Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I didn't write a blog yesterday and here's why:

1)yesterday, i spent most the day doing nothing (not exactly blog worthy) and then in the evening i was spending time with my friend who was supposed to go into surgery on friday but it had to be rescheduled. apparantly she's been waiting for this surgery for 3 years and she's a little bit depressed right now.

2)when i got home i had to prepare for school. i was on the computer but for some reason the keyboard doesn't work at all when i log onto blogger on the main computer and my sister was using the laptop and my other sister wanted to use it after her and i had to go to bed so i could awaken for the first day of classes, which was today.

well, since you asked, my day was interesting. I'm on the wait-list for Anthropology and i really hope i get into that class. it seems like it'll be really interesting plus i need it to meet my general education requirements. today, i learned what anthropology means, i can't remember at this exact moment but i'm sure it'll come back to me.. lol

then i had math, which is math. my teacher seems like he'll be slow and maybe a little bit confusing but i neeeeed to get through this class because i've dropped it 3 times already.

than work. boring. routine. i've done this before...

and then speech. my teacher sounds like a politician and reminds me of B-rat aKa Rhonda Anthony Tanner aKa Brittany Taylor from youtube. i think the url is THIS but i might be wrong so don't sue me when that link doesn't work.

And then work again and now i'm home. FUN
at school from 9-7 with only one half hour break. Mondays, i'll have NO break, 2moro, i get an hour. But it's 9-7 everday. For now anyway. That'll probably change soon.

ok, i'm tired. i need to find out what books i need, and then shoot myself in the face for taking sooo many classes. BYe blog!

-drew w k


Ambles said...

A shot to the face is sometimes fatal.
- ancient chinese proverb

jjzapman said...

Wow, that was a heck of a blog man lol :D