Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mornin, err, Afternoon

It's 12:30 and i just woke up half an hour ago. My head hurts. Over-sleeping is never good. So right now i'm in my pajamas watching the marvelous misadventures of flap-jack. it's a really weird cartoonnetwork cartoon. I haven't watched cartoons in a while. The other day i tried to watch Looney Toons for the first time in a while but i just couldn't get into it. I used to love looney toons. Perhaps it was because they don't really dumb it down. Yes, it's a cartoon but it has all of the things adults are interested in. Violence, witty dialogue, sometimes even romance and just a littttle bit of sex. Not like blunt sex but you know.. This cartoon bothers me. They sit on the whales tongue and when she talks, it doesn't move. But when they show the outside view you can blatantly see her tongue moving. Show some consistency. Cartoons these days, i swear.. lol. I also hate how they lay down on her tongue and don't get wet. This whole cartoon is just WRONG. He just asked the whale where babies come from.

Ok, end of me criticizing this cartoon. That's what i do EVERYtime i watch television. It can be more fun that way, but it does get tiring when i can never REALLY just watch tv and enjoy it. GAAAWD, this cartoon is disturbing. I know i said i was done but it just kept getting more disturbing... Desperate housewives wasn't as good as the long wait and the over-the-top previews would have suggested. I like when they have the insane happenings episodes. Like when there was a earth-quake or tornado or something. It's like Grey's in that they have their special disaster episodes where you wish every episode was more like that.. Sometimes, you can go from hating the characters, to loving them, to hating them again. Like Gabby was just starting to get good, and then her husband regained his sight, and now she's selfish and terrible again. Bree used to be the psychotic one that basically killed her husband and used black-mail and criticism to raise her children but now she's much more balanced and i suppose like-able.

I'm glad tv's starting again. But that only means that i'll soon go back to having no time to watch it. Last semester, when i had little time for what i wanted to do, i realized i stopped watching television. It became something i did on the weekends IF i felt like it. One thing that never stopped, my excess time spent on the computer, myspace, youtube, and now perhaps blogger, twitter, skype... The internet keeps expanding and growing, so when does it stop? When have we finally had enough? And when does it become so big that we can no longer contain it?

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