Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Janelle said if i ever get married, she'll give me 1 million dollars. What the fuck? First of all, she's a bitch, second of all, who wants to marry me? I could use a million dollars.

We watched the hours. I have no fuckn' clue what that movie is about. Virginia Wolf was crazy>? Idk, all i know is that they all were lesbians. And it was hot. Virginia. Virginia.

Seriously, i'm sure i'll find a woman who i love someday, but to hear her say that she doesn't think i'll ever get married, it hurt just a little.

Reno911 is on. I've seen this episode.

I'm waiting for my video to be done saving. The main computer is on it's last breath. My mom JUST got it fixed though and it sucks, cuz like, my xmas present was a computer program and it's takin FOREVER to use it.. Yeah, my xmas present was a video editing software thingamajing. DK if i said that in one of these blogs. But yeah, it happened, i'll say it as much as i want, i guess...

This is shit. Why am i writing this? I already wrote a blog today.
Oh yeah, i went to wal-mart with jenny and erika today. I miss them. They were my high school friends and i feel like the person i was is so much different. Like i really hadn't seen erika for a long time and for some reason i found myself wondering if she noticed i'd changed. Hoping she noticed i changed. Idk why, maybe so she knows i'm not the same loser i was back then. Do i really think so lowly of who i used to be?


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