and then i'll listen to them again. Untill they need another break. Ok, i know that was a laaame comparison. But it's kind of true. On to the new. Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Jenny Lewis, and some others that i can't really think of right now. These will keep me satisfied for a while longer. The digital file my sister let me burn had like 11 andrew bird CDs, which is cool, but i usually like to have one CD that i listen to over and over and over again and then check out more of their music. LOL. This way might be better, but i don't know if it'll make me addicted to their music.. And i certainly won't end up knowing the words..

Bon Iver is truelly wonderful, and i must use this opportunity to ask a question. How would you pronounce it. Bon Eve-Air, or Bon Eve-Ey. I myself use the second one, my sister and friend say the first one, which would lead me to believe that the first pronunciation is the one the band would use, but idk, it looks french to me, so i pronounce it french. Skinny Love. Grrreat. That's my remarkable thing of the day. <---go there and listen to skinny love. you'll love it. And it'll make you skinny. Ok, maybe not. But it's worth a try right? Right?

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