Thursday, January 22, 2009


You could easily work yourself into a dither as you compare your fantasies with your actual day ahead. You don't want to do the same old tasks in the same way you did them last time. Today you are attracted to experimental modes of living, loving and working -- so anything out of the ordinary looks intriguing to you now. Be careful; just because you can imagine it, doesn't mean that you should go ahead and make it happen. By Rick LevineThursday, January 22, 2009

i find todays horoscope especially meaningful because of how many classes i'm currently taking. well, not exactly taking but attending for the time being.

yesterday was another blogless day and it's looking more and more like this whole blog thing will turn into an every-other-day blog as opposed to daily. i'm cheating my new years resolution but i have no problem with it if you don't.

school is still long and i haven't found out if i got into either of my wait-listed classes. i should find out next week.

the more i learn about anthropology the more i question the belief in creation. at least as it's described in the bible. it's just not possible for the world to have been created in a matter of 7 days, and i kind of like that. i like that our world is constantly changing and adapting, even if it's not necessarily progressive or moving towards a goal. . .

youtube is at a stand-still for me right now. and as much as i love youtube, i don't regret the break.

tommorow i will go to work, spend time with janelle and ugh, brb....

ok i'm back, hang out with alana and andrea and play some mario kart WII!!

ok. this has been a blog.

i think i'll go watch Baby Mama now. I heard it was funny.

-drewnan the barbarian

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