Sunday, January 4, 2009


my computer is out to get me, i swear. Today, my computer is opening and shutting the disc drive without cause and without warning. Well actually, it happens repeatedly always after the same amount of time. I've never actually counted how long it takes, but after a while, you can tell it's been the same amount of time since the last time. Right now it's just sitting open because that was the only way i could get it to stop :P/. Also, when i logged onto blogger, it said "blogger cannot open because you have cookies disabled" which roughly translates to "your computer hates you and doesn't want to open blogger for you right now" in computer language. I think i need a computer whisperer. Someone to come along that just GETS computers... LOL. Actually, someone JUST fixed this computer too. Cryin' shame it is.

Last night i went to bed at 4am. That's because that's the time my friend left. And my dad woke me up at 10am to drink jamba juice. Once i figured out that i had 6hrs of sleep already, i was ready to get up. I've been sleeping WAAAY too much and i figured it was god's way of telling me to put an end to that. Thanks GOD! Couldn't you have called on any day but a sunday? Come on!

It's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shinning, the leaves on the tree in my neighbors backyard flowing o so slightly and gracefully through the calm wind. Ah, it would be nice of me to walk my dog today. REALLY nice. My dog is the worst walker on the face of the earth. I mean, normally, he's the best dog in the world, but when put on a leash, it's like some serious Marley and Me shit. Haven't read the book or seen the movie and don't plan to, but what i can tell from the previews, that is one fucked up dog. And two blonde people thinking they can change that is an obvious mistake.

My computer just made the sound of a door closing, so maybe i should end this now. But when one door closes, two more open, right?


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