Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gooood Moooorning!!!

Well, technically it's not morning at 12:34pm but i just woke up at like 11:50 so it's still morning for me. Today i will make my first vlog for my new years resolution which can be found at I'm not sure if i'll do that sooner/later/never. lol. I'll probably also post a video on my main channel just telling people about it.. Ahh, i'm bored. Nuthin to say, yet again.

I go to work next monday at 10am. It'll be tough getting up early enough but it'll be good practice for when the school year starts.

I thought about applying for another job yesterday and actually did fill out some online applications. I really don't wanna have to actually go to places and see who's hiring and then figure out if i can actually even work when school starts. It would be nice to have a weekend job during school, but it's also nice to have the weekend off.

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