Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i'm sitting in the library at school typing this blog. probably not the best time to be doing this. there's actually quite a long line to use the computers. so i'll make this breif. this morning i found out that i am able to enroll in my anthropology class of which i was on the waiting list. at 2:30 i found out i was not able to enroll in public speaking. classic example of the tired old cliche "you win some, you lose some". so i was hoping with both fingers crossed behind my back that i would be able to get exactly what i want and thus be able to drop some classes i'm having second thoughts about. that won't be able to happen. not exactly. i feel now like i shouldn't drop anything even though i still could drop a class and have a full-time load. i don't think i'll like my journalism class (newswriting and reporting) and want to drop it, but now feel that i should just stick with it and put in my time. i'm sure i wouldn't do anything productive with it otherwise.

alright, this wasn't so breif.

and now there's no line. SCORE!!!

maybe i'll eat this time up by rambling on a little more...

also today, i bought my anthropology book since i was able to enroll in the class. $124. This isn't a large book. It has a picture of a monkey on it. Maybe that's what causes them to raise the price drastically in comparison to books with more content. I mean come on, this is a paperback. I'm not sure how many pages becaus it's in my car but that just seems a little unreasonable to me.

alright. i should go. the line is starting to form again...

till next time,


Ambles said...

Ugh. I hate buying books. Especially since they are soooo boring!!!

alana_marisa_ALHI said...

lol lol lol that monkey boo ksound HILARIOUS i hate how books are expensive and we never use them