Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reese's Fast Break

Today did not turn out at all like i thought it would.

I was sort-of planning on going to berkely with alana and kimberly but i guess their plans changed. alana's phone wasn't working so i guess that's why i didn't find out it wasn't happening. actually, sort of glad that didn't end up happening.

also, janelle was supposed to go to vox but her plans changed, she ended up babysitting what i thot was a baby but she said no, it's not a baby. whatever.

so i really wasn't planning on just going to vox by myself (in case you don't know vox is a second saturday art show that my mom helps put on, there's also live music), but my little sister needed a ride and so i ended up there, hanging out with my older sister karli. it was actually really good. like it took them a while to start the music, but that always happens, especially with local shows. and then the music started and the place filled up. it was a first for vox. excellent music, lots of people. they've had good music before but never so many people. and they were in a new building which was really nice. bigger area for the music and art which i think helped them get more people. i really didn't realize how awkward the old building was until now. this was much better.

at the show was a singer that i really like. her music really has to be live to be good though. the last time she came to a vox show i checked out her music on myspace and was dissapointed. it's too bad not more people can see her live. anyway, her name is rikki berger. so after her show their was adrien bourgois(sp?) who is also really good, my sister was in diapers with this guy, she doesn't remember it but theres a picture. annnnyway, while adrien and his band (the coincidence) were playing my sister went to do something idk what, but rikki came over and sat right next to me and set, "i'm sitting next to you" and i said "ok". lol. well anyways it was funny cuz i was kind of nervous. i really like her music and i have to admit, i have a little bit of a crush, even though she's a little older than me. well, it's not something that i'd ever act on but it was cool sitting next to her watching the show...

well, i'm really glad this day did not go how it was planned. i feel like, as mean as it sounds, other people just would have ruined it. i wouldve had to act a certain way and think about whether or not they were enjoying themselves and stuff like that. this was a nice break. i got out of the house, and had fun, and now i won't be tired of my friends the next time i see them. hopefully.

lol, yeah, i love my friends, but you know, every once in a while, a break is good.

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